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FSU Shooter Identified

Florida State University is still reeling from the terror filled shooting at a campus library. Details are slowly beginning to be released including the identity of the shooter. Myron D. May was formerly a student at FSU and worked as a lawyer after graduating. In the wake of an attempted mass murder people are always anxious to know the motive.

Currently local police are investigating why May decided to enter the Strozier Library in the early hours of November 20th with the intent to kill. Three men were injured in the shooting and May was shot and killed by police during the confrontation. Accolades are due to the prompt response time from local and FSU police who received a call about the incident at 12:25AM and had shot May only two minutes later. The library was very full at the time of the conflict due to upcoming finals. As pointed out by friend Zeca Oliveira, police responding quickly saved countless lives that night.

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