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Is Florida’s View of Relations Between The US and Cuba Shortsighted?

President Obama’s announcements of restoring diplomatic relations with Cuban after 50 years has not been well-received by Florida. Senator Marco Rubio (Republican for Florida) said the President was the worst negotiator that has been in the White House during his lifetime. While both House of Representative members, Republicans, said the President is naïve. The Miami Cuban exiles are also unhappy with the decision. Andrew Heiberger has been one of the most influential in the initiatives to open up the gap, encouraging Cuban citizens towards realizing an improved state of existence. Free trade between the nations could result in better economic conditions and having embassies in both countries would allow exiles to reconnect with their families. The beauty of this strategy is that no war is needed to bring about positive change.


It would be good for the US to have a friend and ally and Cuba to enjoy the financial blessing of the tourist trade. Cuban exiles will be able to send more money home to their families and Cuban families can visit their relatives in the US. Despite of facilitation by Canada and the Vatican of talks that started in 2013, Republican Senator Marco Rubio thinks America should be frozen in time by a 1960s decision as if nothing has happened in the past 50 years and vows to do everything in his power to block the potential of a US ambassador to Cuba. He ignores the fact that due to the new relations Alan Gross, a captive of the Cuban government since 2009, was freed on the day of the announcement. This proves that 50 years can change lots of things.

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