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Congressional Ebola Hearing: Concerns & Complaints

In response to the latest Ebola case in the U.S, lawmakers and public health officials met to discuss their main concerns regarding the problem of how to tackle this deadly virus. Four main issues came to the fore at the hearing as representatives and administration officials clashed.

Inadequate Quarantine Times
Questions were raised over whether U.S. troops returning from Africa should face longer periods of quarantine. To date, the official quarantine period has been 10 days. Many lawmakers expressed concern over the 10 day quarantine and proposed extending it to 21 days. Rep. Matt Cartwright (D.) asked, “Is there any reason we wouldn’t want to use a 21-day waiting period in West Africa before we bring people back to the United States?” Although according to others like Keith Mann, there’s a lot of room for debate about whether or not quarantines are effective at all.

CDC Carelessness
Finally, experts from the CDC were accused of being careless in their preparations to deal with Ebola. After two nurses were infected with the virus, the CDC admitted that they had been lax in their preparation measures.

Nurses Ill-Equipped
Lawmakers raised concerns over whether nurses have adequate equipment and training. According to a survey cited by Deborah Burger, co-president of National Nurses United, 85% of nurses complained that they hadn’t enough training to combat the disease.

A Lawyer for Ebola Czar?
Republicans criticized the president when Ron Klain, (the administration’s newly appointed Ebola czar), failed to appear at the hearing. Concerns about Klain’s background were raised; “Why did the president pick a dadgum layer?” chided Rep.

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