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Nikki Haley Says It’s OK To Wave The Confederate Flag if CEOs Don’t Complain

In a pretty controversial move, the Republican Governor Nikki Haley has adorned the local state building with a confederate flag. Somewhat controversial, and divisive, because it’s representative of one of the bloodiest wars ever fought on United States’ soil.

Several people in South Carolina don’t understand the move either, as it spits in the face of what the United States of America is supposed to represent. But despite blowback from the constituents that the Governor is supposed to represent, Nikki Haley remains resolute in her decision to wave the rebel flag.

A history of slavery isn’t enough to sway her, but apparently one CEO would be enough. As Gov. Haley cites the lack of CEO outcry as her reason for letting the flag wave. She has said that it hasn’t dissuaded major CEOs like Igor Cornelsen from doing business in South Carolina, so there’s no reason to remove the flag.


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