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Fun Dog Food Ads Are A Win For Everyone

If you have recently adopted a dog and brought it into your home, then you might be feeling a bit nervous about taking care of it. You might be feeling stressed out because you’re not sure that you will make all of the best decisions for it. Especially when it comes to something like the food that your dog is going to eat.
But, that is why brands put out fun ads. They put out ads that leave owners feeling good about choosing their brand. They show that they are the best dog food brand out there by showing some happy, furry animals in their advertisement.
Beneful has done that recently in their new ad. They let a bunch of dogs play around in the ad, and everyone who watches it will fall instantly in love with the animals. And, any new pet owner who watches it will be able to feel good about buying Beneful dog food for their new dog. It’s a win for everyone.

Joseph Bismark in His Own Words

I’ve been hearing a lot about Joseph Bismark. I’ve liked what I have heard about him so much that I have decided that I want to hear what he has to say directly from the man himself. So I looked for some of his own works. I went to the Joseph Bismark WordPress and read this article “I am Joseph Bismark, Japa Das“. This article was recently published. As a matler of fact, he has published this article yesterday. 

He starts off with his full name Joseph Luis Eleuterio Tomacruz Bizmark. Quite a mouthful, I know. However, even longer than his full name is his accomplishments. He describes himself as the type of businessman who wants to be friends with you. He cares deeply for your happiness. He understands the power of positive thinking. He knows that its power exceeds any self help book that one could read. I myself have read plenty of self help books and they are only as powerful as my commitment. 

I have found so many profound statements in this article than in most other books that I have read. One thing he has said that stuck with me is that while people search for power thinking that it will bring happiness to them, the truth is that the power is in everyone already. He then talked about Michelangelo’s sculpture in which Michelangelo has stated that the sculpture was already there, he just had to chip away the extra bits to reveal the masterpiece. This article has to be read in order to see all of the profound things Joseph Bismark has to say.

Lawyer Dan Newlin Secures Family of Brain Injured Teen $100 Million Jury Ruling

Lawyer Dan Newlin secured a whopping $100 million ruling after representing a teenager who suffered gross brain injury and has been in coma since 2012. The case got a hearing last week in Orange County Court before Honorable Judge Donald Myers, Jr. The injuries award comprises of expenses for past as well as future medical care, castigatory damages, pain plus agony for the teenager, alongside emotional distress plus loss of company for her mum, Alma Fletcher.

Danielle Sampson, by then 15 years of age, was cycling behind the kinfolk’s mini-van in July 2012, after she was hit by a stray bullet on the head. This bullet had been shot by Tyrone Mosby, 22. Mosby, an apparent gang affiliate as well as a squad of other guys were running away from the sight of a house raid plus he was firing at the owner of the home. From the time of the shooting and after staying in hospital for a number of weeks as well as in a recuperation facility, the teenager remains paralyzed plus not able to communicate beyond flashing her eyes. The bullet is still stuck in her head, and her brain has some fragments.

“We hope this verdict sends a powerful message to criminals and gang members, that they will be held responsible- not only criminally, but civilly- for their actions,” stated Newlin, after the spectacular verdict and among the biggest in Orange County.

Newlin also said: “This case isn’t about whether Danielle and her family will actually see the money from Mr. Mosby. But when he gets out of jail, whether Mr. Mosby is working at Subway or Sears, where ever he may be working, a portion of his income will, with this judgement, be deducted and given back to this family.”

The litigation was presented in July 2013 and the defendant was Mosby. The lawsuit supposed that Mosby was liable for the “damages and injuries caused by Danielle’s wrongful shooting” which happened on July 29, 2012. At the beginning of this year, a different jury found Mosby guilty on 7 counts, featuring attempted 1st degree murder as well as heightened battery leading to great physical harm, making him to have a 30-year imprisonment.

“We are very pleased that the jury fully understood the devastating effects of Mosby’s reckless actions,” stated Alma Fletcher in tears. “However, I still am not a winner. My daughter is not able to talk to me. This is about justice for Danielle.”

Justin Fletcher, Danielle’s Stepfather said that there was no monetary prize that could reinstate Danielle. However, the verdict passed that day brought some amount of closure to that chapter of their lives.

Newlin, with law offices in Orlando as well as Chicago stated that, he was happy to have secured the best probable outcome for the Fletchers.

“No parent or child should have to endure this ordeal,” he stated.

