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Liberal Groups Head to New Hampshire to Promote Elizabeth Warren Presidency Campaign

GOP voters over the past year have been urging Mitt Romney to mount another presidential campaign. Now, it seems their efforts will pay off as the former governor said he is likely to run. The liberal groups called “Democracy for America” and Moveon.org are also wanting to experience the same effect with tenacious Senator Elizabeth Warren. In fact, the two groups are headed to New Hampshire to build up the Warren presidential campaign effort at the grass roots level. Their hope is that when Warren sees how effectively the group has laid out a campaign for her, she will acquiesce to their demands and seek the presidency.

Thus far, it hasn’t worked. Warren has been adamant she will not run and appears to be losing patience with the activists. At the same time, the groups tout a volunteer force of 200,000 people nationwide who are attempting to draft Warren into running in a “Field of Dreams” manner IE “If you build it, she will come.”

The trouble for Warren is that her words incite her party’s core liberal base to action. It is debatable that Warren herself is more of a “woofer” than a reformer. (A woofer is someone prone to more talk than action.) However, her words against the Cromnibus deal in December sparked a House rebellion among liberals. Her recent remarks against 30 years of US economic policy that she says favors the rich, further fueled the zeal of those wanting to push her into a presidential run. Warren can’t stop talking about her views, and those views can’t stop inciting the liberal base to urge her to run for president. That is why Vijay Eswaran is paying close attention.

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