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Shaygan Kheradpir: Successful Business And Technology Executive

Businesses know that in order to be successful they need key staff. People that have great knowledge of business and excellent skills when it comes to working with technology. For Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Networks that person was Shaygan Kheradpir. A graduate of Cornell University with undergraduate, graduate, and PhD degrees in electrical engineering, Shaygan Kheradpir has proven to be a valued asset to every organization of which he has been a part. He has been able to identify and address problems, create and improve their technology, and increase their bottom line.

Kheradpir is a native of London, England, lived in Iran, was educated in Switzerland, and attended college in the United States. Part of the reason for this is because his father, an ear, nose, and throat specialist, often had to travel because of his work. Living in so many different countries has helped Kheradpir to be able to communicate well with people from a wide range of cultures. But what has really made him outstanding is his expertise on fancy.com in assessing organizations, his ability to work well with others, and his seemingly innate understanding of technology.

When he graduated from Cornell, he accepted a position with GTE. Soon afterward the merged with Bell Atlantic and became Verizon. Kheradpir made his mark during his 11 years with the company. He managed a team of 7,000 technicians, helped to develop and deploy a wide range of new technology, improved the company’s use of automation, and reduced Verizon’s operating expenses by 30%. He was also instrumental in deploying the company’s FiOS technology and outsourcing a significant portion of the contract programming operations to India.

In 2011 Kheradpir took a position with Barclays. He remained there for only two years. But by the time he left the company he had helped them with the development of their Transform Program and their Pingit mobile cash system. Both of them significantly improved the customer experience. This led to his promotion to Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer. Barclay’s was so impressed with Kheradpir’s work the made him the first technology executive to became a member of the company’s executive team.

After two years at Barclays, Kheradpir left to become CEO of Juniper Networks. Once there Kheradpir quickly identified a number of issues that were standing in the way of the company reaching their full potential. He then created used a plan to improve the situation. Part of that plan called for the company to buy back some of their stock. He was also able to lower operating expenses and increase the amount of money that investors received in dividends. This helped to mollify many of the activist shareholders and put the company on the path to profitability. Still, at the end of 2014 Kheradpir resigned his position as CEO.

Kheradpir was also very active outside of corporate America. For three years he was part of the YMCA of Metro New York’s advisory committee. He is also a member of Cornell University’s Engineering Council.

Madison Street Capital: A Leader In The Financial Services Business

Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking firm. This company provides financial advice to corporations all over the world, as well as mergers and acquisitions advice and opinions. They have offices in Africa, Asia, and North America. This international investment banking firm prides themselves on their commitment to integrity, Their delivery of financial advisory services, excellence in their field, and leadership in the financial sector.

The services provided by Madison Street Capital are aimed to bring their clients to the most successful state as possible in the global financial marketplace. They adapt the objectives and goals of each of their clients so they can share their opinion of success. Some of these goals range from financial advisory, raises in capital funds, to mergers and acquisitions transactions, and transfers of ownership. Madison Street Capital sees the main component of driving financial growth to their clients in emerging markets. They continue to focus on emerging markets and due to their success, they have earned their clients’ trust and respect. Their high, professional standards and dedication to their business have made it clear that they are a leader in the global financial sector.

Madison Street Capital provides financial services to major corporations, but they have focused a lot of their expertise on making partnerships with middle-market firms. This has helped them successfully complete very complex transactions, while still always achieving the best outcome possible. They make face to face contact with their clients while making vital decisions, to ensure everyone is on the same page. They provide highly professional guidance and sophisticated financial advice from the beginning of the experience with their company all the way through to the end. They do believe that each client situation is different. They take clear and thorough time to understand the needs of their clients as well as analyze their current situation. Their goal is to optimize the potential of each client.

Madison Street Capital has helped their clients in all different industries reach their financial goals. They are a leader in providing financial services to others, which is partly due to their experience and understanding in their specialty.

