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Reid Declares Democrats Will Not Obstruct GOP Senate Rule

Outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid broke his silence on the GOP wave that swept his party out of power. Reid pledged that Democrats would not play obstructionist policies. It was a curious remark coming from the person who blocked… Continue Reading →

Nancy Pelosi Denies that Losses in the House & Senate Indicate GOP Wave

In the 2014 mid-term elections, the GOP won 8 senate seats of which four seats belonged to sitting Democrat incumbents. If the Louisiana Senate run-off election on December 6 goes to the GOP, the total pick up will be 9… Continue Reading →

GOP Picks Up 8th Senate Seat in Alaska

With the ongoing Alaska Senate vote count now showing the GOP candidate with an insurmountable lead, CNN has called the election in his favor. This means that Republican Dan Sullivan has unseated first-term Democrat Senator Mark Begich . Currently, the… Continue Reading →

Obamacare Projected to Miss Enrollment Numbers Again

The Obama administration has downplayed this year’s Obamacare enrollment numbers. Last year, the administration launched their website to great fanfare only to be embarrassed by the low enrollment numbers and numerous technical glitches. The Congressional Business Office (CBO) has now… Continue Reading →

Wealthy Politicians Spend $1 Million a Year on Private Air Travel

The 2014 election has ended and the winners rejoiced in their victory; the losers contemplated their next political move. Millions of dollars were spent by political candidates while campaigning all over the United States. The Clintons were a major part… Continue Reading →

Bush II Talks About ISIS and Both Gulf Wars

Former President George Bush (the younger) has expressed regrets over the rise of ISIS in Iraq but nevertheless defends his decision to invade and overthrow Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship in 2003. He calls ISIS “Al-Qaeda plus” and has said that he… Continue Reading →

Democrat’s May Feel Defeats Passed 2020

The Democrats major losses last Tuesday may pose a large threat to the party. The loss of control in the Senate, and further erosion of the House have implications beyond the next two years. The Democrats have been defeated the… Continue Reading →

Election Results & John Boehner’s Post Election News Conference Get Big Attention

Speaker of the House John Boehner, held a news conference after the new mid-term elections, that is catching people attention today. In strong and deliberate words, he warned President Obama, about trying to act by executive order on immigration. Among… Continue Reading →

Obama To Nominate Loretta Lynch For Attorney General

President Obama is set to nominate Loretta Lynch for the position of US Attorney General. If her nomination is successful, Lynch will become the first african-american woman to hold the position in the United States. Lynch, a Brooklyn prosecutor, will… Continue Reading →

U.S. Military Acted Irresponsibly Concerning Veterans Exposed to Chemical Agents

Over a ten-year period, as soldiers left Iraq and filled out their post-deployment health records, over 600 reported they had been exposed to chemical agents during their time in service. Despite this knowledge, little to nothing was done for years…. Continue Reading →