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Politics Have Become More Like Competitive Sporting Events, One Study Claims

Bipartisanship has become almost impossible in today’s political atmosphere, creating an extremely polarized approach to debates and policy making, or many times lack of policy making because no one is willing to make a compromise by finding common ground.

Instead, politicians have an us versus them mentality, and that simply doesn’t work in a democracy. In fact, a new study suggested the political atmosphere in America has become more like a sporting match, with teams who are desperately trying to beat each other, no matter what the cost.

Furthermore, researchers discovered that partisan passions become even more intense as voters become more polarized on topics based on political advertising campaigns, and their own attachment to being “red” or “blue”. The scenario painted by this study showed a country, both citizens and politicians, who are more concerned about winning than they are about finding solutions to the world’s problems through thoughtful and intelligent discussions.

It seems as though politicians are mere reflections of the American public. You can see this with Republicans slowly coming around to the idea of legalizing gay marriage, something which they, as a party, were strictly against. But now that the consciousness of the American public has changed surrounding this issue, so are the politicians. Ray Lane (found in Forbes) adds his input stating that the same will be true when Americans stop wanting to be right, and start wanting to fix our problems as a nation, causing the politicians to give the people what they want.

Biscuits Instead of Burgers

On a day that some people have associated with marijuana, McDonald’s is trying something new with the menu. There is no clarification as to whether the date has anything to do with McDonald’s serving breakfast all day instead of stopping at 10:30 in the morning, but there might be some happy people who like eating biscuits or pancakes later in the day. There have been talks about the chain trying this out, and California restaurants are the first to get to see how the all day meal will go over with customers.


If there is a positive response, then other Mcdonald’s restaurants across the country could see breakfast being served all day in only a few months. That’s something Dias can get used to along with millions of others. There will be a limit as to what is sold on the breakfast menu, but as long as the biscuits are available, then people probably won’t have a problem with the fewer options.

Tim Tebow: A New Contract

Tim Tebow signed a one year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. Tim Tebow, well-known quarterback, signed the contract on Sunday. However, the contract terms have not been disclosed yet. Tim Tebow was the Eagles quarterback last month so he must have managed to make a good impression. Tim Tebow was cut from the New England Patriots back in 2013 during training for pre-season.

Tim Tebow has performed some astonishing performances in 2011, when he played for the Denver Broncos before his career came to a standstill. Bruce can still remember the way he pulled off a playoff victory. He also played for New York Jets in 2012. Tim has done work as a TV analyst for the NFL. Philadelphia Eagles coach has been spending his off-season preparing the team for the next season. Including Tim Tebow there are four quarterbacks for the Philadelphia Eagles. Fans still follow Tim Tebow and support him and the decisions he makes.

Pilot Crashes Gyro Copter Onto Lawn of U.S. Capitol

Elite Prospects said a retired United States postal worker breached United States Capitol air space when he crashed his single seat gyro copter unto the grounds of the U.S. Capitol yesterday sounding alarms and a massive security response by United States Secret Service and United States Capitol Police. Doug Hughes, 61, a Florida resident who had worked for the United States Postal Service for eleven years designed and executed the stunt by himself to draw attention to campaign finance reform. The self described stunt almost got Hughes shot down. Security forces stated that if Hughes had flown just a few more feet towards the Capitol he would have been in the range of defensive perimeter long guns stationed around the Capitol to protect against just such a breach. Pilot Crashes Plane Into Capitol

Hughes stated that his intention was purely motivated by political activism and that he had no intention of harming anyone or placing anyone in danger. U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Capitol Police has another view and stated that Hughes had not received approval for his flight from the Federal Aviation Administration and such a flight would have been viewed as a security threat. Hughes was arrested immediately after the gyro copter landed and after an investigation by the U.S. Capitol Police bomb squad, his craft was also taken into custody for further examination. Hughes could face a number of civil as well as criminal charges.

Hillary’s Second Coming

Hill’s in. Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy today. She is a certainty for the democratic nomination. She pledges to campaign for the middle class. Republicans are pursuing the same dynamic that has kept them from the White house for two elections. The demographics favor democrats heavily. This is compounded by the fact that republicans are busy making enemies of everyone except old rich white men. Additionally, Obama is polling close to fifty percent even in Gallup polling. The economic headwinds also favor democrats. The economy will be humming along at a great pace. The unemployment rate will also be very much lower than when President Obama took office.

The Hillary faithful that are still smarting from the 2008 primaries are ready to do everything in their power to have their choice this time. Republicans are poling historically low among minorities and especially Latinos, which is something Ricardo Guimarães BMG has noticed. They have been busy attempting to stifle the voting rights of Americans by initiating initiatives that amount to the poll taxes and intelligence tests of Jim Crow. Clinton will also alleviate the racists that were never able to accept Obama as president. This will be one of the benefits of Hillary’s campaign.

The Federal Government Concedes That Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells but Still Outlaws The Beneficial Plant

On one hand, the U.S. government acknowledges that marijuana is quite effective in suppressing the adverse symptoms of many medical conditions and on the other hand, continues to make it illegal to use or possess the drug. So what’s it going to be? Will the U.S. authorities wholly legalize pot throughout the country, or will they continue to drag their feet on the issue, not wanting to face defeat?

