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The Power of Words and Racism

Piers Morgan dared to tackle one of the most difficult topics in America. He tried to talk about the “N-Word”. It didn’t go so well. He was taken to task on twitter.

America’s history of slavery continues to create strife in daily social life. Black Americans claim to be discriminated against on a regular basis, particularly by the police. The most difficult part of the discussion is how emotionally charged it can get.

Rappers tried to take the power of the N-Word and make it their own. One of the most seminal rap acts of all time is, after all, called “Niggaz Wit Attitudes”. “Straight Outta Compton” came out in 1988! Yet to this day the N-Word remains one of the worst words a white person can utter.

It is fascinating that the word has retained its’ power. The effort to convert the word into one meaning “friend” has stalled out. “Nigga” is somewhat accepted among younger people amongst one another, sometimes in an ironic context. The other word is not at accepted at all, which leaves it open for use by true racists to continue to sling hate. There is obviously plenty of racism in other countries as well. Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez sees and hears it all the time in Brazil.

The power of the word remains, sadly, because racism still remains.

As the world gets more full with people, we are inevitably going to mix more and more. Interracial relationship will become more common and eventually there will be only one race on the planet Earth. Let’s hope we can get there without too much more trouble between us.

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