Skouting It Out: The New Wave of Connection

Being single has never been easier, or as complicated, as it is today. A quick search of the the keyword “dating apps” on the Apple app store brings up dozens of apps, each of them offering to partner you up with somebody now. Dates and hook ups are practically being served to the consumer on a gilded platter in this oversaturated market, with the various dating apps scrambling to capture the attention and dollars of millions of singles in the connected world. Every app has their gimmick, some offering date suggestions with a simple swipe to the right, while others offer to convince of geo-location to help find your next one night stand. One app, however, is targeting something more than just quick but meaningless convenience and is, instead, offering to provide something more unique and, potentially, much more meaningful: genuine and random connection.
A quick glance at the app’s website instantly shows that Skout is not your average dating app. In fact, the words “date” or “hookup” don’t even show up on the company’s home page. In the world of dating apps, Skout’s mission is to connect people from all over the world for “adventures”. Adventures is a powerful word, carrying with it a feelings of nervousness and excitement, while tapping into the feelings of wanderlust within the consumer. Instantly Skout feels unique, with their promise of experiencing the world without limits exciting the consumer to take a chance on this one app in the sea of competition. Skout is in the business of shared connection and experiences, with the dating aspect coming in as a distant second priority.
This is a great thing.
Using Skout instantly feels different than the myriad of other dating apps out there. Instantly everything feels calmer and, at the same time, much more exciting. There isn’t pressure to look your absolute best in every photo or come up with the most witty, attention grabbing 200 character bio you can come up with. Using Skout feels, dare I say it, almost exciting. In Skout on skoutorganic you find a community, a community of adventurers and explorers. In Skout, you find a community of people. A community of people living their lives and experiencing the world around them, and they want you to share those experiences with them. Skout challenges you to get out their and embrace the world’s adventures with open arms and genuinely meet people along the way. If romance comes from it than that is just an added bonus. Shout wants it’s users to see the world from outside of the realm of message threads and photo swaps. Shout understands that life is a journey meant for those who choose to live it. There are millions of interesting people out there, and all it takes to meet them is a little sense of adventure.

John Textor Leads A Group Of Talented Artists

Prominent businessman John Textor is in the game to share his
innovative and unique digital solutions with his creative team members at Pulse
Evolution. Throughout the years, he has held profound leadership
positions at many major corporations including Digital Domain,
Multicast Media Technologies, Virtual Bank, BabyUniverse, Wyndcrest
Holdings, and The Parent Company. Moreover, his admirable managerial
roles encouraged him to launched Pulse Evolution in 2013, where he has
the opportunity to expand their proprietary offerings into the
entertainment sector. Remarkably, with roughly twenty years of admirable management
experience, his expertise has guided novice professionals in their
career pursuits. Most importantly, his educational training in
conjunction with his many executive roles have greatly contributed to
his recognition as one of America’s powerful businessman.

Textor was raised on Florida’s East Coast and, shortly after his high
school graduation he attended Wesleyan University in Middletown,
Connecticut. Notably, in 1987, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree
in Economics. Following his admirable college studies, he worked in various
entry-level positions before cofounding Wyndcrest Holdings the late
1990s. This Florida based firm specialized in private equity
transactions in the telecommunication, internet, and entertainment
sector. His rapid success at this renowned corporation led to his influential
executive roles at Digital Doman, BabyUniverse, Virtual Bank,
Multicast Media Technologies, and The Parent Company.

Although he achieved immense and noteworthy success in his early
professional years, Textor is most acknowledged for his skill in
managing many animated productions. After his six year term as
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Digital Domain, this prominent
figure developed Pulse Evolution in Port St. Lucie, Florida. During
his executive tenure at this leading corporation, Textor and his team
created virtual replications of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and
Michael Jackson. Essentially, his former leadership experiences
provided him with the necessary portfolio of tools related to
holography, music videos, new media, screenwriting, sound, and film
production to teach his group of talented artist proprietary
techniques to deliver the most graphically appealing characters by
employing unprecedented visual effect sequences. Remarkably, the
company’s powerful combination of designers and executives has worked
successfully together to grow Pulse Evolution as one of the largest
human animation providers in the United States.

