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Ricardo Guimarães And The Success Of BMG

As one of the top banks in Brazil, BMG has risen to its position through many different trials and issues. The video chronicles the way that the bank has been able to become one of the most successful despite issues that may have caused other banks to fail. It is a bank that is not only dedicated to its customers, but is also dedicated to the treatment of its employees. The majority of the employees at the bank are both happy and comfortable with their positions within the company. They are employees who are able to enjoy their jobs and do so as a result of working for a great company. The customers of the bank are pleased with the way that transactions are handled by the bank. Their money is safe and protected with the different things that the bank offers to the customers of the bank.

The bank is one that has many customers who are big players in Brazil. It is a bank that is made for customers and some of the most powerful and wealthy people in the country enjoy this aspect because they know that the bank will always put them first, no matter what is going on with the bank. Since it is a bank that is dedicated to its customers, it has been able to overcome things like recession and the decline in the economy of the country. It has also been able to be more successful during times when the economy is rising. This is due, in part, to having a great leader.

Ricardo Guimarães is the president of the BMG bank. He is a man who has worked his way up through the ranks of the bank and eventually became the president. He began working at the bank in 1980 and became a huge success from the beginning of his career with the bank. Due to these successes, he was able to work his way more quickly than most through the ranks of the bank and has continued to succeed despite things that would have brought down other presidents.

In 1989, Ricardo Guimarães became the financial executive officer of the bank. This was due to his success and allowed the bank to continue to improve during his time with the bank. There were many other positions that made this possible, but Ricardo Guimarães was in charge of the success of the bank. Since he was so successful, he was appointed the CEO of the bank in 1996. After this time, he continued to improve the bank. He was eventually able to purchase the bank in 2004 in one of the best moves for the bank. He now serves as president and owner.

US Money Reserve Crowdline

The US Money Reserve is hosting a holiday food drive for those in need in Central Texas. The Capital Area Food Bank has been assisting many people in need during the holidays and have helped relieve hunger in 21 counties across Central Texas. Last year alone, they were able to provide 31 million pounds of food to families that were in need and are hoping to exceed that record this year. The U.S. Money Reserve is proud to host this fundraiser and be able to give back to the community by help families out during the holiday season.

The U.S. Money Reserve administers the nation’s largest U.S. Government issued Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins. While assisting many in purchasing these metals, they have had the opportunity to work with many clients who have reaped the benefits of owning these metals. Gold market veterans noticed a need to guide clients when purchasing these metals by providing exceptional customer service, experts who are knowledgeable in the market, and trustworthy.

While always striving to provide the most exceptional U.S. Government issued precious metals, the U.S. Money Reserve has acquired many trusted clients that depend on them to provide the greatest quality of coins. Each client that is part of the U.S. Money Reserve Company is served by over 100 employees that are trained with the utmost quality and are know for their experience and professional abilities and specialties.

You can rest assured that by donating to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, you’re donation of funds will be completely secure and handled by the most highly trained professionals. With the U.S. Money Reserve hosting the fundraiser for the fellow citizens in Central Texas, there should be a very valuable outcome and will put food on the table for families and individuals who don’t have the necessary funds to enjoy the holidays with delicious food. Their ability to help these folks out is a great way to spread the holiday joy and generosity. If you’re interested in donating to help out the families in need in Central Texas, please click here. There you will find the necessary information needed to make an informed decision and donate to a wonderful cause. The team of employees at the U.S. Money Reserve want to ensure that the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas has complete success with this generous fundraiser and allows the families to enjoy the season of giving.

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The Rise of Handy

Handy came about just like many other business ideas. Two friends were sitting around shooting business ideas to each other when they suddenly realized that they were living in deplorable conditions. There was trash all around the room and boxes filled with furniture bought months ago that was still waiting to be assembled. This led the two to pursue the idea of how they could disrupt the home services industry, Handy. In order to overcome many of the traditional challenges businesses in this area face the pair of them decided that their workforce would rely on freelancers. The two friends were Harvard Business School room mates Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua.

