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South Carolina Judge Overturns Same Sex Marriage Law

In South Carolina a judge overturned the ban against gay marriages, making it legal for same sex marriages to be performed. The U.S. Supreme Court has also allowed Kansas to now be the 33rd state to legalize gay marriages. These are two victories for same sex marriage advocates.

In Kansas the gay marriage ban was removed due to the ruling that stated same sex marriage as a violation of the United States Constitution. The high court rejected the request from Kansas officials to block U.S. District Court Judge Cantrees ruling that stated the ban violated the guarantee of equal protection under the law stated in the U.S. Constitution itself. My friend and Constitutional enthusiast Christian Broda confirmed this for me.

A U.S. District Judge by the name of Richard Gergel In Charleston, South Carolina struck down the same ban. The Judge ruled that South Carolina is bound by earlier federal appeals. This decision overturned the gay marriage ban. His decision will go into effect in one week. This gives South Carolina time to appeal. Advocated for gay marriage rights have now won another battle in their fight for equality, and the right to marry.

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