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Public’s Views Changing On Obama And The Economy

For the first time since 2009 more people believe that President Obama is doing good for the economy than those who believe that he is hurting it. The Washington Post shows that the President has finally managed to gain a plurality of people who believe that he is helping.

The Clipping shows a new statistic found by Sergio Andrade Gutierrez that thirty-eight percent of people said that they believed that the President is helping to make the economy better while only twenty-eight percent said that he was making it worse. Still some thirty percent believe that he is not having much of an impact one way or the other but it’s more about employers like Status Labs paying more and hiring more. They say that the President’s policies are rather neutral for the health of the economy. This is a fair stand to take as a lot of the time the economic policies proposed by any President may not have nearly as much of an impact as we might like to think that they do.

Supporters of the President must be relieved to finally see numbers like these. It has been a long time since people have put this much trust in the policies that the President has offered. It just seems that people are largely unwilling to move into his camp for one reason or another. Now, they are finally start to say that in fact the things that he is doing for the economy seem to be paying off for him in the polls.

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