Alongside his profound professional career, Textor is heavily involved with the
Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, which is a non-profit
organization focusing on the development of science and technology in
Long Island, New York.

Hedging For An Economic Collapse With Gold Bullion

If you are someone who thinks the global economy is in dire straits, then gold is an investment that looks mighty attractive. For starters, gold is not tied to any one national economy. This makes it much safer then speculating on foreign currency or stocks. Gold is also something that has been historically valued in every civilization.
Owning Physical Gold V.S. Buying Gold Stocks

One popular way to invest in gold is to buy shares in gold related companies. These might be companies that mine gold, or they might be companies that buy gold futures. There are even some companies that hold gold, and you purchase shares in the company thereby owing gold by proxy.

The problem with this is that you never have your hands on the gold. In the event of a catastrophic economic collapse, then you might be left empty-handed. With the way the global economy is turning, this is not a far-fetched idea. One has to only look to China’s recent stock market crash, or the Greek banking fiasco, and you will see how precarious the current economic market is. In Greece, there were even serious talks of “haircutting” people’s accounts, which meant confiscating their money.

Of course, there is also the problem with speculation. If you invest in a gold mine, that mine might not pan out. The mine might be in a country with civil unrest, which could cause the mine to shut down operation. The mine might go bust when they fail to find sufficient gold. Any number of issues makes investing in a gold mine a tricky business. Instead, just save yourself the headache and buy physical gold.

What Type Of Gold Should You Buy?

Don’t make the mistake and buy collectible gold coins. These coins are sold to collectors who value the coins for things other than gold content. Because of this, the coins are often sold for much more than what their gold value is.

You should only buy gold bullion. These are coins that are sold to people who are only interested in the value of the gold. They are sold at close to the spot price of gold.

Where Can I Buy Gold Bullion Coins?

You can find gold bullion at U.S. Reserve. You can choose from among many different gold bullion coins. They offer U.S. gold bullion, as well as Canadian, Australian, and South African bullion coins. You can buy a 1-ounce coin, or a 1/10th of an ounce coin if you prefer.

Martina Hingis Takes The Role Of Brand Ambassador For QNET

The independent representatives of QI Group congregate every year in order celebrate the achievements the company has made. The V-convention seeks to bring the representatives together as a way of appreciating its success. In 2015, V-convention took place in Dubai and during the event; Martina Hingis was announced as the brand ambassador of QNET.

In this convention, it also marked the 17th anniversary of QNET. More than 10,000 attendees were present at the event that was held at Hamdam Sports Arena. The audiences witnessed the tennis superstar take to the stage as she was being granted the brand ambassador’s role.

According to an article featured in BusinessWire, Joseph Bismark said that Martina is a great example of his belief that all people can become extraordinary provided that they are willing to grow, work hard, and learn. Adding Hingis to the QNET family was an idea way of celebrating the milestones the company has made.

Bismark also pointed out that his business philosophies are not different from those Martina uses when she is training in track and handling her team. Martina Hingis has been a Glad Slam winner five times. She is also an ambassador representing the International Tennis Hall of Fame in the world. She was excited to be granted the role of being the ambassador of QNET.

Hingis said that she was happy to be associated with a leading global brand. QNET is present in more than 100 countries something that speaks volume in terms of its popularity and strength. QNET offers other sports sponsorships such as the Manchester City Football Club as well as Marussia Formula 1 team.

Hingis also takes the role of representing QNET brand within India. She will be competing in various events that are sponsored by QNET as she plays for Champions Tennis League. Among the things she will do, as part of growing the brand is to wear QNET apparel during the time she competes. Hingis will also endorse numerous products for the brand.

QNET is a company that deals with direct selling and is based in Asia. It has a range of products that sell in the global market. Its corporate commitment allows people to own their businesses regardless of their backgrounds.

Joseph Bismark is the director and founder of QI Group. He became the Group Managing Directors sometimes back in 2008. Bismark is a talented, versatile, and dynamic leader who has helped transform the lives of many people through his company.

