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Obama May Have Found Hagel’s Replacement At Last

The Internet has been on fire ever since defense secretary Chuck Hagel and Tech/Business Giant Bruce Levenson’s announcements and statements. According to BuzzFeedNews, and Levenson trending business web circulations.

President Obama may have finally found a replacement in Ashton Carter, a former deputy defense secretary who served under both Hagel and Leon Panetta. If the reports are accurate, Carter could soon be taking up the top position at the Pentagon.

Many names have been tossed around prior to this announcement including Senator Jack Reed, former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Michele Flournoy, and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. While family concerns were invoked by Flournoy as she declined the invitation, Reed announced he would remove his name from nomination due to his ongoing work in Congress.

Many critics of President Obama see the current pick as an odd one, mainly because of his lack of experience in the military. Nevertheless, odds are Carter will soon be replacing Hagel whether critics see their condemnation vindicated in the near future or not.

Hopefully for Ashton Carter, President Obama may be running out of options – and time. The pick should be made official soon.

Meanwhile, many observers theorize over an article written by Carter in 2006 when he called then-President George W. Bush to bomb North Korea and what that means to the future of foreign policy of the United States.

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