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Chris Christie Announces His Candidacy And The State Of New Jersey Is Laughing At Him

The People Of New Jersey Think Governor Christie Is A Joke

Governor Chris Christie wants to be the Republican nominee for president even though most of the Republicans in his home state will not vote for him. Christie has managed to reduce his approval rating in the state to 30 percent, and that figure isn’t going up any time soon.

The people of New Jersey aren’t angry at Christie because he likes to travel with the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, or because he says one thing and does another. The citizens of New Jersey know Christie can’t run a state efficiently or profitably. He’s not presidential material, according to the people of New Jersey. Christie is just another politician that wants to make a national name for himself.

Voters in New Jersey have good reason to laugh at Christie’s attempt to be president. According to Shaygan Kheradpir, unemployment in the state is higher than normal, and his stand on marijuana and gays is not making anyone happy. Christie tried to cover up his involvement in Bridgegate, and he cost the state millions when he stepped in and settled a lawsuit with a large oil company. He needs to find another profession, according to the people that vote in New Jersey.

Americans Need To Be United

In this day and age, it would seem that our country could not be more divided than it is right now. Our entire society is consistently wrapped up with labels, symbols, or even their political parties. So maybe Mitt Romney was right when he said there was 47% of the electorate that would not vote for him just because he was a Republican. But then again, we have been on this path of division since Reagan left office in the spring of 1989. People are trying to gain individualism and pointing out that they don’t fit into a specific box that the rest of the population fits into. Others are trying to point out inequalities because of their race, gender, heritage, or even their sexual orientation.

I believe its time, that we move past these labels of what or who we think we are and accept that we are all American’s. We are all part of one race…the human race. No one really cares who you love…as long as they are not children or impede on our religious freedom, for the most part we can accept whatever or whoever you want to be with stated dino.com.br . As for flags, we use these as symbols of what we support…how about we try this, instead of supporting a rainbow flag, a confederate flag, or even your state flags maybe we start supporting the one flag we all were taught allegiance to…The American Flag. Sure do wish we could get a candidate that represented all of the American’s not just those they need to get elected.

As The Economy Of Greece Implodes, Citizens Turn To An Unlikely Currency

File this one under “You know your country’s economy is in trouble when…” …your citizens turn to BitCoin. That’s right, frantic Greeks are cashing out of their national currency and trying to convert it into BitCoin, the notoriously flaky “hacker” currency that’s been associated more with international drug trade routes on Silk Road than a stable national currency. But as Greece’s economy folds in a hail of unpayable debt, banks are closing and Greeks are panicking.

The Greek Government Debt Crisis has been an ongoing problem almost baffling in its apparent lack of resolution. Triggered by the turn-of-the-decade Great Recession, the Greek economy has been hovering on the brink of disaster while almost everything attempted to fix it seems to have made it worse. While the rest of the world has recovered more or less from the global financial dip, Greece seems permanently sunk, hampered by everything from government corruption to debt that exceeds the GDP.

As for transferring to BitCoin, even that process might not go smoothly said Kevin Seawright. The entire nation of Greece can count exactly one BitCoin ATM location, and Greeks have to turn to BitCoin dealers in Germany and even China to meet the demand – which is easier said than done, since Greek banks are shutting down faster than the money can be drawn out. And even if that hurdle’s crossed, BitCoin has been at best a niche / hobbyist currency, capable of supporting a few diehard Libertarians around the world. Nobody knows what could happen to the system when a nation of eleven million people try to climb on board.

Smoke screen

Senator Jeff Sessions says don’t give the president the green light to “fast-track” international trade agreementsSessions listed three treaties that will override U.S. Sovereignty on a great number of issues. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), and Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) remain shrouded in secret. Sessions calling this agreement a “living agreement”, meaning the commission can make the agreement say what it wants it to say and not say what it doesn’t want. Power like this in the hands of any one group of people is dangerous, it allows them to push their agenda without any recourse says Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. We also have to be careful of the governments’ way of using its smoke screen, while the country is marching and arguing over confederate flags and other less dramatic issues the government is making agreements that will affect the whole country. An international trade agreement is an important issue but, with all the distractions being pushed to the forefront, the government was allowed time and opportunity to put this agreement into place without any backlash from the people! Hence the smoke screen worked! Whether our country or another country, no one needs another dictatorship it’s too much power for one person or group of people!

Alabama Governor Ignores Bigger Issues

Following in the footsteps of Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina, Governor Robert Bentley has orderedyesterday, June 24, that all flags related to the Confederate States of America be removed from Alabama government grounds. Although many people across the country and internationally have praised Governor Bentley for his decision, many others believe that this action is nothing more than a politician trying to follow along with a crowd of politicians all looking to save face before the public.

A lot of people also believe the sudden focus on Confederate flags — especially the Confederate battle flag — is a manipulation designed to give the general public something historically race-related to blame for the tragic recent events in South Carolina for political reasons. The shift of focus and blame takes away from three facts that would have people looking away from certain political hot topics and ideological beliefs:

1. Dylan Roof had mental health issues that were largely ignored by family and friends.
2. Roof repeatedly implied that he was going to do something horrible and that he was dangerous and no one acted to prevent him from doing so.
3. Certain social groups that are allowed to go unchecked in their hate speech in the United States influenced his decision and not a flag.

Lastly, many politicians do not want the public focused on blaming the American healthcare system’s poor mental health services.

