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U.S. Military Acted Irresponsibly Concerning Veterans Exposed to Chemical Agents

Over a ten-year period, as soldiers left Iraq and filled out their post-deployment health records, over 600 reported they had been exposed to chemical agents during their time in service. Despite this knowledge, little to nothing was done for years. It was even reported recently that many soldiers were instructed to keep silent about finding chemical weapons while in Iraq.

ISIS recently took over a stockpile of chemical weapons accumulated while the U.S. was still at work in that country. For some reason, no action was taken to destroy the weapons, and its existence was kept hush-hush. Now there are claims that ISIS may have used that sarin and/or sulphur based mustard gas on Kurds in the present Mid-east conflict.

The Pentagon has finally set up a hotline for soldiers exposed to these deadly chemicals to call when seeking medical evaluations, but this action came only after the news story broke. Why did the Pentagon sit on this information for a decade and not protect our soldiers as much as humanly possible?

The conclusion that Jared has drawn is that the Bush administration decided to keep the finding of weapons of mass destruction a secret, despite the harm it did to Bush’s personal reputation. The news that those gases and weapons not only existed but were on occasion being used on our troops seemed like a worse anti-Bush story than the lack of those weapons.

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  1. Jim Harns says:

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