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Radio Podcast Interview With Sanjay Shah

Eric Dye who is the host of an entrepreneurial talk show host had the pleasure of interviewing Sanjay Shah who is a philanthropist and successful entrepreneur businessman. The radio podcast show is called Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio and it serves as a platform and foundation used to submit advice, motivation, inspiration and information for entrepreneurs all over the world. During Sanjay Shah’s interview, he mentions that it’s important as an entrepreneur to accept help. Trying to do everything on your own as a business owner can be extremely difficult, and most times you run out of fuel and you get tired. So it’s important to delegate the work and use your employees to the best of their ability. In the interview, they talk about the success of Solo Capital as well as the creation of the investment company, advice on becoming a solid and successful business owner, the motivation and success of Autism Rocks and what listeners can expect at the 2016 charity concert for Autism Rocks.

Shah founded Solo Capital after deciding to quite his accounting job. He actually owned many companies prior to Solo Capital, but he could never expect nor anticipate how fast the company would grow. After three short years the company had entered into the millions, allowing Shah the ability to retire and become financially independent.

His youngest son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 at the very young age of two. While Shah and his wife were glad that they caught it so young, they still had a lot to learn and wanted to do more. That’s when Shah came up with the idea for Autism Rocks, which he launched in 2014 and has been going quite strong ever since. It is a charity that is based on raising funds to help aid in the research and development of the neurological condition that affects so many people today. One in sixty eight children every year are diagnosed and affected by autism. The numbers continue to increase every year and make it hard for some people who aren’t financially in a position to help cope with the condition. That’s where autism Rocks comes into place. He hopes that the charity will help those better understand the condition and help families as well as patients’ better cope. Autism Rocks is an invite only concert charity event that is put on my some very popular musicians.


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Selecting A Company Like Better Reputation To Help

Selecting a company like Better Reputation aids everyone who is stuck in a crisis online. The online reputation of any company can be tarnished in a second, and companies like Better Reputation help solve a problem that can linger for years unless something is done about it. The only thing that people can do is make the call so that they can get the services that they are looking for.

The problem that happens could be fairly big or fairly small. The people that have to deal with it are the ones that will decide how it gets handled, and they will test out all their options to see which one makes the most sense. They will start making content that helps make the client really good, and they will begin working on a plan that will flood the Internet with new content.

Flooding the Internet with new content will help the client look better, and the client will be in a position where they can use that content to have everyone see them in a new light. It can be difficult to get this started if the client does it alone, but it makes more sense for people to get the reputation company like Better Reputation to do this for them.

Any company that is in need of help must make sure that they ask a company like Better Reputation to do the work. Better Reputation can show the client how to make their reputation completely different than it was before.

The content that is created will help the company take back an even better image than they had in the first place. That is a very helpful thing for all the people who are struggling, and it will bring in a new type of customer who sees the positive news instead of the negative news. That means that the company can actually make more money, and the company can have a larger customer base. They can start playing to the news that was released for them, and they can see their reputation slowly start to change for the better.

Source: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/7869-choosing-a-reputation-management-service.html

Sam Tabar Appointed COO of FullCycle Energy Fund

Sam Tabar has been handed the responsibility of a Chief Operating Officer at FullCycle Energy Fund. As the company’s COO, Sam Tabar will be accountable for FullCycle’s fund management policy. FullCycle Energy Fund was established in 2013, to own and finance projects that would revolutionize waste management by converting a costly environmental waste into fuels that can be used to provide energy for the communities around which the company operated.

During the appointment as reported by PR Newswire, Sam expressed his excitement to take on the role as the company’s COO. According to him, he looked forward to working in a team of talented senior leaders who together would deliver the company’s task of shifting away from the expensive pollution-associated fuels to environmental friendly and low cost fuels.

