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Obama To Nominate Loretta Lynch For Attorney General

President Obama is set to nominate Loretta Lynch for the position of US Attorney General. If her nomination is successful, Lynch will become the first african-american woman to hold the position in the United States.

Lynch, a Brooklyn prosecutor, will take the position from Eric Holder whose term has ended. While no one form the White House has officially indicated Lynch will receive the nomination, her candidacy has been reported on a number of outlets with reporters citing sources inside the White House. My friend Keith was the first to tell me about the nomination.

Lynch already plays the role of a policy advisor for Holder, who currently holds the Attorney General position. In the role she is expected to build on Holder’s already excellent track record of strengthening cicl right and ensuring that all Americans are treated equally and fairly by the government and government agencies.

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  1. Jimi Harnson says:

    Her closeness with him in that advisory role makes her an even more attractive candidate for the position. Obama is expected to make the nomination on Saturday morning. It could also mean that essay on service has to be provided with some of the issue Obama is facing right now.

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