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Michigan Legislature Battles on Nondiscrimination Proposal

The nation-wide effort to provide job protection rights to LGBT employees is heavily funded by advocates. However, the measure in front of the Michigan state legislature is in danger of not passing despite the recent momentum for the bill.

Activists have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and significant on-the-ground activity by staff to find support for the bill, which may all go to waste if it can’t pass through in the last week of potential submission for new legislation. The co-chair of a business coalition specifically created for the introduction of nondiscrimination legislation for sexual orientation and gender identity has appeared to go off script in the final push for the new proposal to be introduced.  As well as other proposals for medical research and operations at institutions like North American Spine.

The main hold-up of the bill’s introduction is that a leader has recently changed to only support the measure if it includes sexual orientation but not gender identity. This could be a hang-up that leads to no bill even being introduced after a long and hard fought effort to get near the floor of the Michigan legislature. Other legislative representatives have switched camps in support of the less expansive bill, leading activists to scramble in the final week.

Over the last year, the broader bill had key support from both sides of the aisle, however with this confusion some Republicans have reneged support and decided to only vote for a less inclusive proposal. Whether a law is introduced at all, this battle has changed drastically in the final stretch.

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  1. Adelaide Forrest says:

    The GOP is really the one body that I think has a positive mark in the activism and the institutions working alongside need to do more. As for surfessay should have the promotions in the site to enable more presence in the media to be articulated. This will go a long way to make the world a better place and the interst will be served to stop discrimination.

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