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Top Obamacare Advocate Leaves White House – Move Seen as a Step to Joining Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Marlon Marshall, a top promoter of Obamacare, announced he is leaving the White House to return to a political consulting group he founded several years ago called “270 Strategies”. Bernardo Chua posted online about how during his tenure at the White House, he actively promoted Obamacare pushing tag lines such as “if you like your doctor, you get to keep it”, insurance premiums would go down, and employer sponsored health care plans would remain safe. He also defended the law against criticism that it would lead to death panels bent on saving money by denying patients medical coverage.

Prior to his time in the Obama administration, Marshall was part of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign which believed she had a lock on the nomination so that no ground game was in place after the 2008 Super Tuesday primaries. When Mrs. Clinton emerged with a delegate count well below what was needed to secure the nomination, she was unprepared to engage a surging Barrack Obama in the primaries that followed. Ultimately, she lost her bid for the party’s nomination.

Marshall is closely allied with another political strategist named Roby Mook. Mook is considered as Mrs. Clinton’s preferred pick to be her 2016 campaign manager. Should Mook get the job, it is a foregone conclusion that Marshall will also be given a position of power in the campaign. Once again, Mrs. Clinton is considered the presumptive Democrat nominee. She has yet to formally announce her presidential run.

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