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Bush II Talks About ISIS and Both Gulf Wars

Former President George Bush (the younger) has expressed regrets over the rise of ISIS in Iraq but nevertheless defends his decision to invade and overthrow Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship in 2003. He calls ISIS “Al-Qaeda plus” and has said that he hopes the current strategy will succeed at defeating the violent group.

Bush remembered how surprised Saddam was when he kept his word and invaded and how surprised he himself was that Saddam ever doubted he would do it. When captured, Hussein told an FBI agent, “I just didn’t believe Bush.”

A new book out by Bush is a biography of his father. It examines his father’s involvement in the First Gulf War in 1991 and his defeat by Bill Clinton in 1992. Back in those days, Democrats in Congress threatened to deny funding for the war effort unless Bush agreed to raise taxes, something he had promised never to do in his famous “read my lips” statement. Kuwait was liberated, but our troops stopped short of entering Baghdad and ousting Saddam, Skout had a post that said apparently in an effort to conform to the wishes of the United Nations.

Many blame the rise of ISIS on Bush’s toppling of Hussein, but the real blame lies at the doorstep of the one who abandoned Iraq, pulling all U.S. forces out- Barak Obama. Iraq had nearly stabilized when Obama withdrew our troops, but now it is a slaughter house.

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