Both had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit to them before this venture, Dua had started a networking company on techcrunch.com in India to help with college admissions and later went on to consult for McKinsey & Company. Hanrahan on the other hand had done everything from converting unused attic space in to penthouse apartments in Eastern Europe to founding a non-profit that would serve to recognize the smartest undergraduate students in the world. Who would have thought that the two of them would end up taking on the home cleaning industry.

After coming up with the idea the two began actively recruited cleaners who wanted to work as freelancers, Handy on fortune. Shortly thereafter, in the summer of 2012 the pair was accepted in to Highland Capital’s startup incubator. It was here that the two received an initial seed round of $2 million from Highland Capital and General Catalyst. The motivation and drive to succeed were evident in the two founders as they went off to job sites and got their hands dirty cleaning right along side their employees.

In its first year the company ended up doing $3 million in revenue, an act that is commendable in itself. However by 2014 the Handy was performing $1 million each week in services for its clients. With a workforce of over 5,000 contractors who performed at least a job a month this was no longer a small business. Handy had taken on an additional $10 million in venture capital and was aggressively expanding its reach. In 2014 it was performing home cleaning services in 25 American cities, two in Canada, and even across the Atlantic Ocean in London.

In order to maintain a high quality workforce the two decided that applicants would be thoroughly screened prior to employment with Handy. With hundreds of thousands of applicants since the companies inception only a handful actually work for the company, which boasts a 3% acceptance rate. This is due to the thorough background check, interview, and reference check that is performed on each prospective home service professional. At the rate its going now it will not be long until Handy is as ubiquitous as Uber.

BMG Vice President Marcio Alaor Honored For His Work In Rural Brazil

The city of Santo Antonio do Monte in central Brazil has recently been celebrating its annual agricultural exhibition that is a major event in the calendar of the local community. At this years 33rd annual exhibition the local community took the time to honor a local banking official who has played a key role in pushing forward the benefits of building a strong farming industry in the area. BMG Bank Vice President Marcio Alaor was on hand to see the food court at the exhibition named in his honor in recognition of his work to promote the agricultural industry of Santo Antonio do Monte.

Throughout its history the people of Santo Antonio do Monte were told the land of the area did not lend itself to being used for large levels of agriculture. However, Marcio Alaor took a different view and used his position within BMG Bank to push forward the benefits the local community could feel if farming became a major part of life. Alaor has been a major supporter of pushing forward the area for its agriculture, which now sees Santo Antonio do Monte known as the top milk producer in the region.

A number of top local officials attended the ceremony to rename the food court at the exhibition and to hand over a plaque showing Marcio Alaor just how thankful the local people are. The President of the Rural Union and the Mayor of Santo Antonio do Monte attended the presentation and gave speeches thanking Alaor for his work as a financial executive and in pushing forward charitable programs for the local community.

Finally, Marcio Alaor gave a speech of his own to provide inspiration and thanks to the local community to continue their work. Alaor joked that he was still alive and would continue working for the community, despite the fact that similar presentations are generally limited to those who are deceased. After thanking his family and colleagues Alaor explained how he had worked his way up to the position of BMG Bank Vice President from his early life as a shoeshine boy. Marcio Alaor thanked all those involved in the presentation and vowed to continue working for the benefit of the people of Santo Antonio do Monte in the future.

Learn More About U.S. Money Reserve CrowdRise

The money reserve was launched by the veterans of the gold market after finding out the need to combine excellent customer service, professional market knowledge, and guidance that is trustworthy to clients who are purchasing precious metals. As of now, the U.S. Money Reserve is the leading distributor of precious metals that are issued by the government such as silver, gold, coins, and platinum. The company takes delight in working with many customers who are keen on taking advantage of the various benefits of being in possession of precious metals.

