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Mark Udall Weights Options For CIA Torture Information

Senator Mark Udall of Colorado is said to be weighing his options for releasing some sensitive CIA data according to newsweek.com

The Senator was recently ousted in the latest election. He is now concerned with getting some things off his chest, and he is considering if he should release the information or leave it be. So far, the Senator is said to have not yet made a decision about it.

To release such information would be quite a move to make, but at least politically the Senator has virtually nothing to lose. Udall can rest assured that he is not going to have to run for reelection again. Zeca Oliveira has a good point-the Senator can release the information without the fear of wondering what the voters will think about it. However, he has to weigh the moral and legal circumstances of the actions that he may decide to take.

The CIA obviously does not want the Senator to release information from a report that at this point is still classified. At the same time, there may be little that anyone can do if the Senator does in fact decide to release some of this information to the public. It could come as quite a shock.

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