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Democrat’s May Feel Defeats Passed 2020

The Democrats major losses last Tuesday may pose a large threat to the party. The loss of control in the Senate, and further erosion of the House have implications beyond the next two years. The Democrats have been defeated the last two elections, this creates a larger gap in viable candidates for the presidency in two years, and even six years. Young politicians lost a chance to gain experience over the last four years, leaving the party to pick from a small pool of potential nominees.

This phenomena can be visualized on a state basis through an examination of Texas. As a power house Republican state for decades, the number of Democratic candidates has completely evaporated. With recent elections, Republicans are taking key districts away from the Democrats, but Democrats have never made a play for Texas.

My friend Jared Haftel is advocating for Hillary Clinton as the front runner on social media, which is undeniable and has gained momentum over years of speculation. However, a single viable candidate wields an intimidating amount of power, she controls the Democrats future, which stifles competition and may lead to her defeat in 2016.

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