U.S. Money Reserve strives to provide the U.S. Government issued Gold, platinum, and silver on the market. Most of the customers rely on the company because the corporation can choose coins that will reap enormous benefits in the market. The clients who have put trust on the enterprise are nowadays reaping high profits.

The company is known to employ staff who are highly trained and who possess the necessary experience. These professionals include the senior gold specialist, customer relations department, inventory department, and coin research professionals among many others. The staffs are exceptionally honest, and they are known to take good care of their customers.

CrowdRise is currently the largest group of people who are raising money for great causes. Not long ago, CrowdRise was categorized as the biggest and the best website for fundraising. Initially, CrowdRise used to enjoy minimal publicity, but the company has decided to change its approach to advertising. The CrowdRise is now extremely committed to innovations that are related to online fundraising. The site will enable a person to raise money that will be used for his cause and get the money without delay. An individual will be able to keep whatever is raised since the company has not established goal requirements or deadlines for the campaigns. The CrowdRise is geared towards helping people raise for their personal causes and also be able to fund raise for charity purposes. CrowdRise is cost effective and an innovative website for non-profit fundraising, private fundraising, and also event fundraising. Through this site, a person will be able to raise money online and at the same time take delight in the process.

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Madison Street Capital – An Honest Alternative

In the brave new world of 21st century finance, where bottom lines dominate and confidentiality trumps transparency, businesses of all sizes are craving an unbiased source of financial advice and planning expertise. One firm that has stepped up to fill that niche is Madison Street Capital.

This Chicago-based organization, named for the street on which its headquarters can be found, offers a unique mindset that others in this field are too often afraid to take on. Madison Capital advisors and professionals excel in providing unbiased, third party analysis and advice that clients need to hear while recognizing it may not always be what the client *wants* to hear.

CEO Charles Botchway and his team operate in the full spectrum where business and money intersect. This includes advisory services, business valuation, asset management, mergers and acquisitions, independent third-party opinions and many other areas of expertise. They start by listening – working to understand the client’s needs before jumping in with any type of recommendation. Then they go to work to produce a thorough and objective solution based on hundreds of years of combined experience.

Education is at the core of what Madison Capital clients can expect from their relationship. The goal of this firm is to leave each client, or prospective client, better off as a result of their interaction, whether or not the client chooses to hire them. Madison Capital views their clients not simply as business entities but as extended family and accepts responsibility to serve the interests of owners, employees, all their families and the communities that depend on them.

While terms like honesty and integrity are often thrown out at random by firms looking to differentiate themselves from the crowd, Madison Capital invites all business owners, big and small, to judge for themselves how these values still exist and how both sides can benefit from a positive relationship with a unique financial services firm.

Segment host Terry Bradshaw introduces and narrates this 5 minute video, which features top executives and actual clients. Experience an inside look of how business and financial professionals sit down to do what America does best – speak freely together and solve problems.

Pittsburgh Consultant Susan McGalla Thinks Department Stores Must Get Social Through The Holidays

