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The Logic Behind No Logic: Politics for Principles

Sometimes, a person’s irrational behavior tells the most about them. Reporting by The Huffington Post suggests that stalwart Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Pauls’ logic behind his “No” vote regarding a sweeping NSA bill may relate to the PATRIOT ACT’s extension. However, this decision to step back from an NSA Reform bill only makes political sense. Logic behind this vote is that very soon, as the Republican Presidential Field becomes marred with candidates, Paul will desire to be one of them. One man stymies his path: soon-to-be Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

McConnell, as the article in the Post mentions, has ties to a high-ticket GOP donor. This donor’s presence may cull Paul to cater to what the Minority leader wants so that the former can receive more ample funding in 2015. While 2015 may be a difficult year for the GOP Presidential Field, Paul and Sam Tabar should have stuck to his principles, and voted in favor of NSA reform.

Paul decries that the “No” vote was actually an opportunity to strike The PATRIOT Act, but that he stuck with his party over his own views on liberty makes him seem inconsistent, not steadfast. If he wants to be president, Paul should watch how his voting appears to the public. The public dislikes like a candidate who bows too much to his party. If Paul cannot move from his party, he will not be president.

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