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Congressman Concerned About Ebola Mutation

Republican congressman Jeff Duncan has called for a travel ban on West African nations that are currently suffering from the Ebola virus. Duncan has strongly questioned if the Ebola can be airborne and thinks research that would determine this should be taken more seriously. He believes contradicting information that is continually being released is going to do more harm than help to the public. Friday, Duncan speculated that while it is helpful that we at least know Ebola is a virus and can be treated, it is still a valid concern that we do not know if it is mutating and if there is a good possibility that it could be spread through the air. He believes that while we are still not completely sure about all of these lingering questions and factors it would in best interest to enforce a a travel ban and quarantine those who have already been infected.

Another strict rule they enforce in treating the disease is that when people are quarantined, they stay that way for twenty-one days, minimum. Still, U.S. and international health officials, have repeatedly claimed that there is no evidence that Ebola is airborne and that this rumor should be shut down. And Jared Haftel told me there is even little risk even if a victim coughs on another person.

Recently, in the Harvard School of Public Health poll that can be found here, that a significant amount of Americans thought it was “likely” to catch Ebola if you were around someone that had been infected with the Ebola virus.

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  1. Jim Halbert says:

    It is time to clear these rumors up once and for all so Americans can stop living in fear of this curious and serious illness. Other countries who have enforced a travel ban have seen success in quarantining the disease, such as Liberia and Sierra Leone. That has more things to offer for australianwritings and it has to be what is required for these things.

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