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Senator Jim Inhofe uses snowball to disprove climate change

At a time when a poll of Americans showed the majority feel battling climate change should be a major part of the work of the US Congress, Senator Jim Inhofe took to the Senate floor with a snowball to prove… Continue Reading →

College Campus May Not Longer Be Gun Free

It has long been a tradition to keep guns off of college campus’. However, that may be changing if one Nevada lawmaker gets her way. The lawmaker says that she would like to see college campuses that have an armed… Continue Reading →

Holder Calls For Halt to Death Penalty Executions

Attorney General Eric Holder has called for a moratorium of the death penalty while the Supreme Court reviews Oklahoma’s procedures. Several states have already halted executions. Alabama, Florida, Ohio and Tennessee have stopped executions over concerns that the drugs used… Continue Reading →

GOP Leaders Eying Consumption Taxes to Close Budget Shortfalls

Despite the class envy often pushed by the political left about the rich not paying their fair share of taxes, the top 2% of income earners pay over 50% of the taxes. Fully one in three people do not pay… Continue Reading →

Oregon Governor Resurfaces and Announces Resignation

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber resurfaced after dropping out of public sight in recent days to announce his resignation effective Wednesday, February 18. Kitzhaber has only recently begun his historic fourth term as the longest serving governor in state history. Sadly,… Continue Reading →

Lawmakers from Both Parties Finding Fault with President Obama’s AUMF Draft

  Congress has finally prodded President Obama to submit a draft for a new Authorization on the Use of Military Force (AUMF). The bill would grant the president the authority to deal with the Islamic State of Iraq and the… Continue Reading →

Recreational Marijuana Is Putting A Smile On The Faces Of Colorado Lawmakers

Colorado Deposits $44 Million In Recreational Pot Taxes In The State‚Äôs Bank If there was any doubt that legalizing recreational marijuana is a good business move for states, that doubt has been erased. Even though the Colorado forecasted about $70… Continue Reading →

Republicans Could Lose Substantial Gains with Stance on Measles

After finally taking back both houses of the legislative branch there were hopes by many on the right of brighter days ahead of them especially as the country heads into the Presidential election in 2016. However, with the recent stances… Continue Reading →