Slyce a New Image Recognition App

Image recognition software has been around few only a few decades and in that time it has developed so much. Early image recognition software has various problems. They couldn’t locate a specific object if there were other items in the background behind it, the object was too small, too thin, or it was behind a filter. They were pretty good at identifying an object against a solid background and even detecting objects that weren’t supposed to be in a specific location, like abnormal cells or tissue.

Current image recognition software can do much more. Not only are they better at identifying objects, even if there is a filter or other objects in the background, they can find other images that are similar to the image. For example if a user has an image of a certain breed of dog, the image recognition software will not only identify what type of dog it is, it will also show more images of the breed.

Image recognition software is used in a variety of different job fields. It is used in the medical field to help doctors catch benign cells and artery blockages. They can even be used to spot broken bones and pregnancies. With the addition of image recognition medical diagnoses have increased in accuracy and speed. People in the criminal justice field also use the software to identify vehicle licence plates, mug shots, and finger prints. Using image recognition in these cases has helped find numerous criminals without any additional effort from the police.

Slyce is an innovative new image recognition software application that can be downloaded onto a smartphone device. It is used to find and buy products online. Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot developed the application and released in to the market in January 2012. Since then it has had more than 100 thousand downloads and in the fist two years it made 6 million in revenue. The company implements a very sophisticated program at has over a 90% chance of identifying an object. To use Slyce all a person has to do is take a picture of an item, then the image recognition software will match it with a product online. The user has the option to go to the site where they can purchase the searched item or exiting to continue taking more pictures. Slyce can be connected to the users PayPal, debit card, or credit care to help speed the buying process.

What Do You Need to Write a Wikipedia Page

Writing Wikipedia articles can be an extremely rewarding task, but there are several things you need to do before you can start writing Wikipedia articles. These critical steps are established in order to ensure that your articles can be trusted by your fellow Wikipedia users.

One of the first steps to writing Wikipedia articles is to register an account. Registering a user name and password is an extremely simple process, and it ensures that you will be credited for the actions that you take on Wikipedia. This helps you build a reputation on Wikipedia, so if you consistently write high quality articles users will trust you.

The next step to writing an article on a subject is considering whether or note a subject is worthy of notice. This means that a subject should actually be important before you can write about it. While you are deciding whether or not an article is important, you should also go ahead and search Wikipedia to see if an article has already been written on the topic. If an article has been written, then you can check that article for accuracy, and add in any additional information that you know of.

The next step to make a Wikipedia page is to gather references on your topic. Articles that do not have high quality references will be deleted as they cannot be trusted. Proper references can include newspaper articles, academic journals, and other high quality publications, while blogs and social media profiles rarely count as high quality references. Making sure that your new Wikipedia article is well referenced is a critical step to ensuring that users get the most possible use out of your article.

Once you have written your first draft of your article you should consider gathering feedback, you can do this on the articles talk page. Be as open as possible about receiving feedback as other Wikipedia users are simply trying to make Wikipedia the best site possible. Users may offer feedback on everything from references to the way the article is formatted.

Finally, it is important not to get discouraged while you are working on Wikipedia articles. There are many steps to establish high quality Wikipedia articles and often those steps can be frustrating. Keep everything in perspective as everyone is trying to ensure that Wikipedia is a high quality place to find information.

Writing Wikipedia articles can be an extremely enjoyable hobby, so follow the right steps, and you are sure to enjoy writing for a long time.

The Donald Remains Steadfast in His Controversial Positions

Real estate mogul Donald Trump continues to experience fallout as corporation after corporation distances themselves from him following his caustic remarks about illegal immigration. In part, corporations are motivated by the desire to stay away from controversial issues that cross politically correct lines. In part, many US corporations are supportive of amnesty for illegals under the belief it will help suppress wage increases for their labor force. Interestingly, Trump was interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper who asked him if he employs illegal aliens. “The Donald” stated that as a matter of policy, he only employs Americans or people with legal status.

That said, Trump admitted it isn’t always possible to know if a person is an illegal alien. This is partially due to the ease with which social security numbers can be obtained by undocumented workers. However, he added that if he were to discover an employee was illegal, Brad Reifler also said he would terminate them immediately. In an effort to ridicule Trump over his views on illegal immigration, the Washington Post reported that one of his construction sites employs illegal aliens. Trump’s response to the article was to openly lament the name of the individual(s) was not revealed. He added that if he were to get the name of the person, he would summarily fire them.

Thus far, Trump has lost a lot of goodwill and business deals. He maintains that while the losses have cost him large amounts of money, they are nothing compared his total net worth. He insists that he has the money to fund his own campaign. He is deeply concerned about the plight of the American middle class. Still, he remains a long shot candidate according to pundits. His poll numbers are stronger than nearly every other GOP contender, but it is unclear if his support will stand the test of time.

