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Grand Jury Decides that Officer Darren Wilson was Justified in Using Deadly Force in Ferguson, Missouri Incident

In a highly anticipated decision, the grand jury in the Ferguson, Missouri case decided not to indict the officer involved in the incident. The case involved an officer who was responding to a burglary that took place at a convenience store in Ferguson. The suspect was Michael Brown an 18 year old black male, who was caught on camera robbing a convenience store along with a companion. Michael Brown, seen in the video taking cigarettes and leaving without paying for them also chokes the store owner and pushes him away. The store owner called police after the incident and gave police a description of the robber. After this, the incident that led to weeks of protests began to unfold.

The Ferguson, Missouri police officer identified as Darren Wilson received reports and a description of the robbery suspect who is identified as Michael Brown. Officer Wilson heads to the location of the reported robbery and stumbles along Michael Brown and his companion on a street. Michael Brown is seen holding cigarettes and matches the description given to him by police reports. Officer Wilson stops Michael Brown from his vehicle and the two exchange words. Eventually a scuffle ensures with Michael Brown punching and injuring the police officer while the officer is still in his car. Officer Wilson fires shots from his car which graze Michael Brown. Michael Brown flees and Officer Wilson gave chase. Eventually Michael Brown charged at the officer and Officer Wilson shot Michael Brown, killing him.

After weeks of deliberation the grand jury settled on a decision that officer Wilson was acting out of self-defense and he was justified in using deadly force against Michael Brown. Evidence in the case included Officer Wilson suffering injuries to his head and the blood and DNA of Michael Brown on the police vehicle. This was obviously a controversial decision, and Ray Lane saw quite a few people speaking out. The blood and DNA of Michael Brown proves there was a struggle between the officer and the suspect while the officer was in the vehicle. Eye witness accounts on the day of the incident also verified there was a struggle between the police officer and Michael Brown. This incident led to weeks of protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

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