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Another American Dies From Ebola

Dr. Martin Salia, a 44 year old surgeon, is its latest Ebola victim in America. He was a native of Sierra Leone, and went back to his home country to treat ebola victims there. Many people wonder why he would put his life at risk to help others? After all, Sierra Leone is one of three African nations impacted by a high number of Ebola cases.

As pointed out by Igor Cornelsen, Dr. Salia was diagnosed with Ebola on Monday, November 10, and was flown to the Nebraska Medical Center on Saturday, November 15. However, once he arrived at the U.S. hospital, it was determined he was much sicker than other Ebola patients who have been successfully treated at this same hospital. Dr. Salia died on Monday, November 17.

This story is a reminder of how serious and deadly this disease is. It is reported that over 5,000 people have died in Africa already. More is needed to be done so this deadly disease does not spread to other countries.

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