Chris Christie Announces His Candidacy And The State Of New Jersey Is Laughing At Him

The People Of New Jersey Think Governor Christie Is A Joke

Governor Chris Christie wants to be the Republican nominee for president even though most of the Republicans in his home state will not vote for him. Christie has managed to reduce his approval rating in the state to 30 percent, and that figure isn’t going up any time soon.

The people of New Jersey aren’t angry at Christie because he likes to travel with the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, or because he says one thing and does another. The citizens of New Jersey know Christie can’t run a state efficiently or profitably. He’s not presidential material, according to the people of New Jersey. Christie is just another politician that wants to make a national name for himself.

Voters in New Jersey have good reason to laugh at Christie’s attempt to be president. According to Shaygan Kheradpir, unemployment in the state is higher than normal, and his stand on marijuana and gays is not making anyone happy. Christie tried to cover up his involvement in Bridgegate, and he cost the state millions when he stepped in and settled a lawsuit with a large oil company. He needs to find another profession, according to the people that vote in New Jersey.

Americans Need To Be United

In this day and age, it would seem that our country could not be more divided than it is right now. Our entire society is consistently wrapped up with labels, symbols, or even their political parties. So maybe Mitt Romney was right when he said there was 47% of the electorate that would not vote for him just because he was a Republican. But then again, we have been on this path of division since Reagan left office in the spring of 1989. People are trying to gain individualism and pointing out that they don’t fit into a specific box that the rest of the population fits into. Others are trying to point out inequalities because of their race, gender, heritage, or even their sexual orientation.

I believe its time, that we move past these labels of what or who we think we are and accept that we are all American’s. We are all part of one race…the human race. No one really cares who you love…as long as they are not children or impede on our religious freedom, for the most part we can accept whatever or whoever you want to be with stated dino.com.br . As for flags, we use these as symbols of what we support…how about we try this, instead of supporting a rainbow flag, a confederate flag, or even your state flags maybe we start supporting the one flag we all were taught allegiance to…The American Flag. Sure do wish we could get a candidate that represented all of the American’s not just those they need to get elected.

As The Economy Of Greece Implodes, Citizens Turn To An Unlikely Currency

File this one under “You know your country’s economy is in trouble when…” …your citizens turn to BitCoin. That’s right, frantic Greeks are cashing out of their national currency and trying to convert it into BitCoin, the notoriously flaky “hacker” currency that’s been associated more with international drug trade routes on Silk Road than a stable national currency. But as Greece’s economy folds in a hail of unpayable debt, banks are closing and Greeks are panicking.

The Greek Government Debt Crisis has been an ongoing problem almost baffling in its apparent lack of resolution. Triggered by the turn-of-the-decade Great Recession, the Greek economy has been hovering on the brink of disaster while almost everything attempted to fix it seems to have made it worse. While the rest of the world has recovered more or less from the global financial dip, Greece seems permanently sunk, hampered by everything from government corruption to debt that exceeds the GDP.

As for transferring to BitCoin, even that process might not go smoothly said Kevin Seawright. The entire nation of Greece can count exactly one BitCoin ATM location, and Greeks have to turn to BitCoin dealers in Germany and even China to meet the demand – which is easier said than done, since Greek banks are shutting down faster than the money can be drawn out. And even if that hurdle’s crossed, BitCoin has been at best a niche / hobbyist currency, capable of supporting a few diehard Libertarians around the world. Nobody knows what could happen to the system when a nation of eleven million people try to climb on board.

Smoke screen

Senator Jeff Sessions says don’t give the president the green light to “fast-track” international trade agreementsSessions listed three treaties that will override U.S. Sovereignty on a great number of issues. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), and Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) remain shrouded in secret. Sessions calling this agreement a “living agreement”, meaning the commission can make the agreement say what it wants it to say and not say what it doesn’t want. Power like this in the hands of any one group of people is dangerous, it allows them to push their agenda without any recourse says Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. We also have to be careful of the governments’ way of using its smoke screen, while the country is marching and arguing over confederate flags and other less dramatic issues the government is making agreements that will affect the whole country. An international trade agreement is an important issue but, with all the distractions being pushed to the forefront, the government was allowed time and opportunity to put this agreement into place without any backlash from the people! Hence the smoke screen worked! Whether our country or another country, no one needs another dictatorship it’s too much power for one person or group of people!