Sam has hugely been involved with financial institution, overseeing their budget stratagem for the past 10 years of his career. He was previously head of Capital Policy at Merill Lynch, a subsidiary of Bank of America. In this company, Sam introduced institutional investors including foundations, fund of funds, endowments and family offices to fund managers. He acted as a consultant on all the company’s operations and created both a front and back office teams. Prior to this, Sam was the Co-chairman of Marketing for the leading private fund in Asia, Sparx Group. He was involved in managing all aspects of a global marketing effort of the company.

Apart from his vast financial knowledge, Sam Tabar has operated as a lawyer for Arps, Skadden, Slate & Flom, Meagher as well as Schulte, Zabel & Roth. He Mastered in Law from Columbia Law School and supplemented it with a Bachelors (Arts) Degree from the University of Oxford.

As a capitalist and a private entrepreneur, Sam is an earlier investor of THINX, a company that revolutionized the feminine sanitation by manufacturing undergarment for women. He is a prominent capital strategist and his appointment at FullCycle Energy Fund will serve to further develop his career.

The benefits of Beneful brand dry dog food

Beneful by Nestle PurinaStore has a diverse selection of dry dog food that will suit any pet owners needs. Each of their dry dog food products are specially blended to give dogs the vitamins and nutrients that they need without all of the useless filler. Products like Healthy Puppy, Playful Life, Healthy Weight and their Amazon best-selling Originals line give pet owners a healthy choice for their pet no matter the age.
It is important for dogs of different ages and activity levels to get the proper food to maximize their heath, immune system, and life. This is why each of these Beneful dry dog foods have different meats such as chicken, beef, egg, and salmon to not only make it desirable for a pet, but to also give them the best chance at a healthy life because the people at Beneful know how important pets are to their owners and that they more than just a pet -they are a part of the family.

The Healthy Puppy brand is enriched with calcium to make sure that every puppy gets all the nutrients that it needs to grow into a healthy and happy adult dog. It also has DHA to promote healthy brain and vision in each puppy. Adult brands of Beneful are packed with tender crunchy bites that are complemented with carrots, peas, beef, carrots, salmon, chicken, blueberries, and green beans. All product lines of Beneful brand dog food are competitively priced and available at most major food outlets, pet stores, and veterinarian offices. Learn more! visit, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beneful.

I Learned So Much About The Capital Markets From Laidlaw & Company

I went to Laidlaw & Company to do some investing, but I had such a good broker that I got into the capital markets in a way that I never thought I would have. I was so surprised to see what I could earn on the capital markets that I got really excited the first time my broker told me about it.

I got into the capital markets because my broker told me that I might do pretty well when I got there. He showed me how I was going to be able to put just some money in the capital markets to make more cash overall, and he kept my up to date so that I knew what was going on. He was giving me a chance to make a lot of money, and I was really glad that he kept helping me learn what I needed to do. He told me how much I should be investing in the capital markets, but he kept my options open to other things.

I was also happy to learn that I could do other things at Laidlaw & Company if I wanted to. I had a chance to get all the investments done that I ever wanted to do, and I could start and stop them any time I wanted. My broker let me make all my decisions, and I once decided that I needed to start with wealth management. Now I am investing in the capital markets as part of a bigger plan, and my broker is helping me make sure that I am getting the best results from all the things that I am doing. I am trying to make money, and it feels good to know that my broker is on my side instead of just looking for his commission.


Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditoner Takes on Fine Hair

WEN hair is a line of natural hair care products designed by Los Angeles based stylist Chaz Dean. The products provide an alternative to traditional shampooing and the harmful effects of common lather-producing ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate. As a result unlike many of today’s harsher shampoos Wen does not lather.
Directions on the back of the container call for much more conditioner per cleaning than the average product. However, the Amazon sold product serves as a daily conditioner deep conditioner leave in conditioner shampoo and detangler in one. Making the cost of using extra pumps negligible.

