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Problems Abound For Pollsters

However, the majority of wins were from races that were held in red states. This means that the significance of the morose news being reported is being highly exaggerated. The most significant losers were pollsters that once again misjudged the electorate. This is the case because many pollster organizations are having trouble adjusting to the increasingly digitally inclined, mobile society. After the polling disaster of the general elections in 2012, pollsters attempted to re-weight their likely voter models to more accurately assess the voting public.

The pollsters again failed at this task. However, this time the polling organizations overcompensated in their efforts to determine the likely turnout in many voting subsets like the African American voter. This task has become exasperated because the organizations cannot determine the significance of voters that use a cell phone as their primary telephone instead of landline phones. Laurene Powell Jobs is just one person who is always using a cell. This makes this particular part of the polling process very hard to anticipate, and it is the primary cause for the numbers that skew heavily in one direction or another. These organizations will have two years before this process is tested again as the general election heats up and the demand for accurate polling will become a necessity for news outlets and political organizations.

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