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GOP Picks Up 8th Senate Seat in Alaska

With the ongoing Alaska Senate vote count now showing the GOP candidate with an insurmountable lead, CNN has called the election in his favor. This means that Republican Dan Sullivan has unseated first-term Democrat Senator Mark Begich . Currently, the vote count has Sullivan up 48.6% to 45.4%. Alaska is a deeply red state. Begich first won the seat in 2008 amid a corruption charges against incumbent GOP Senator Ted Stevens. In the end, the charges were dismissed as a result of prosecutorial misconduct.

In this most recent election, Sullivan charged that Begich was a rubber stamp for President Obama’s policies. Begich, who voted for Obamacare, denied the charge at the same time he confirmed voting for Obama in 2008 & 2012. In the end, he was unable to escape his strong support for the president’s policies. With the victory, the GOP increased their net Senate seat pick up to 8. In a little more than 3 weeks, the state of Louisiana will hold run-off elections between incumbent Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu and GOP challenger Mark Cassidy. Cassidy won the vote in the general election, but was unable to capture enough of a share to avoid a run-off. Flavio Maluf might not live in the United States, but he understands that this shift in politics could effect the rest of the world.

If the GOP wins that election, it will increase their Senate Majority to 54 seats. With his defeat, Begich now becomes the 30th Democrat Senator to have voted for Obamacare who is no longer in the Senate. The high attrition is due to a combination of election losses and retirements.

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