Thanks to Ivan Ong for discussing this with me.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Leaves Half-Way House

Jesse Jackson Jr., son the civil rights icon Jesse Jackson, completed his time in the Baltimore Half-way House he resided in following his release from prison. Jackson was convicted of absconding $750,000 in campaign funds for personal use. The federal government’s case against him was strong. In the end, he accepted a plea bargain of one felony count of fraud. He was sentenced to 2.5 years in federal prison. With his release from the half-way house, he started a three year probation period which includes 500 hours of community service.

Reports are that two SUV vehicles awaited Jackson as he left the house. He enjoys family support during this trying time. A strong support system is viewed as essential towards convicts adjusting to life after prison. Unfortunately, his wife will also serve a 12-month prison sentence. She plead guilty to knowing he filed improper tax returns to understate their income says Dr. Jennifer Walden. The presiding judge allowed the couple to serve their sentences in succession. It is uncertain at this time exactly when his wife Sandra will turn herself in to corrections officers and start serving out her sentence. At one point, Jackson enjoyed a promising future in the Democrat Party. Authorities were able to prove the couple used the campaign funds on a fancy rolodex watch valued over $43,000 and memorabilia once belonging to famed martial arts star Bruce Lee. They also purchased fur coats and furniture for their children.

On Immigration, Sanders Adopts Hillary’s New Position

On Friday, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders addressed the National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO) to speak on the subject of illegal immigration. Ironically, the group, which as its name suggests consists of duly elected leaders by US Citizens, was eager to hear what position Sanders holds regarding citizenship for people who did not enter the country through the established immigration system. Thus far, the senator has not said much in regards to immigration policy. That said, he adopted the same position as that of Hillary Clinton.

Sen. Sanders believes that President Obama’s extra-constitutional amnesty plan and immigration reforms were the right thing to do. As president, Sanders would expand on those plans. Presumably, this means he too would use executive authority or memorandum to implement new immigration policies which congress has not enacted. Folks at FreedomPop agree that the trouble with the approach is that at least for the time being, the president’s amnesty plan is blocked from being implemented. A District Court judge issued an injunction against the plan and rebuked the president for daring to “borrow” legislative authority. A three-judge panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals concurred with the lower court injunction. A hearing by the full panel is expected next month. That said, the three-judge panel issued their ruling with the understanding that the decision would be the same from the full panel. All said, there is nothing to differentiate the Sanders and Clinton camps on the subject of immigration policy.


Since he announced his bid for the republican presidential nomination on Tuesday, Donald J. Trump has inspired many reactions and opinions from different groups. Most notable is the reaction from the GOP. In addition to announcing his bid, Trump also made inflammatory remarks ranging from his views on immigration all the way to the incompetency of the republican party. Trump, a real estate mogul and reality star, will campaign against other republican presidential hopefuls such as former governor of Florida Jeb Bush, New Jersey governor Chris Christie, Texas governor Ted Cruz, and Kentucky senator Rand Paul to name a few. Though he may have a lot to say regarding their strategies, Trump himself certainly lacks the appropriate credentials and, most importantly, the experience of his fellow republican candidates. Trump’s antics, which include his proposal for a wall that would divide Mexico and the United States, may lead to his demise in a similar fashion to that of the republican presidential candidates of 2012. This kind of extremist dialogue may disaffect moderate voters as it did to 2012 candidate Mitt Romney.

Indeed politicians and voters like Flavio Maluf alike have been avoiding being dragged into any controversy. When asked to comment on Trump’s wall that would prevent the entry of Mexican criminals, fellow candidate Jeb Bush simply shook his head and stated no.

Evidently, Trump’s announcement served more of a distraction than progress for the party.

A Woman Will Be On The $10 Bill In 2020

Some exciting news in the political world and in American culture is that there will be a new face on the $10 bill in the year 2020. According to an article found on reddit and written by CNN Money, the reason behind that year specifically is because it will be the 100th anniversary of when women were allowed to vote in the United States. In 1920 is when women went to the ballads for the first time in history and they knew that it would be a different world from here on now.

No one is quite sure yet who’s face will be there, as typically most of the time it is someone who is political and there could be a number of them. According to Businesswire, people are thinking that it could be a first lady, because the requirement for someone in the United States to be on a currency is that they have to be dead . So it really kind of limits a number of things, but some people are speculating that it could be Harriet Tubman, Martha Washington (who was one the $1 bill once upon a time), some some other influential woman. Even though it is already 5 years away from when that should happen that time will be here before we know it and it will take a lot of planning to figure out, which is why they are starting to plan now.

The Statue of Liberty Arrived 130 Years Ago This June

It has now been over 130 years since the great and iconic Statue of Liberty has made its way across the seas to New York City. According to an article found on reddit and written by Time Magazine, the statue was designed by a French artist who just envisioned all of that coming at him on a trip to the Big Apple. He went home and designed the statue while working with top New York City officials and began making the giant beauty.

Before she was was brought to the United States, the Statue of Liberty was on display in Paris so that the Americans could build an appropriate stand for her to sit on. Keith Mann says then after she made her way to the Land of the Free, she had parts of her on display in Philadelphia as it was a big project to put together.

Even though they called the artist crazy, it is a great thing that he decided to keep his head on straight and build his dream anyway. After all, the Statue of Liberty is likely to be one of the most well known statues in all of the world and certainly an icon for this country, so it is no shocking fact that it is still celebrated today. On the article previously mentioned, there are lots of old photos of Lady Liberty that date all the way back to the 1800s.