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Number Of Homeless Children Rise While Congress Continues To Do Nothing

In 2010, America unfortunately had 1.6 million homeless children that number has now spiked to 2.5 million homeless children under the the do nothing congress. This report came from the National Center on Family Homelessness. The chronically homeless and homeless veterans have seen a decline in their numbers because that problem is being appropriately addressed which was desperately needed. But it does not account for the rise of homeless children. What is even more shocking is that about half of the homeless children are under age six. This being due to whole families being homeless. Many are single mothers who left abusive situations. Homeless children are facing other major problems having a higher rate of developmental problems and mental health issues.

Alabama has the worst rate of rising homeless children receiving the least amount of attention and having far less resources. Alabama’ teen birth rate has risen, while nationwide the teen birthrate has been dropping.While Alabama has the highest rate of teen births they have no state agency to address the problem. One of the reasons Minnesota has the lowest problem, is they do have a state inter-agency according to Lee G. Lovett and have three times as many shelters than Alabama. Still the number of homeless children is rising even though the teen birth rate has dropped Nationally. The current trend is that whole families are becoming homeless. Connecticut has the lowest growth rate staying right at 5,508.

If you’ll notice, the problem is worst in red states, where Republican leaders do not believe in spending on healthcare, mental illness, veterans benefits, or a social safety net.  Whereas blue states, that do believe in actually taking care of their people, have significantly lower numbers.

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