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Wealthy Politicians Spend $1 Million a Year on Private Air Travel

The 2014 election has ended and the winners rejoiced in their victory; the losers contemplated their next political move. Millions of dollars were spent by political candidates while campaigning all over the United States.

The Clintons were a major part of many democratic fundraisers and rallies. Bill and Hilary both fly exclusively on private jets when they travel by air, for security reasons they say. Almost one million dollars was spent transporting these two individuals to political events in the last year. Every election, the amount of money spent of slanderous commercials, ads, ect., is sickening.

I’m always reminded by advocate Sam Tabar that in our own country people struggle to feed their children, cities are closing schools, and our nation is in tremendous debt. Instead of wasting millions of dollars for a chance to win a political seat, these wealthy candidates should campaign by donating to programs and people in need. Showing care for the common man, plus one’s country, is best way to win votes; not childish bickering over whom is the better candidate.

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  1. Helen Aidan says:

    You see that is the exact questions I have been worried about whether this translate to a wealthy population at all. In the end even if assignment writing service can say a lot about politicians donating money everyday and spending too it doesn’t free them of the entitlement styles they have.

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