Hard times create opportunities, according to Susan McGalla, the founder of P3 Executive Consultants in Pittsburgh PA. McGalla is the director of strategic planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers and a former retail Chief executive officer. Susan’s 30-year career in retail has been a series of challenges and rewards, and she appreciates everything she experienced during those years. The retail business is not the same as it was 30 years ago. Companies like Amazon and EBay have changed consumers buying habits at the expense of brick and mortar stores. In order to survive in the retail industry today, companies must compete on two different playing fields, according to McGalla. The first field is in store and the second field is online. Online retailers are beating the big box stores at their own game because they are making shopping easier and more fun. Shopping is not only a necessity; it is also an addiction for some consumers, and online companies are fueling that addiction. But one regional department store is changing their image by using social media to make holiday shopping rewarding as well as fun for consumers. McGalla said Belk, the established North Carolina-based department store, has more than 300 stores and the executives at Belk teamed up with a marketing company known as HelloWorld for the second straight year. The holiday marketing program is called Santa Baby sweepstakes. Belk wants to boost brand awareness and increase mobile sales by allowing clients to create TV spots, gifs and e-cards. Belk is offering prizes that include instant win Belk gift cards and a $10,000 grand prize. McGalla said the program starts on November 7th and ends December 31st. Clients can enter the sweepstakes via the mobile Santa Baby site, and they can earn more entries when they refer friends to the sweepstakes on social networks. There’s something new about the sweepstakes this year, according to McGalla. Everyone that enters can share Santa Baby gifs, and they also have a chance to be featured on the sweepstakes site. And that’s not all. Consumers that enter the sweepstakes can vote for their favorite commercial ending. Favorite commercial endings will air on a Santa Baby TV spot on November 7th. Consumers can vote throughout the sweepstakes period for the one they like the most. Participants can check the standings every time they return to the Santa Baby site. McGalla likes the concept because it gets consumers involved with Belk without leaving home. That gives Belk the opportunity to expand their online presence. Rather than focusing on the consumer buying something, the Santa Baby sweepstakes gives them something. When consumers get something of value, they usually return to get more. McGalla said that behavior gives Belk the opportunity to market products in a subtle way. Brick and mortar retailers must get more creative over the holidays if they want to beat last year’s figures. One way to do that is to use the Internet for more than a online shopping destination. Consumers want to get as well as give during the holidays and Belk is giving in a unique way.

Brazilian Literature Comes From Jaime Garcia Dias

There is one name in Brazilian literature which is revered above many. That name is Jaime Garcia Dias. He is a prolific writer from Rio de Janeiro who has been at the craft thirty years, and shows no sign of slowing down now. He was brought up by a father that was already a journalistic writer in his own right, and served as a substantially inspirational influence on young Dias. His mother was an architect who also came pre-packaged with a degree of renown for young Jaime to absorb, and so he did. Between the two strong parental influences that informed his worldview, Dias began breathing life into new realms of fiction at the tender age of fifteen. By twenty-five he was a professor at one of Brazil’s premiere literary academies. By thirty he became the vice president of that very same institution, and now he presides as president over the academy. In that time he has written some twenty separate fictional works, and there are always additional novels on the way. Currently Jaime Garcia Dias is forty-five years of age, and focuses on many things; not insignificant among them the cogent advancement of Brazilian literature.

It’s difficult to be a writer; by many accounts it’s more difficult than being a singer, a musician, an actor, a comedian, or a playwright. The reason is that feedback and success usually don’t come very soon. In fact, usually they take many years. Even a successful author of several books may take decades to properly make ends meet with what he or she has written. This is because the process is naturally impersonal and takes time. So that Dias has rocketed to popularity on Vimeo and on YouTube quickly is a substantial indicator recommending his writing to the world. People don’t get involved in pieces of writing they don’t identify with. Dias’ writing captures the imagination of many.

There are a variety of reasons for this; one of them is the underlying truth which is conveyed through Dias’ words. Literature is profoundly effective, and important, precisely because through literature the world in which we live can be understandably translated in a way no other medium can emulate. People naturally learn about reality through stories, allegories, and parables better than they do from direct informational absorption. There’s something about oblique learning that recommends fictional scenarios above all else, and this is a reason literature is vastly important.

Jaime Garcia Dias is a bastion of the modern literary climate in Brazil, and for good reason. That he was able to start that career at a young age is even more fodder for astonishment and reverence. The man has a purpose on the globe, and is fulfilling it very well indeed

Wikipedia Editing Is Easy, So Don’t Shy Away

What Is Wikipedia?
Wikipedia has established itself as a source of reliable information, and people believe the information on the site is completely true. It is the moral responsibility of anyone using the site to respect it and make sure any information they add is completely credible. While most articles on Wikipedia publishers are complete, there will be some that one will come across from time to time that might need some editing. Don’t be caught in a position where you would like to make an edit to clean up the accuracy of an article but don’t know how to do it. Though editing articles might seem daunting, it’s a fairly easy process.