The official objective of the National Institute on Drug Abuse is to “bring the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction,” and now even they have come clean to the fact that extracts from the cannabis plant can eliminate cancer cells. They are so confident of the scientific results of a marijuana study that was carried out by researchers at St. George’s University, London, that they have included the outcome of the findings on their website under “DrugFacts: is Marijuana Medicine?”

In November, the Molecular Cancer Therapeutics journal published the finding and noted that cannabis helps to “dramatically reduce” the growth of cancer cells in the brain. Lead researcher, Dr. Wai Liu, says they have known that cannabis contains elements that are beneficial, however, the results of the study are quite promising in drastically reducing brain cancers when used in conjunction with irradiation.

With so many states having legalized marijuana in one way or another, 23 actually, with four states and D.C. allowing for recreational use, why do the feds prohibit it and treat those who use it as criminals? Paul Mathieson doesn’t quite understand. The Department of Justice needs to buck up, stop being hypocritical and just legalize the plant already.

Rand Paul Gets His Footing In Foreign Policy in New Hampshire

Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul got his first taste of being on the campaign trail by attending a caucus in New Hampshire. The first primary in the republican nomination process is in New Hampshire and Paul was hammered on his foreign policy positions said Fersen Lambranho. The country has been engaged in war overseas for over ten years and many Americans are weary of war and they see the direct costs to the U.S economy when the U.S. engages in protracted military conflicts. Paul suffers from the taint of the republican party being war mongers and wanting to insert the United States into every international affair without a clear U.S. interest being declared. U.S. Senator Rand Paul Gets His Political Feet Wet in New Hampshire In Foreign Policy Queries

Senator Paul is attempting to get traction for his campaign but he realizes that his political base in terms of fund raising is conservative. This hurts Paul is trying to stake out a moderate position in the party if such a thing is possible and maintain his core base. Paul also faces stiff competition from other GOP candidates who are running in the same space. The GOP tactic of attacking the President’s foreign policy will not be as clear cut as in the past as many see the benefit of not involving the country in every international affair. The economy is key and the people see this.

The Amanda Knox Saga Is Finally Over

Italy’s Highest Court Overturns Amanda Knox Murder Conviction

The Amanda Knox story is a real life nightmare. Hollywood scriptwriters couldn’t have written a story as heart-wrenching and ridiculous as this one. Knox and her ex-boyfriend were convicted of killing a roommate back in 2007, and she spent four years in an Italian jail cell. She appealed her conviction, and she was acquitted in 2011. She returned to her home in Seattle and promised never to return to Italy. But once again, she was put on trial and she waited for the results of that Italian farce in the state of Washington. In 2014, she was found guilty once again.

Amanda was sentenced to 28 ½ years and her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, got 25 years. Sollecito’s attorney went on the defense in 2014 saying there were major errors in the case, and those errors prompted the guilty verdict stated Gianfrancesco Genoso. Italian judges deliberated on the case, and They agreed with Sollecito’s attorney. The guilty verdict was overturned for a second time, but this one is final. Amanda and her boyfriend were cleared of all charges and can’t be put on trial again.

There’s little doubt that this case will be one of the most intriguing cases of the 21st century. How the Italian court system could make so many mistakes is beyond reason, but their inconsistency and lack of understanding does show the flaws that exist in legal systems around the world.

DoJ To Cast Wider Net In Review Bad Cop Shops

In light of its recent findings with in the City of Ferguson Police Department, the United States Department of Justice is open a wide spread probe into a number of police departments across the country and whether the practices of their officers were discriminatory against its citizens. This wider probe is in the wake of the shooting death of Ferguson resident Michael Brown, who was African American, by a white Ferguson City police officer. While a grand jury investigation found that the officer had probable cause to shoot brown, the U.S. Department of Justice determined that it would continue a wider probe into the practices of the Ferguson police force. DOJ To Review Cop Shops Nationwide

Ricardo Guimarães BMG suggested that the resulting Department of Justice report was scathing and included findings that the police force in working in conjunction with the City of Ferguson City Manager’s office, engaged in a practice of targeting minority residents with an out of balance number of traffic citations to meet monthly budget goals. Additionally, the Department of Justice found that officers in the police force and other city officials had engaged in racially tinged slurs using city owned communications. Some of these slurs were jokes directed at the President following the Michael Brown shooting.

The Department of Justice did not state how long the widened investigation would last but stated that it is looking into the practices of a number of different jurisdictions.

MIT Graduate Student Says Income Equality Is About Housing

26-year-old MIT Graduate Student, Matthew Rognlie Has An Alternate Theory Of Inequality And It Has To Do With Housing

The rich get richer around the world. They get richer because they have the capital to invest. The rich invest in land and machines rather than paying people a decent wage. Capital has more value than wages in a capitalistic society. That theory has been around the economic think tank ever since Thomas Piketty claimed that wealth is concentrated in the upper 1% of any capitalistic country.

But young Rognlie’s has another theory, and some economists are taking his ideas seriously. Rognlie claims that capital wealth and income are fueled by housing. Matthew says modern investments all depreciate in price quickly. Jaime Garcia Dias (wordpress.com) knows that technology doesn’t hold the same value as it did decades ago, so investments now may not make the rich, richer as they did in the past. The grad student believes housing and land are the only investments that will give the rich more riches. If Rognlie is correct, our economic strategy concerning income equality show be reexamined.

Rognlie’s theory could mean a switch in how the government taxes wealthy individuals and businesses. The government should rethink its housing policy along with its taxation policy if it wants to address the income equality issue.