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Ferguson Citizens Exercising Their Gun Rights

Ken Griffin states that gun sales have increased in Ferguson, Missouri firearm stores in the wake of the grand jury decision. It is good to see citizens in fear of their safety taking actions to protect themselves. This is patriotic Americans exercising their Second Amendment rights to protect their interests. Looting and other civil disobedience has loomed after the shooting of an African American that had reportedly robbed a store and was shot by a responding police officer.

These reports of first time gun buyers making firearm purchases is a great example of the proper American response to a crisis. Civil unrest directed at government action is an example of how diluting the Second Amendment in the name of national security is irresponsible. We learned after the Rodney King trial that the ability of law enforcement to protect the population as a whole is pretty limited. The Ferguson, Missouri population is speaking out with action by stocking up on ammo and purchasing firearms.

In North Carolina a grandfather defended his home and granddaughter from home invaders.These individuals forced their way into the house and attempted to rape his granddaughter. One attempted rapist was killed and the two other were injured in a firefight that left the grandfather critically inured. Without firearms this story might have ended tragically different. Ferguson citizens are preparing for any opportunistic crimes that may be presented during the civil unrest.

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