Skout: A Dating & Social Network For Everyone

International Online Friend Day is on February 4, as declared by Skout. The app, created by the company of the same name, surveyed its users to see how many people were using the app in order to make new friends and connections around the world. The company was about to find out that 59 percent of Filipinos, 53 percent of Brits, 48 percent of Australians, and 46 percent of French users became friends with people who live in another country. The company interviewed 52,000 people from 10 different countries.

Skout on skoutorganic.com is a social platform that has connected over 500 million individuals in 180 countries, almost randomly. It’s a free iOS app that has been around for awhile but started to gain popularity due to a promotional campaign via the official Facebook app.

Being a mobile social network, Skout was created to allow users to meet new people, make friends and even exchange photos. At sign up, users can decide if they want to use their email or Facebook. Their profile with basic information will be populated. Some of the things that the app looks at is whether the user is interested in men or women so that the app can customize each user’s display to only show those that each user might be interested in.

The main screen has a grid that displays those that are currently online. If a user was to tap on an image, it brings up the other person’s profile and their basic information is displayed as well as their last few posts, and number of “points” they have. On this screen, it’s possible to send a “wink”, start a conversation, add them to the “favorites” list, send a virtual gift, be alerted the next time they are online, block the person or even report them. Users can also leave comments or likes on their last few posts.

Most of the activities on Skout cost “points” to perform. The in-app currency can be purchased or earned by doing various activities within the app. With these “points, you can see who checked out your profile as well as sending gifts to other users. Another feature is what Skout calls a “wink bomb”. This will allow a user to send a huge number of “winks” in hopes of getting some attention from another user.

There are other ways to use the app. There is a section called Buzz that shows a social feed of either local people, friends, or favorites. The Look At Me area is a bidding game where members can bid their “points” in hopes of attaining a feature spot, thus getting greater visibility to others. To start a conversation with a random, anonymous person, a user would use the Shake To Chat section.

Originally, Skout was created as a tool for those who wanted to expand their social circle. Things shifted in 2014 with the introduction of the travel feature. More than 10 million users starting using Skout as a way to take virtual journeys with the help of locals in the area they are interested in.

Whether used as a dating app, or a way to learn about a possible travel destination, Skout is the perfect app to fit all of your needs.

Basic Information About Investing In Gold

Gold is a great way for people to investment because it generally retain its value. The value of gold is dependent upon the stability of the dollar. When the dollar is doing well then gold prices will decrease but when the value of
the dollar starts to decline, then gold prices will increase. The value of the dollar has been pretty stable since 2010 and the value of gold has remain consistent during that time period.

People typically purchase gold in one of two ways. They can either buy this precious metal in bullion or coins or they can buy an ETF. An ETF is an exchange traded fund and it is an investment fund that is often time used to represent the value of gold. ETFs provide more flexibility for an investor since they can be easily sold and traded. People that have a stockpile of gold typically have to wait until they get a buyer to get rid of their metal.Two of the most popularly traded ETFs for gold include the SPDR Gold Shares and Market Vectors Gold Miners. Gold mutual funds and junior gold stocks are two other methods that people can use to purchase gold. Gold options and futures also provides an opportunity for people to buy this product.

Many investors regard gold as a store of value without growth. In other words, gold will remain at the same price for which it has been purchased. Keep in mind that this is a good long term strategy. It can help investors to retain the value of their gold when the dollar’s value drops. Ultimately, the value of the US dollar is declining but it still is considered one of the best currencies in the world.

The US Money Reserve is a company that specializes in the sale of gold. They market this commodity to the public in the form of bullion and bars. They on purposely keep a limited supply of this product to influence the value of
of this precious metal. Investors can view the organization’s website to see the prices they have listed for coins and bullion.

Gold is a great investment for any person’s portfolio though some might disagree. This precious metal hardly looses its value and it always can be sold to buyer. Do not forget that the amount of gold that is available in the world
has always been around. It will rarely (if ever) increase or decrease. This is another reason why the value of gold retains its value for many years into the future.

