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Sam Tabar Giving Back with New Kickstarter Program

For those who have the financial resources on Crunchbase, it is possible to give back greatly to the world around them. Some look to give back locally and regionally, while others look towards helping individuals from different corners of the planet. That is exactly what Sam Tabar looked to do with his recent investment into a new Kickstarter program. This program looks to empower and assist women who have loved faced uphill battles and odds. With these new services and potential, now is the time for the women to rise up and to have more freedom than before.

Sam Tabar came across the program known as THINX and knew it was extremely important to get behind. The financial strategist and New York attorney looked into some of the problems women face in other corners of the globe and it is beyond just equal rights, but the right to work and the right be able to hold their heads up high, no matter what they are going through.

In many third world nations such as several in South America and Africa, the women not only takes care of the family, but they also work to help bring in money. Without their financial contributions, they are not able to put food on the table. However, when a women menstruates, they are unable to go to work or to school because they have nothing to control it. Buying disposable tampons and pads monthly simply is not in the budget for millions of women in these struggling nations, which puts the family at a crossroad. This is where THINX comes in.

THINX produces a reusable cloth sanitary pad that can be used and washed. This way, women are able to wear the pads and still go to school or work, no matter what is going on or when their menstruation might occur. This allows the money to continue coming in and for the women and their families to avoid further financial hardship. It might sound like something so simple to women in a first world nation who have regular access to disposal sanitary items and who don’t think twice about the item. However, for these women, it is a struggle and simply having these pads makes life so much easier for them. In a life where many things are a struggle, THINX, along with Sam Tabar, has made it possible to be just a bit easier.

The Kickstarter campaign is continually looking for more money to bring more awareness to the pads and to produce more so these pads can be distributed to women around the world. No matter the country they are in and no matter the financial problems they face, these pads can prove essential.

James Dondero; The President of Highland Capital Management

Investment banking is essential to many corporations and investors around the world. Investment banking companies make sure that corporations and investors are putting their money in the right place. The experts at these companies make investment moves that are likely to yield the greatest yield for the client. Often times, corporations and individual investors entrust large sums of money to investment bankers. Therefore, it is essential to find the right investment banking company to do business with. You certainly would only want the most qualified experts managing large amounts of your money.

Investment bankers use a variety of different strategies. They can tailor their strategies based on factors, such as the amount invested, tolerance for risk, and the term of the investment. Investment bankers do not only pick and choose traditional stocks and bonds to invest in. In fact, investment bankers sometimes advise clients on matters related to loans and credit. Sometimes, investment bankers can even work with a client on choosing high risk investments, such as distressed investments. Sometimes, clients may prefer this approach due to the potential for a very high yield. Of course, many, if not most clients will prefer more stable, long term type investments.

One excellent investment banking company is Highland Capital Management. This company is pretty well known in the world of investing. They have a very solid reputation. The investment experts from this company will help you to make wise investment moves with your money. Highland Capital’s headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. However, there are branches of the firm that are located in other cities too. In fact, their offices are not all located in the United States. London, New York, and Singapore all have branches of Highland Capital Management.

James Dondero helped to found Highland Capital Management, a successful investment firm. He is currently the president of the company. The company has been around for quite some time. In fact, Highland Capital Management has been around for about twenty years now. However, James Dondero’s experience dates back even earlier. He has been working in the industry for more than 30 years. His investment choices are known to be quite profitable for clients.

Highland Capital does not specialize in just one investment approach. They cater to the needs of clients, and they use a variety of different investing approaches. The company has expertise in everything from hedge funds to exchange traded funds. Highland Capital even has real estate experts.

James Dondero also has a personal webpage called jamesdondero.com. On this website, he gives his own biography. In addition, he posts his own ideas on the stock markets and the economy right on his webpage. This information is available to anyone browsing through his webpage! One can potentially gain useful ideas about their investment strategies just by reading his takes on the economic world.

Achievements Recorded at Citadel under the Watchful Eye of Kenneth Griffin

Owing to the development of new products and services, businesses have been forced to focus on consumer needs and preferences. Market research has been undertaken with the view to comprehend the needs of the market and provide solutions to such problems. Citadel Company has been in operation for over 20 years. Its presence as a global financial entity has been quite instrumental in creating innovative solutions to the market. With operations in different parts of the planet, Citadel has managed to provide hedge funds for institutional and retail clients. With its growing client base, the company has been highly involved in enhancing its operations by providing different products that will satisfy the utility of their clients.
Through Citadel Securities, which became operational in 2002, the company has managed to provide clients with liquidity and trade execution. Citadel has reduced its trading costs and was ranked number one by the Barron’s for provision of price movements for various investors under the S&P 500 and non S&P. In 2014, Citadel Securities made expansions to its product offing to include interest-rate swaps, which have become commonly traded derivatives in the stock market. The company has reduced its quotation time to 0.35 seconds compared to the next counter, which informs its traders about the quotes after 2.05 seconds.
Citadel technology is another affiliate of Citadel that deals in provision of management technology on investment. The company made a partnership with REDI in 2013. The strategic partnership resulted in the combination of the order management system (OMS) of Citadel and execution management capabilities (EMS) of REDI. Citadel has more than $26 billion in capital and is considered as the largest asset manager in the globe. The company’s hedge fund is the most successful in the globe. They have largely focused their attention to equities, fixed income, credit, commodities market and quantitative strategies.
Wallstreetjournal‘s Kenneth Griffin is renowned for founding Citadel Company. Currently, he serves as the chief executive officer of the company. Born in Daytona Beach in 1968, Griffin was quite a brilliant young man who excelled in his studies and was selected to join the Harvard University. While a student at the university pursuing a degree in economics, he was thrilled by market data. He then decided to start Citadel at his dormitory. He got his seed capital from family members like his grandmother and friends. The entrepreneur is known as a philanthropist. In his lifetime, he has expended more than $500 million to various courses that seek to enhance the living standards of poor communities.
In 2009, Griffin and his wife established the Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation that has been instrumental in providing contributions to various centers like the Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center, Children’s Memorial Hospital and the Early Childhood Center found in the University of Chicago. Griffin has a passion of collecting art. He donated $19 million to the Art Institute of Chicago.

