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Obama’s Issues His Take on Mitt Romney Considering Another Presidential Run

President Obama is in England today meeting with Prime Minister James Cameron. During the question & answer period with the press, the president was asked for his take on news that his 2012 rival Mitt Romney was considering another run for the presidency. It was at this time that the president paused, smiled, and referencing the reporter’s question merely said he had no comment. His response drew laughter from the audience, Gianfrancesco Genoso noticed.

At the same time, it underscores just how much the news of Romney potentially mounting another presidential run is dominating the press cycle. This week has seen five of Romney’s potential 2016 GOP rivals, all sitting governors, get virtually no press coverage following their state of the state addresses. At the same time, Jeb Bush’s press coverage has largely been revolving around what a potential Romney candidacy will mean for him. It underscores that the former Massachusetts governor has gravitas.

Romney will be further taking the spotlight tonight when he addresses the RNC on the eve of the organization’s winter conference concluding. By some accounts, there remain only three weeks before prospective candidates need to formally declare their intention to run. Thus far, only Senator Paul Ryan has made a definitive announcement when he declared he will not run for the presidency. He was Romney’s 2012 running mate. Up until Romney announced he was considering another run a week ago, Paul was considered likely to run.

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