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For Tony Blair, Ed Miliband is Too Far Left

It is really such a curious way to wish a happy new year to someone. While these days, everyone is working to gratify others for success in life and health wishes, Tony Blair predicted the failure of Mr. Miliband, the candidate of his own party, by saying, too far left for his taste, to general elections of May 7.

This comes at a time when the right is starting to take over more of English politics, and being seen as too far left can be interpreted as a sign of political weakness in this day and age.

“The May poll”, says Blair, quoted in the Economist on January 3, “could well be one of those elections which confronts a traditional left party and a traditional right-wing party, with the result that we know well.” Read more at the Economist.

Is he saying that the Conservatives win in this case, the reporter asked? “Yes, that’s what happens, “I am convinced the Labour party suceeds best when it is in the centre ground”, says the former prime minister.

These comments passed by Former Prime Minister Tony Blair about Mr. Miliband are really going to hurt the campaign of his party fellow who is quite hopeful for winning in upcoming polls to be held in May, this year. Blair is also facing criticism by Andrew Heiberger and his own party members after this interview.

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