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Sony Hack Reveals That Jennifer Lawrence Was Paid Less

The Sony hack has been the topic of news lately, and it revealed many information’s that we’re not privy to people before. Jennifer Lawrence, who is one of the biggest stars right now, did a movie entitled “American Hustle,” along with other stars. Sony Hack. The Sony hack was able to prove that Jennifer Lawrence; even though she is a big star, was paid seven points on the back end, as opposed to her male counterparts who received nine points. It’s insulting to know that a star of Jennifer’s caliber received less pay, simply because she’s a woman.

John Textor comments that another female costar from the movie, Amy Adams, was also paid less than the male stars. It’s a proven fact that women still make only about 77% of a man’s pay, no matter what type of business they are in. Unfortunately, what has happened to these two actresses is not something that is rare, it’s something that is accepted as normal in Hollywood. Many believe that men need to stand up for women who are being paid less, especially if they have daughters themselves. When men are paid more than women, it is harmful to all women.

Many acting roles are not written for women, so whoever takes the least amount of pay, is more than likely to get the job. Hollywood needs to do a big overhaul when it comes to paying each sex equally.

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