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A 4th Video Emerges of Obamacare Architect Acknowledging Deception

A fourth video has emerged of MIT professor Jonathan Gruber acknowledging deception in the passage of Obamacare. Thus far, the American electorate knows that Obamacare lacked transparency and that the architects of the bill relied on that to secure its passage. They also know that Obamacare relied on voter stupidity to pass. They also know that they were lied to about the promises of keeping their existing health coverage if they liked it. This also included keeping their existing physician if they liked them.

Now, this latest video has Prof. Gruber admitted that the “smoothening of the cost curve” was also a deception. What is meant by “smoothening of the cost curve” is that the rate of increase in health care costs would decrease, something that Lee G. Lovett was also confident about. In fact, the President bandied about the figure that health care premiums would decrease by an average $2,500 during the first year. Prof. Gruber stated that most voters were not interested in health care coverage for the uninsured. Rather, they were deeply concerned about their own rising health care costs. For this reason, the bill was sold to them as being dedicated to reigning in health care costs. However, only 10% of the bill actually deals with reducing the cost curve. At the same time, Gruber stated that he has no idea whether any of the cost curve measures in the bill will actually work. He stated that the architects of the bill didn’t have a clue as to how to smoothen the cost curve.

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