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Another American Dies From Ebola

Dr. Martin Salia, a 44 year old surgeon, is its latest Ebola victim in America. He was a native of Sierra Leone, and went back to his home country to treat ebola victims there. Many people wonder why he would… Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Senate Keystone Pipeline XL Votes Holds High Stakes

The stakes are high for today’s Senate vote to end cloture on the bill authorizing the funding and construction of the Keystone Pipeline XL. On the one hand, it will demonstrate how willing the Senate Democrats are to accept the… Continue Reading →

Number Of Homeless Children Rise While Congress Continues To Do Nothing

In 2010, America unfortunately had 1.6 million homeless children that number has now spiked to 2.5 million homeless children under the the do nothing congress. This report came from the National Center on Family Homelessness. The chronically homeless and homeless… Continue Reading →

US Marshal’s Legal Invasion of Privacy

My friend Mark Ahn isn’t always onboard with my ideas, but this time I saw something shared on CrunchBase that may be enough to get him to believe me. So here we go man. Conspiracy theories of the government hacking… Continue Reading →

The Power of Words and Racism

Piers Morgan dared to tackle one of the most difficult topics in America. He tried to talk about the “N-Word”. It didn’t go so well. He was taken to task on twitter. America’s history of slavery continues to create strife… Continue Reading →

A 4th Video Emerges of Obamacare Architect Acknowledging Deception

A fourth video has emerged of MIT professor Jonathan Gruber acknowledging deception in the passage of Obamacare. Thus far, the American electorate knows that Obamacare lacked transparency and that the architects of the bill relied on that to secure its… Continue Reading →

Fines For No Insurance

Open enrollment for Obamacare for 2015 reopens tomorrow, November 15. There are many people who are looking forward to this day as they have no insurance at all or rates they can’t afford. This is like a holiday for many,… Continue Reading →

Michigan Legislature Battles on Nondiscrimination Proposal

The nation-wide effort to provide job protection rights to LGBT employees is heavily funded by advocates. However, the measure in front of the Michigan state legislature is in danger of not passing despite the recent momentum for the bill. Activists… Continue Reading →

President Does Secret Deal With China and Demands U.S. Comply

One would have thought that not only China, but also the United States as well is a dictatorial regime from the way President Obama “announced” that the U.S. would comply with his secret emissions deal worked out on his recent… Continue Reading →

South Carolina Judge Overturns Same Sex Marriage Law

In South Carolina a judge overturned the ban against gay marriages, making it legal for same sex marriages to be performed. The U.S. Supreme Court has also allowed Kansas to now be the 33rd state to legalize gay marriages. These… Continue Reading →