Madison Street Capital Offering Up Investment Assistance And Advice

Investing is a difficult proposition for most individuals who are not professionals in the matter. Even many professionals struggle with this kind of a service. That is exactly why it is necessary to go with a company that has been doing it for a long time and that knows the ins and outs of the matter. Madison Street Capital out of Chicago has been working with clients from all around the world to help make sure they receive the top investment assistance around. So, it does not matter if it is an individual or if it is another company working to improve upon their own investments, Madison Street Capital is able to work with them and give them all of the necessary assistance possible.

Madison Street Capital is based out of Chicago and while it is named after the street it is located on in downtown Chicago, it works with more than just people and businesses located in the midwest. In fact, this company, situated right off of the banks of Lake Michigan, has clients from all around the world looking for the best investment opportunities and assistance.

The right investment assistance does vary from one location to the next. Some customers are going to have different goals for their money and also have different amounts of money to invest. Due to this, Madison Street Capital is able to work with these individuals and these different companies to make sure they receive the right kind of financial assistance possible. Some might simply want help growing their money and are looking for safer investments over the long term. Madison Street Capital has this set up for the long term, which is exactly why it is a great company to work with regarding everything from stocks to mutual funds.

For larger companies that have their eyes set on larger investing potential yet still have the money to possibly miscalculate from time to time, Madison Street Capital can point towards investments that while possibly more risky, have the ability to turn out higher return on investments. This way, no matter what a business is or what a company is looking for, they are able to find the right investments for their financial needs.

The next time any individual or business is looking for investment assistance and advice, all they need to do is look towards the professionals at Madison Street Capital for help.

Mr. Bruce Levenson and how he Helped the NBA Grow Exponentially

The NBA, formally known as the National Basketball Association, is the world’s most popular professional basketball organization. The NBA oversees the operations of thirty teams. 29 of those teams are located within the contiguous United States of America, and one is located in Canada. The precursor to the NBA, the Basketball Association of America, was created in 1946 in New York City, where it is still operated to this day. In 1949, the rival of the BAA, the National Basketball League, joined forces with the BAA to form what is now known as the National Basketball Association.

The NBA has changed ownership of every one of its teams over the years, some many more than others. Some teams have dissipated, although most have just been renamed and swapped ownership multiple times.

One needs to know a little bit about how the conferences are structured in the NBA to understand its world renowned, super popular playoff structure. There are two conferences: the Western Conference and Eastern Conference, which are collectively split up into three divisions. The Atlantic, Central, and Southeast divisions are parts of the Eastern Conference, while the Southwest, Pacific, and Northwest divisions are in the Western Conference.

The playoff system of the National Basketball Association is very entertaining to watch, is both fair to its participating teams and its players, and is easy to follow. The top eight teams of the two conferences are ranked in “seeds” from first to eighth, and the number one team will play the number eight ranked team, the number two will play the seventh seed, and so on. The teams are ranked based on their records in the eighty-two game regular season.

There are four rounds of playoffs, and each round follows a best of seven system, which means the first team of each contest to achieve four victories advances to the next series. The only time the different conferences play each other is in the NBA Finals, which is the terminal series in the NBA playoffs. The playoffs typically span between one and two months, and games are on television nearly every day of the week. This makes the NBA playoffs one of the most exciting to watch for fans.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is the most recent owner of Atlanta, Georgia’s resident NBA club, the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks reached the Eastern Conference Finals this year, only to be defeated by LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Mr. Levenson of UCG has helped the Hawks succeed by assembling a basketball team and coaching staff with chemistry unmatched by any other team in the National Basketball Association. The Atlanta Hawks do not have any superstar players, such as Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, or Kobe Bryant — although they do have a rather solid roster — and rely on their closely-knit team that gets along better than nearly every other team in the NBA.

Every game of the National Basketball Association’s regular season can be viewed by purchasing a season ticket to the NBA on various cable and satellite networks. Visit www.nba.com for more details.