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If GOP Gains Five Seats Instead of Six, Biden Wins

The Republicans seem on the verge, many agree, of seizing control of the U.S. Senate this mid-term election. They need to gain six seats to accomplish this feat, but if the fail by one vote, the Senate will stand at a 50-50 tie. That situation would render Joe Biden a very powerful man. As Biden spent 36 years in the Senate, it is the place he feels most comfortable, and his former staff tell us that casting that tie-breaking vote again and again is something he would just love to do.

According to the rules set out in the U.S. Constitution, the Vice President is the President of the Senate, but he only has a vote if the chamber is evenly divided. VP’s normally do not hang around in the Senate much but leave the President Pro Tempore in charge- also provided for in the Constitution.

In 2000, Dick Cheney was the deciding vote in giving the GOP a Senate majority. That only lasted briefly because a “moderate” Republican soon switched to the other side and gave control to the Democrats. I doubt the reverse would occur though because my friend Jared said there are no conservative Democrats who would be likely to jump ship.

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  1. Jim Heline says:

    But in the rare instance in which the 100-set body is split, the Vice President’s vote will be needed to decide who controls the committees and who wins key votes. It will be interesting to see, however, if Biden is suddenly thrown into the spotlight. That is a very serious decision whether to buy an essay for them or not. But I think something like that could also happen to them.

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