Recently, Emily McClure of Bustle.com reviewed the QVC advertised product by using on her extremely fine hair for around a week. According to her review article at http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened the results were pretty good. Although Mcclure did mention her hair became greasy and flat throughout the day if she washed it at night rather than morning, a slight change to her routine seemed to make the product well worth the trial.

In her conclusion Emily found that Wen hair added a lot of shine even receiving compliments from friends. She felt her hair was thicker and more resilient to breakage almost immediately. McClure noted that her hair felt “thicker” almost immediately even while still in the shower. Her only issue was that it would work better for a daily morning routine rather than evening or every-other-day user.

So, if you are a daily morning user Of hair care products seeking something new Wen may work. A little extra poof and a ton of shine may be worth the early morning wash and style routine described by McClure. Visit http://www.wen.com/faq.html for more info.



Marc Sparks and Building a Case for Success

Marc Sparks, the originator of Timber Creek Capital, LP, is a successful serial entrepreneur and, more importantly, a philanthropist whose faith and values have him looking to help those who strive to help themselves.

He is generous in sharing his stories of success. Just as important, he believes in sharing stories of his endeavors that were not so successful, thus offering hope to struggling new entrepreneurs who can learn from his experiences.

Before offering his formal mentorship and access to financial, marketing, and office space, Marc Sparks recommendeds the following to new entrepreneurs in their path to a successful startup.

The quality and arrangement of office space is not to be underestimated. Mr. Sparks stresses the importance in not cutting costs on the space where employees will generate their best ideas and teamwork.

Mr. Sparks practices what he calls “Sparks Speed”. By definition, this means open and collaborative space for keeping communication channels between resources immediate and real time. Such characteristics as natural lighting and demographics can affect creativity and mindset.

Citrite and Crunchbase, published that Marc Sparks believes that the quality of office space contributes to 25% of success.  Mr. Sparks does not invest in startups based on financial need alone. More at: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1132595

To be worthy of investment, Mr. Sparks looks for a startup with a proprietary or unique concept. Any and all sales data should be captured. This data should be shared with prospective investors as proof of consumer interest and demand.

When you try to sell your business to venture capitalists, keep your presentation simple and to the point. Make every visual count. Understand that capitalists are very busy people.

Delivering a short and concise message is more effective at soliciting support and selling your idea.  Sparks applies the values of faith, passion, tenacity, focus, savvy of monetization, and an Outrageous Sense of Urgency to every business and voluntary initiative. He looks to invest in entities that share the same provisions.

Even holding these values, and following the discussed advice, Mr. Sparks delivers the message that there is no predictability in life and failure is a possibility. More important than turning a profit is faith, building a quality product or service, maintaining a happy staff, and spending time with family and friends. These are the best signs of success.

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Organo Gold Expands into Turkey

PRNewswire recently featured an article on Organo Gold, a privately held gourmet coffee company that is know for its high-quality products. Bernardo Chua, the founder and current CEO of Organo Gold, just announced that his coffee company launched a branch in Turkey, which was the next step on the company’s increasingly international presence. In fact, the new location of Organo Gold that just opened in Turkey is the 39th country that the brand has opened up branches in. When asked about his decision to expand Organo Gold into Turkish markets, Chua said that Turkey was actually the first country in the world to open a coffee house in the 15th century. Chua said that he is proud to have his company expand into Turkey, where there is an increased demand for healthier products. In addition, Chua says that his company’s emphasis on the healthiest sourcing and brewing of its coffee makes Organo Gold the perfect coffee choice for health and lifestyle enthusiasts all around the world.

Bernardo Chua has a proven track record of success in the coffee and health food industries. Before founding Organo Gold, Chua was an executive of the prestigious Gano Excel company in the Philippines. During his time as a leader of Gano Excel, Chua was able to expand the company into an international brand that expanded into Canada, Hong Kong and the U.S. It was then that Chua relocated to California. Part of what has made Chua so successful in the health food and lifestyle industries is his development of a profitable multi-level marketing system for the sale and distribution of his company’s products.

