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Organo Gold Expands into Turkey

PRNewswire recently featured an article on Organo Gold, a privately held gourmet coffee company that is know for its high-quality products. Bernardo Chua, the founder and current CEO of Organo Gold, just announced that his coffee company launched a branch in Turkey, which was the next step on the company’s increasingly international presence. In fact, the new location of Organo Gold that just opened in Turkey is the 39th country that the brand has opened up branches in. When asked about his decision to expand Organo Gold into Turkish markets, Chua said that Turkey was actually the first country in the world to open a coffee house in the 15th century. Chua said that he is proud to have his company expand into Turkey, where there is an increased demand for healthier products. In addition, Chua says that his company’s emphasis on the healthiest sourcing and brewing of its coffee makes Organo Gold the perfect coffee choice for health and lifestyle enthusiasts all around the world.

Bernardo Chua has a proven track record of success in the coffee and health food industries. Before founding Organo Gold, Chua was an executive of the prestigious Gano Excel company in the Philippines. During his time as a leader of Gano Excel, Chua was able to expand the company into an international brand that expanded into Canada, Hong Kong and the U.S. It was then that Chua relocated to California. Part of what has made Chua so successful in the health food and lifestyle industries is his development of a profitable multi-level marketing system for the sale and distribution of his company’s products.

What helps set Chua’s innovative products apart from other coffee and drink options on the market is that they contain Ganoderma lucidum, which Chua has extensive knowledge and experience in cultivating and transforming into a healthy additive to foods and beverages. Ganoderma lucidum comes from the lingzhi mushroom and is the secret behind Organo Gold’s bioactive coffee, which has revolutionized the coffee and supplement industries. For Chua’s success in developing network marketing through one of the most cutting-edge healthy drinks on the market today, Chua was the recipient of the Napoleon Hill Gold Medal Award in 2014, as well as many other awards. Under Chua’s leadership, Organo Gold has become the 55th largest network company on the globe. All indications point to Organo Gold continuing to dominate the international markets, thanks to the vision and leadership of Chua.

FreshPet Sales Soar; Beneful still Top Choice

FreshPet is a brand that is making noise. Recently, the brand became one of the most popular dog food owners turn to for healthy, high-quality foods to serve Fido. They’re buying the FreshPet brand despite the attached price tags, which sometimes exceed the $20 mark for a 5-pound bag. The food is worth the cost. It’s’ made from the best ingredients, using real meats and grains, and provides pets with the best taste and nutrient possible. But what if you are unable to afford the price tags of a Freshpet dog food? Does this mean your pet is doomed for an unhealthy life filled with tasteless meals?


Because of pet owners desire for higher- quality pet foods, more brands are stepping their game up and upgrading and updating their foods. It is now possible to get a dog food that your pet will love that is also good for him. These brands began implementing changes to their recipes after stiff declines in sales saw profits fiercely dwindling.


Beneful is one of the ‘ordinary’ dog food brands out there. It doesn’t come in fancy packaging nor does it cost an arm and a leg to purchase a bag. But it is produced by a brand that’s earned the respect of many over the years and it does contain those high-quality ingredients you can feel good about serving to your pooch. We have PurinaStore to thank for Beneful. If you’re a pet owner concerned with the quality of dog food you’re feeding your pet, the switch to Beneful is one you’ll appreciate.


The Beneful dog food line includes both dry and wet varieties, with several flavor combinations available on Wal-Mart stores. Additionally, several treats are also available. No matter which Beneful products you wish to serve your pet, you can always do so with confidence. The Purina brand creates only the best of dog foods that keep your pet healthy and thriving. Don’t spend an arm and a leg for a pet food when Beneful is the affordable option you’ve been searching for! Visit https://www.youtube.com/user/BenefulBrandDogFood for more info.

Fabletics, The Sexy Athletic Trend-Setter by Kate Hudson

Fabletics is the hottest trend in athletic gear that brings you from day to night. It’s a line of fabulous clothes for workouts and even working at the office. They show off the unique curves of the body while keeping it all in good taste. The colors are basic but bold. Marie Claire says that you can start from the ground up with Fabletics and build a fashion book of your own by starting with basic-black and moving into some pastels and prints. Basic shorts, skirt and tanks are what’s hot this year and that’s not all.
Kate Hudson wants to take you to the Beach

This year Kate is all about the beach. Summer, is her favorite time of year so she’s decide to bust on out in something great! The line of swimwear comes with nautical and tropical influences. The shapes are still like athletic gear but the sexy tops and skirt only need to dry in the tropical sun and go right to the Tikki bar or to dinner.

