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7.6 Billion Gone To Waste In The War On Drugs In Afghanistan

Once again, it has been revealed that the war on drugs is failing. A recent report showing that the 7.6 billion dollar campaign to put a dent in the Afghani opium trade has given little to no positive result. Afghani opium production has been doing better than ever the last few years. The current crop estimation for the country is about 3 billion dollars.

I think it’s kind of ironic that we spend more than double the amount of money that they are bringing in through the trade. What accounts for this failure is the ever rising percentage of land use to produce the drug. It seems like when we shut down a field, they find a larger and more efficient field to grow it in.

It seems counterproductive in my opinion, and Igor Cornelsen agrees. If they want results, they should be proactive in spotting and destroying new potential grow sites rather than waste money on raids. In 2013, forces only seized roughly 10% of the crop.

That doesn’t amount to much at all. I imagine that producers of opium figure that small percentage as something foreseen to be seized. Though, even if they were to put a temporary halt in the production of opium, the power of the almighty dollar would prompt growers to seek out additional methods.


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  1. Jim Dustin says:

    Basically what I’m stating is that there will always be a demand, and with that demand comes money. And as long as there is money, there will be production. You lose. That is why some essays services do support what they are doing too.

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