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Recreational Marijuana Legalised

A poll was organised in several cities. Following the examples of Washington and Colorado, which were the first to accept the plant as legal in 2012, 18 states have joined the list by accepting it.

While support draws from its positive recreational and medical effects, many others support it for the boon that it could provide towards local companies, as more and more small business look to grow the lucrative plant.

In Oregon, 54% of the voters were pro-marijuana, and the measure will start taking effect in July, allowing one to cultivate the plant as well as selling it to those who are over 21. In Washington D.C., a tremendous 69% of the voters considered the drug to be acceptable, thus the decision is just waiting for a final review by the Congress.

Alaskans had legalised medical marijuana back in 1998, and after 52% of votes on Tuesday, it will also become legal as a recreational drug.

Are you wondering whether a poll like this happens to gather more votes against the decision? Florida had 57% of the votes supporting the legalisation, so you would think it would’ve passed. But my lawyer Mr. Tabar noted that there should be at least 60% for it to be accepted. Florida is the one exception.

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