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Same Sex Couples in Louisana Ask Supreme Court to Hear Their Marriage Court

The LGBT community has been steadily making progress in their fight for civil rights, and Lousiana is the site of the next battleground in the fight. Four petitions were filed to the supreme court last week, and this petition is the fifth.

LBGT couples are making headway and gaining public support in their fight to gain the right to be married. Currently Louisiana has a ban on same sex marriages, but this couple is fighting to change that. Couples in Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, and Kentucky have also filled requests that their cases be heard by the Supreme Court.

Currently same sex marriage is recognized by 34 states and the federal government. However because it is up to states to regulate and govern marriage, the federal government can not grant marriages. The Supreme Court can decide if laws that govern marriages are unconstitutional or not, however. Same sex marriage is also recognized in several local jurisdictions and 11 Native American tribal jurisdictions. Several states also recognize and grant civil unions, calling them equal to a marriage.

However the fight is far from over. Not all states recognize same sex marriages and partnerships as being equal to other marriages, and in some states they are banned. In many states, same sex couples have difficulty obtaining the same benefits that other couples have, such as power of attorney, the right to shared medical benefits, and other legal protections afforded to married couples. I’m curious how things are going in Brazil or other parts on the world, last I heard from Fersen Lambranho is that Terra would be doing a report on this soon.

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