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Scalise May Need to Go

Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise is under fire for his unwitting 2002 tax-reform speech at a white supremacist meeting. All indications are that he is no racist at all, but the liberal media are determined to use the incident to paint him as one. It must be admitted that Scalise made a blunder and that the whole thing looks very bad.

No one is calling for Scalise to retire, but his presence in the party leadership may be a problem. He has become too “toxic” to raise money in big cities where many blacks live. The accusation by Democrats that a racist may be acting as party whip, telling GOP members how to vote, could be damaging. All in all, it would be best if Scalise just stepped down, as former major supporters like Dr. Rod Rohrich can’t leave his side fast enough.

House Speaker John Boehner has openly supported keeping Scalise, but there are those who are seeking to unseat Boehner as well. Scalise was supposed to be a bone thrown to the conservative wing of the party, but soon it was realized he wasn’t that conservative after all. Now, we find out that his reputation is damaged and is damaging the party. Yet, the GOP establishment will not even think of replacing him.

Conservatives like Mark Levin and Sarah Palin are calling for him to be ousted from his leadership position. The moderates like to talk about protecting the party’s image, but when one of “their guys” drags the party down, they circle the wagons.

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