What helps set Chua’s innovative products apart from other coffee and drink options on the market is that they contain Ganoderma lucidum, which Chua has extensive knowledge and experience in cultivating and transforming into a healthy additive to foods and beverages. Ganoderma lucidum comes from the lingzhi mushroom and is the secret behind Organo Gold’s bioactive coffee, which has revolutionized the coffee and supplement industries. For Chua’s success in developing network marketing through one of the most cutting-edge healthy drinks on the market today, Chua was the recipient of the Napoleon Hill Gold Medal Award in 2014, as well as many other awards. Under Chua’s leadership, Organo Gold has become the 55th largest network company on the globe. All indications point to Organo Gold continuing to dominate the international markets, thanks to the vision and leadership of Chua.

FreshPet Sales Soar; Beneful still Top Choice

FreshPet is a brand that is making noise. Recently, the brand became one of the most popular dog food owners turn to for healthy, high-quality foods to serve Fido. They’re buying the FreshPet brand despite the attached price tags, which sometimes exceed the $20 mark for a 5-pound bag. The food is worth the cost. It’s’ made from the best ingredients, using real meats and grains, and provides pets with the best taste and nutrient possible. But what if you are unable to afford the price tags of a Freshpet dog food? Does this mean your pet is doomed for an unhealthy life filled with tasteless meals?


Because of pet owners desire for higher- quality pet foods, more brands are stepping their game up and upgrading and updating their foods. It is now possible to get a dog food that your pet will love that is also good for him. These brands began implementing changes to their recipes after stiff declines in sales saw profits fiercely dwindling.


Beneful is one of the ‘ordinary’ dog food brands out there. It doesn’t come in fancy packaging nor does it cost an arm and a leg to purchase a bag. But it is produced by a brand that’s earned the respect of many over the years and it does contain those high-quality ingredients you can feel good about serving to your pooch. We have PurinaStore to thank for Beneful. If you’re a pet owner concerned with the quality of dog food you’re feeding your pet, the switch to Beneful is one you’ll appreciate.


The Beneful dog food line includes both dry and wet varieties, with several flavor combinations available on Wal-Mart stores. Additionally, several treats are also available. No matter which Beneful products you wish to serve your pet, you can always do so with confidence. The Purina brand creates only the best of dog foods that keep your pet healthy and thriving. Don’t spend an arm and a leg for a pet food when Beneful is the affordable option you’ve been searching for! Visit https://www.youtube.com/user/BenefulBrandDogFood for more info.

Fabletics, The Sexy Athletic Trend-Setter by Kate Hudson

Fabletics is the hottest trend in athletic gear that brings you from day to night. It’s a line of fabulous clothes for workouts and even working at the office. They show off the unique curves of the body while keeping it all in good taste. The colors are basic but bold. Marie Claire says that you can start from the ground up with Fabletics and build a fashion book of your own by starting with basic-black and moving into some pastels and prints. Basic shorts, skirt and tanks are what’s hot this year and that’s not all.
Kate Hudson wants to take you to the Beach

This year Kate is all about the beach. Summer, is her favorite time of year so she’s decide to bust on out in something great! The line of swimwear comes with nautical and tropical influences. The shapes are still like athletic gear but the sexy tops and skirt only need to dry in the tropical sun and go right to the Tikki bar or to dinner.

The Brilliant Subscription System

The most incredible thing Kate does with this line is the way she sells it. It’s nothing less than genius. Her business is run as a subscription site and you can come away with an entire outfit for $25. It’s as simple as you can get. Just get a subscription and pay an initial $25. For this you receive your first initial outfit within certain limitations that are outlined on the site .

Then, the suggestion is becoming a VIP member for $100. With this, you get a pretty deep discount since an outfit runs at least $50 on average. You’ll be able to choose from any of the Fabletics lines. The value rises even more prominently when you see the vast choices around you.