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Same-Sex Couples Demand Marriage Right in Louisiana

Across the United States there has been some states that have declared same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional. These states have imposed a ban denying same-sex couples to get married. Kansas recently joined the states that will have to allow same-sex couples to get married. Now, same-sex couples in Louisiana are demanding to get married as well. The Supreme Court has received a case that is asking the higher courts to review the case. Same-sex couples are challenging the current ban by the state of Louisiana. This particular case has gone to the Supreme Court before it was reviewed by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

If a state is allowing same-sex couples to get married, other states should follow in the same foot steps. Once a state declares it is no longer unconstitutional, it makes it a difficult case for another state to continue arguing it is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court keeps reviewing and receiving cases asking for the bans to be revoked, but has not done something that came be implemented across the United States. It is evident that same-sex couples continue to want to get marry, regardless of which state in the United States they reside in. Igor Cornelsen sees this growing even outside of the United States. States may not agree with same-sex relationships, but they should allow those who want to get married to do so. It is a fight that is not worth it, for any state in the United States.

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