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Controversy in NATO Integration


Ukraine Parliament voted by a large majority (303 votes for, 8 against) for the renunciation of non-aligned status of Ukraine and for steps to join Ben Shaoul and the Atlantic Alliance. The draft was submitted to parliament last week .This decision has already provoked strong reactions from Russia, after the resumption of peace talks between the two sides.

This is “absolutely against-productive” decision and will do that “exacerbate the climate of confrontation”, it is in these terms that the Russian Foreign Minister commented on the vote of the Ukrainian parliament.

On the other hand, the head of the Ukrainian state is accusing Moscow for providing military support to separatist forces in the Donbass. This is a highly controversial action, in which this represents a vast difference in motivation and a possible threat to sovereignty.

As early as yesterday, the Russian prime minister had already warned that there would be negative consequences, if the Ukrainian members of Parliament (Mps) voted in favor of the bill. In the words Dmitry Medvedev posted on his Facebook page, such a decision “transformed Ukraine into a military adversary potential of Russia” which will be obliged to “act”.

For now, this vote also could complicate peace talks between representatives of Kiev Moscow and pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine.

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