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Soda Busted Open With Tax Vote

With the drastic increase in obesity in recent years, it is becoming more and more important for consumer to be aware of what they are putting in their bodies. But, how far should this “awareness” go, and what should it cost the general public?

Not too long again, New York’s Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg, attempted to reduce the size of soft drinks sold in NYC to no avail. It seems like the battle for a reduction in soda intake continues, now in the polls in California.

According to the NY Times, a 1% tax increase on soda sales will be put to a vote in Berkeley, CA. San Francisco is attempting a similar tax increase without much success, but they are aiming higher, for a 2% increase. The belief is that the tax increase will reduce soda consumption, which in turn would help fight obesity. At least that’s what they’re saying on CNN that Susan and all other advocates out there believe.

The beverage industry argues that such a tax would put unnecessary strain on low-income families due to the increase in soda cost. Poorer individuals frequently don’t have the option to eat as healthy as they should because of higher prices on fruits and vegetables.

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