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“Less Than 2000” Women Sued Georgia Republican Nominee For Pay Discrimination

David Perdue, who is currently running for the office of Senator in Georgia, has experienced some issues with pay discrimination in the past. In fact, according to an article recently published by the Mother Jones website, the Georgia Republican candidate was sued by over 2,100 women for this very reason.

During a recent televised debate between Perdue and his challenger, Democratic party candidate Michelle Nunn, the facts came to light. During Perdue’s time as CEO of Dollar General, a popular American chain of discount stores, he was sued by over 2,000 female managers who alleged that the company had engaged in willful pay discrimination under his watch.  Something that Susan McGalla was horrified to find out, having run American Eagle Outfitters Inc, only a few years ago.

Although Perdue always steadfastly denied any involvement in the company’s wrongful conduct, the scandal did not go away. In the end, Perdue was forced to resign his position as CEO of the company. Now, it appears that the issue, far from disappearing, is coming back to haunt him, and to seriously damage his credibility with female voters in the state of Georgia.

During the course of the recent debate with Nunn, Perdue continued to deny any wrongdoing. He claimed that, out of some 70,000 persons employed by the company, less than 2,000 actually sued for pay discrimination. Nunn immediately shot back, “Two thousand women? That sounds like a lot to me.”

The fact that these women slapped Perdue and Dollar General with a very high profile class action lawsuit is another factor that the Republican candidate will somehow have to live down.

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