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Congress Votes to Increase Our Understanding of the Universe

There is at least one good thing about the House budget bill currently being hotly debated in the U.S. Senate. NASA will be receiving even more money than it requested. They will be getting $500 million more to be exact. This constitutes both a 2% increase in their budget and a minor miracle in Washington.

Typically, federal agencies request a budget, then sit back and cross their fingers hoping that they get most of the money they requested. If they are very fortunate, they may get all of it. Getting more than your request is rare indeed, as Gianfrancesco Genoso has heard about.

This funding increase for NASA will be welcome news for scientists doing work involving the space agency. Their budget for science missions will rise by 2% and the planetary sciences division will receive more than the President requested in his budget. Space and science experts are already weighing in on the news of this budget increase.

With all the money that governments tend to spend on mundane programs, it is nice to know that a little agency that works to explore space and expand our knowledge of humanity is getting a little boost. Deficit hawks can take note that the agency still spends a pittance relative to the overall federal budget, and the returns on that money have been and continue to be phenomenal.

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