The Brilliant Subscription System

The most incredible thing Kate does with this line is the way she sells it. It’s nothing less than genius. Her business is run as a subscription site and you can come away with an entire outfit for $25. It’s as simple as you can get. Just get a subscription and pay an initial $25. For this you receive your first initial outfit within certain limitations that are outlined on the site .

Then, the suggestion is becoming a VIP member for $100. With this, you get a pretty deep discount since an outfit runs at least $50 on average. You’ll be able to choose from any of the Fabletics lines. The value rises even more prominently when you see the vast choices around you.

George Soros Goes Over Asylum Plan

The European Union on georgesoros.com has dealt with a lot of issues that is leading to its downfall. Among the issues is the handling of the refugees. One thing that the EU is dealing with is a need for a common asylum policy. This has resulted in a mishandling of refugees from Syria on biography.com which has been torn apart by war. This whole mishandling of the issue has brought forth yet another crisis. According to an article released on Marketwatch George Soros himself has looked at the issue and he has made some suggestions about how to bring the refugees in sensibly. It was needed for them to be able to come in at a rate that was manageable by the EU so that they could bring them in and take care of them adequately.

One thing is that the members of the EU handled the refugees with eyes on their own interest as opposed to the interests of the refugees. The people that were seeking asylum were panicked as they were continuously victimized by the mishandling of the crisis. There was a sensible plan that George Soros put in place for the EU to be able to take the refugees in at a sensible and manageable rate for years to come. The plan was to take in at least 1 million refugees every year.

George Soros is a very famous successful entrepreneur who has followed the economies of the world markets for a while. George Soros has seen the downfalls of the economy enough times in order to be able to detect any patterns and predict when the economy is going to fall. One thing that George Soros has seen was that the markets are headed for another crisis that is at least as bad as the one in 2008. He is currently providing insight and advice for people that will help them avoid the potential crisis.

Terry Jones Highland Capital Management Appointment, A Blessing Or What? James Dondero, No Regrets!

Billion-dollar-grossing investment banking adviser, Highland Capital Management, L.P. or HCM recently announced Terry Jones installation into office. He’ll assume the position of Institutional Products president, an official PR Newswire article reads. James Dondero selected Jones for his impressive background experience and influential leadership qualities. Jones’ previous position as Highland Funds head director garnered him a substantial amount of credibility. His leadership history includes Goldman Sachs Portfolio Manager, Battersby Capital Management founder, president and CIO (Chief Investment Officer). He headed Goldman Sachs Relative Value and Event Driven Sectors where his role involved a dynamic selection of duties. At which time Jones managed some $8 billion of the Funds capital investments. His resume highlights additional leadership roles commanding industry giants, Alternative Funds platform SEI AIC III and New York’s financial planner, Genworth.

At HCM, he’ll take on a dynamic set of duties and answer directly to the Fund’s president and controlling partner, James Dondero. As the Fund positions itself to navigate the industry and explore the market’s changing dynamics, Dondero considers Jones expertise an asset. With the Fund’s investing capabilities comprising of hedged/distressed equities, below-investment-grade credit, extensive experience and diverse infrastructure, it’s likely to dominate market verticals. Jones intends to utilize these production vehicles extensively to appreciate profitability. He expressed sincere gratitude in being chosen to join a Fund of this prestige.

With market volatility worsening each day, Funds require sound risk management solutions, which Jones intends to optimize at HCM. His expertise in identifying, assessing and managing risks is a profound tool. Jones graduated Columbia College and Business School an honorary BGS (Beta Gamma Sigma) with an Economics degree. His financial services career spans almost three decades. This appointment should complement the Fund’s platform especially in the area of institutional sales. Jones chief focus is to drive growth through strategic institutional planning.

A former U.Va McIntire scholar, James Dondero academic background is impeccable. At McIntire School of Commerce, he majored in Finance and Accounting, earning him distinctions, Beta Alpha Psi, and Beta Gamma Sigma. With CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and CMA (Certified Management Accountant) designation, he operates with the highest prestige as a finance industry professional. A former GIC Protective Life CIO, Dondero piloted the financial planner to gross substantial wealth. During his five-year tenure, he played a pivotal role from inception to exit in generating revenue estimated at $2 billion.

