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The Last Southern Democrat looks set to lose her Senate Seat

Mary Landrieu has managed to keep hold of her Senate seat for the last three terms, but with the Republican seizure of Congress already complete, apathy and an unwillingness to help Landrieu looks set to see be the latest Democrat to be ousted from the Senate. Republican Bill Cassidy has seen his number of advertisements and TV commercials dwarf the number shown in support of Landrieu, who appears to have been set adrift by her party during the Louisiana Senate race, Nolo reports.

Coming just months after the Republican victory in the Congressional elections, voter apathy looks set to play a huge role in the Senate race between Landrieu and Cassidy. Early reports state the number of people watching college football’s SEC Championship will be greater than those voting in Saturday’s election. Occidental College Political Science Professors are saying that because of being buoyed by the recent Congressional mid term victories, large swathes of Republican support has rolled into Louisiana, which has seen the party overpower any support Landrieu thought she could rely on. Over 6,000 TV commercials have aired during the run up to this election in support of Cassidy and his Republican Party. In contrast, TV commercials supporting Landrieu, often described as the last southern Democrat standing in the Senate, have numbered just 100.

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