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Senate Set To Vote on Keystone Pipeline Next Week

The Democrats have held the U.S. Senate since the 2006 midterms and during that time, they have put off voting on approving usage of the Keystone Pipeline, an oil pipeline that starts up in Canada. However, after losing badly, even if a couple of races that they expected to be competitive in, on Tuesday, November 4th in the midterms, Democrats are now expected to finally bring the pipeline to a vote.


With only a couple of months left in power, the move is a little bit surprising, but will allow certain Democrats in red states (where the pipeline is very popular) the chance to a least go on record before the power shifts to Republican hands in January.


Among those Democrats expected to vote in favor of the pipeline is Senator Mary Landrieu from Louisiana. Landrieu heads to a runoff election on December 6th, and this vote could be crucial for her if she wants to remain a sitting senator. Some GOP senators have acknowledged that the vote is purely political gamesmanship, with South Dakota Senator John Thune calling the vote “a cynical attempt to save” Landrieu’s seat in the Senate.

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