Among notable achievements, Dondero projects have received accolades and awards. A sampling includes #1 Morningstar Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund (2014), Morningstar 5-star Global Allocation (2014), etc. Currently, he assumes of role at HCM, an investment banking adviser he co-founded in 1993. Additionally, Dondero operates as chairman at Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical Corporation, and his own NexBank. American Banknote and MGM Studios also appointed him board director.

Source link: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/james-dondero-appoints-new-president-of-institutional-products-for-highland-capital-management-300165627.html

Keith Mann Extensive Philanthropy

For the love that he has for education, Keith Mann has been looking forward to implementing a scholarship program for the uncommon schools in Brooklyn. His major objective with the scholarship is promoting education in addition to connecting the youths in college with important professional career guides. In collaboration with his firm Dynamic Search Partners, Mann managed to raise $22000 meant to support students from the uncommon schools who majorly are from poor backgrounds succeed through the college education. Keith is also part of the new school to be opened in Brooklyn and is glad that he is able to help students with dreams to pursue college education come true.

Apparently, students who are from senior year in the uncommon schools will have the chance to apply for scholarships which will help them through the college education. Mann and his scholarship group already visited the uncommon schools and were happy with how the students are eager to know more about the scholarship. In addition, they are interested in having the college education, internships and achieving their professional dreams. Keith looks forward to developing great leaders of tomorrow and usher in a positive change in the lives of families that those students come from. Also, he is looking forward to connecting them to professional firms from where they can obtain more skills in their chosen careers.

Keith Mann is the founder of Dynamic Search Partners and is famously known for including alternative investment in private equities back in 2006. He is also popular for his promotion of education and has been in the executive search industry for a long time. Mann has lots of expertise in handling and management of hedge fund; he discovered through executive search that alternative investment has also not been integrated to the perspectives of most firms. His firm Dynamic Search Partners has developed to handle clients in a variety of regions like Asia, Europe, and the United States. He runs the overall management procedures and has over time managed to serve over 200 clients in the executive finance industry. Keith is also an expert in hiring strategy, compensation and staffing; he looks forward to opening more opportunities for schools in Brooklyn and has been a very active philanthropist in most children and youth activities.

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Avi Weisfogel Explains Teeth Grinding Damages Teeth

Operation Smile is a nonprofit organization helping underprivileged individuals with dental work and procedures that they normally will not be able to afford. Operation smile gives poor people the chance to have teeth cleaned, pulled, or straightened without spending thousands. People that are in need of dental procedures can never have these procedures done without help from organizations such as Operation Smile. Dental professionals volunteer their time to give back to the community. They ride the mobile unit all over the city setting up to help others that need help. Dentist such as Avi Weisfogel is donating their time to make sure children get the dental help they need. Avi Weisfogel took the time to set up a go fund me page for Operation Smile. He hopes that the fundraiser will collect enough money to take care of the teeth of hundreds of individuals that need.

Avi Weisfogel is a leading dental professional in the community. He is working hard to inform people about the dangers of dental issues and sleep disorders. Weisfogel is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters. He teaches people all about sleep apnea. He helps others learn how sleep disorders can affect the heart negatively. Avi also holds lectures to teach another dentist about mouth guards and dental appliances. He teaches how important it is for people to keep their teeth in good alignment. Dental appliances such as braces or teeth guards can help people that have problems with things like teeth grinding. Once a person grinds their teeth enough to damage the teeth, the person will not be able to get the part they damaged back. People that grind their teeth while they sleep are damaging the teeth and enamel of their teeth. Avi hopes each dentist he helps will help 50 people each.

The community knows how important it is to have financial assistance for homeless or poverty line people. It is not right that many people have to choose food over their health. It is wrong that America is unable to provide dental care to everyone. Dental professionals understand the need and they sympathize with the poor individuals in the city. If every medical professional in the city could donate a few hours per week, most people could have dental and medical care they need. It is difficult to come up with the supplies necessary to provide all of this care. The go fund me for Operation smile will help offset some of the cost of care. Please donate if you can.