How To Edit On Wikipedia
First off, anyone who wants to edit an article has to sign up for a free account called a Wiki. Wiki accounts are available at www.Getyourwiki.com. All Wiki articles are organized into sections. If you would just like to edit one section of an article, select the “Edit” link that appears next to each section title. If you would like to edit an entire article, then you would have to select the edit link on the top of the page. Both options will lead you to the next page, then you can either edit some content of the entire article. At first look, the text that you see might be confusing, but they are really not that difficult to understand at all. There will be a few simple formatting tags along with the text that you will understand right away. Once you get familiar with the text and formatting, making edits is just as simple as changing the text by adding additional information or removing existing information. Once you are done with the changes, provide a short description of the nature of the change in the “Edit Summary” box. When done, just click on the “Save Page” button, and you are done editing.

Get Your Wiki
Since editing an article on Wikipedia is so simple and anyone can edit any article, it opens up the possibility of malicious content to be easily introduced into articles. To ensure Wiki articles about a brand or a product always have accurate information, the articles have to be constantly monitored. Service providers like, Get Your Wiki at www.Getyourwiki.com have the expertise and experience to handle everything that’s needed to effectively manage Wiki pages. From creating pages based on Wiki style guidelines, adding reliable references to your content, to monitoring your content constantly, Get Your Wiki has you completely covered.

Unicorns Do Exist: Lime Crime’s Ground-Breaking Approach to Cosmetics

Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime Makeup, had a vision.
When she began the indie makeup company in 2008 with only a couple hundred dollars, she set out to create a line of products that were as unique as the individuals wearing them. And what better way to get that message across than with our signature holographic unicorn that can be found on each tube of Lime Crime’s Unicorn Lipstick? After all, our slogan is “Makeup for Unicorns” because it’s “colorful, magical, and cruelty-free,” in addition to being wild, bold, daring, transformative, and pretty bad ass.
Now,Lime Crime boasts an ever-growing collection of makeup that includes nineteen Velevetines (smudge-proof liquid to matte lip color that is the texture of a rose petal), Venus Grunge Eye Shadow Palettes (whose covers are adorned with classical paintings), Zodiac Glitter (to match your sign), and nail colors that are inspired by desserts (Pastelchio, anyone?) Also, all of Lime Crime’s rich and velvety products have fun, memorable names that reflect Doe’s love of fantasy, mythology, and fairytales, like Jinx (Witchberry Purple).
But Lime Crime has had many inspirations over the years.
Fashion, photography, music, and subcultures have played a huge role in the makeup that is available today, but our inspiration is always evolving. However, a few things remain the same: Lime Crime’s purple packaging, which is now a trademark, and our mission to be vegan and cruelty-free (because we want to be kind to the environment!)
Lime Crime strives to offer highly pigmented shades for the most true-to-color look that is long lasting and a mix of high fashion and attitude. Plus, there’s something for everyone because Lime Crime’s products look great on any skin tone. If you live unapologetically, Lime Crime is for you.
But Lime Crime is about more than makeup and looking pretty. We’re passionate about our customers on facebook and giving back! Since our inception, we have donated approximately $16,000 to charities that aid in animal rescue and to help women and children, including donating to LA’s after-school programs and finding homes for dogs that were displaced during Hurricane Sandy.
Intrigued by our makeup? Spellbound by our causes? Check out our blog and website! We’re positive that you’ll find the perfect shade that’s uniquely you at a price that is comparable to other big-name brands. And the best part? Lime Crime is available through select Urban Outfitters stores and dollskill.com. It’s also available in Mexico, Brazil, Russia (Doe Deere’s birth place), and the UK. So, pick your poison and then submit a photo of yourself in your Lime Crime Makeup to our Fan Section. We can’t wait to help you become to best version of yourself!