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Source: http://www.wrcbtv.com/story/31366182/avi-weisfogel-dds-launches-gofundme-campaign-set-up-to-benefit-operation-smile

New and Better Video Chat Quickly Gaining in Popularity

There’s a new chatting app that’s taking over in some countries. Video Chat, designed by Talk Fusion, became #1 in Indonesia. It also ranks in top 5 in Japan, and is 20th is Switzerland.

The app is gaining popularity because it is faster and smarter than many other competitive products. What’s more, it’s compatible with any device, be it Android, PC, Mac, or tablet.

Users seem to be quite excited about the app. As Nancy Burling of Grand Blue Diamond stated, “Love this product! HD quality, nothing else like it in the market! We use it to communicate all around the world!”

The usage is likely to rise as the company is about to provide a 30-day free trial. Already, its Alexa web rating has risen by 30,000 due to app’s popularity. Now, the app is available for free at Google Play and iTunes.

In addition to video chat, Talk Fusion specializes in video marketing solutions. The company was founded back in 2007 by Bob Reina. He got encouraged to launch his company after not being able to send a short video via his AOL email back in 2004.

The company offers a full range of video marketing solutions and now prospective clients can try them out free for 30-days just by registering and providing an email address. No credit cards are required.

It appears the company has a lot going on right now. Talk Fusion’s VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts feels that free trials are the future. After all, if your product or service is so good, why not promote it with free trials?

Source: http://hellotesla.com/arent-using-video-email-marketing/

Handy Maximizes Revenue Streams as Spring Cleaning Season Commences

Spring cleaning is certainly a good season for people to take back control of their homes. It can become so easy for the home to become cluttered. Even if you have read several books about Feng Shui and make a sacred vow with the gods to clean, it can still become a tedious task to look through all those all documents that may or may not be important anymore.

What I have done to make my life a little bit easier is hire Handy to do some of the work. These are contractors that come out and do just about anything that needs to be done inside of the home. I threw out an entertainment center that was falling apart recently, and I hired Handy to come in and put a new one together. I also hired these contractors to mount the television that I purchased.

That is what I love about Handy during the spring cleaning season. The pros come out and help me dust and clean my floors. These are the things that I struggle with the most. I am glad to know that I can call out someone that will help me when I am having these types of cleaning dilemmas. I don’t like to clean. The professionals with Handy are going to come out and do the cleaning with a smile. I would prefer to have someone that enjoys that job in place for something like this. That gives me so much time to put my energy into other spring cleaning tasks.

I have a cleaning checklist of the things that I like to accomplish during my spring cleaning rituals. I always sort the paper trail of documents first. I scan lots of docs with my phone and throw about 90% of these documents away. I sell old clothes with a couple of yard sales, and I donate the rest to the Salvation Army. Handy contractors can clean while I am doing all of these things. They clean the floors and they make the beds. These contractors have also worked on my plumbing issues as well.

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Charles Koch Ponders Waging A War Against Donald Trump

Many people are wondering if Billionaire industrialist and conservative-leaning businessman Charles Koch can throw a monkey wrench in Donald Trump’s plans to win the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination. In 2012, Koch, along with his younger brother, David, raised over $400 million in the hopes of electing Mitt Romney.

After Romney’s loss and years of blame being heaped on many GOP leaders, the Koch’s redoubled their efforts by raising nearly $900 million to defeat Hillary Clinton – or Bernie Sanders, should he somehow win the nomination. The problem is, no one, not even the great and powerful Charles Koch, could have realized in his worse nightmare that Trump would become the Republican nominee.

Now that Trump is sitting in the cat bird seat, he has a tendency to mock The Koch’s – and anyone else he feels underestimated him – via twitter. The brothers are now inevitably between a rock and a hard place. While they are perfectly willing to spend millions to block Bernie or Hillary, they must decide if going after Trump is worth the effort.

Charles Koch, the eldest son of wealthy industrialist Fred C. Koch, is CEO of Wichita-based Koch Industries. Koch took over the company in 1982. The company is the largest U.S. manufacturer of pollution control equipment, fertilizers, chemicals, consumer products and ranching. Koch is currently ranked as the 9th wealthiest person in the world with an estimated net worth of $36 billion.

Koch is a political conservative and a huge donator to many GOP organizations. Koch has authored two books based on his business philosophies. Koch runs several generous foundations that donate to many causes. He is also a strong supporter of the tea party, due to its passion and intensity.