Contributions Made By James Dondero At Highland Capital Management

From time to time companies require extra capital for expansion, new machinery or a bail out to recover from a financial crisis. When they need extra capital, most corporations turn to investment banks that help them in raising capital and underwriting services. Investment banks act as intermediaries during mergers and acquisitions.To get an entry-level job in an investment firm, you require an undergraduate degree in economics, finance, accounts or business. You also need to be proficient in mathematics and to have excellent communication skills. A masters or doctorate degree will earn you promotional prospects in your career.
Highland capital management is an investment firm that was founded in 1993 by Mark Okada and Jim Dondero. The company functions as an equity manager and alternative credit firm. They invest in private equity, IPOs, mutual funds and hedge funds. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and their branch offices are in Seoul, Singapore, New York and Saulo Paulo. The firm caters to financial institutions, pension plants, foundations, governments and individual investors.
Long term and short term loans in real estate, private equity and credit goods are offered at Highland Capital. The corporation also provides alternative fund services. Highland has fixed income funds that deal in debt instruments, bonds and debts. Their equity funds are categorized in sizes and principals that indicate how each investment is capitalized.
Apart from investments, Highland Capital focuses on community development projects. The corporate social responsibility arm of the firm encourages the employees to join initiatives that give back to society. Their advisory board and nonprofit organization recognize causes that boost the communal spirit where they volunteer and form foundations to help in enhancing worthy causes. They focus on healthcare, education, childcare and elderly care as part of their community projects.
The leadership of James Dondero has augmenting product and service offing besides elevating Highland Capital on the forefront of the investment market. James Dondero received his undergraduate degree in Finance and Accounting from the University of Virginia. He then went for further training at Morgan Guaranty Trust Company. Upon completion of the training, he was recruited as a fund manager at the American Express. While working, he took professional examinations that allowed him to receive his Chartered Financial Analyst certificate in 1987. His academic background and sound management skills have been vital in enhancing his leadership skills at the Highland Capital.
The investment banker has previously worked for Protective Life GIC where he held the position of Chief Investment Officer. With his vast experience, he gathered in stocks, mortgage securities, managing equity funds and emerging market, he decided to leave the company in order to start Highland Capital. He is passionate about community health projects, thus he serves on the board of Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical.

Operations At Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a close-end fund investment company that manages structured and distressed investment, and hedge funds. The company invests in public equity, structured products, high yield bonds, fixed income, and hedging markets.

History of the Company

In 1990, Mark Okada and Jim Dondero, who are the founding partners, came together and created a joint enterprise with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The Corporation specialized in fixed income markets and managed senior secured bank loans. The plan evolved into a Protective Asset Company and the founding partners gave up 60 % equity to an SEO investment registered advisor. In 1997, Mr. Okada and Mr. Dondero bought their company’s stake back and launched Ranger Asset Management Company, which stood independently as a registered SEO advisor. One year later, the new business, the Ranger Asset Management, changed its name to Highland Capital Management.

The Current State of Highland

The firm is based in Texas; however, it has a network of offices in Singapore, London, and New York City. In 2014, the company reported an approximate asset worth $ 20 billion under the business’s management. Highland Capital Management has twenty years of experience in various products for both institutional and retail investors. It has a diversified client base, which include corporations, high net worth individuals, endowment, pension plans, financial institutions, and governments. The firm delivers alpha and provides value to investors by pursuing new opportunities, providing unique and quality products, and protecting the capital of the investors.

Career Opportunities

The company has over 180 employees from all over the world. It offers challenging career opportunities to professionals from all occupations. However, the firm is very selective while hiring and only gives chances to individuals who show unrivaled intellectual potential and eagerness to solve complex problems. Highland Capital Management Company encourages young people to take up business-related courses such as finance, marketing, accounting among others. Qualified personsare given an opportunity to experience a micro view of how diverse and complex investment portfolio works in real life situation. The firm invites interested candidates to explore the open positions online on the company’s website. The candidates are expected to send their resume and any other relevant information excluded in the resume. Whenever there is a fit between the Highland’s needs and the candidate’s backgrounds, a phone interview followed by a one-on-one meeting is scheduled.

James Dondero

He is the co-founder and current president of Highland Capital Management. He lives in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Dondero has broad experience in equity and credit markets, which focuses extensively on distressed and high-yield investments. Mr. Dondero is also very philanthropic; he supports numerous initiatives in veteran affairs, public policies, and education. He is a member of the MGM Studios based in the America.

Things You Need to Understand While Choosing an Investment

Coming up with a profitable venture is what every investor bears in mind. Despite presence of many fields that one can venture in, some people find it challenging to choose an ideal area for investing. Most of this delay can be attributed to lack of information and guidance on what can work best. To help more people to invest wisely, here are tips that can help one to make the right decision.

Be unique
An analysis conducted by SBA proves that consumers will be more inclined to give preference to products that are unique and original as opposed to ones that bear similar characteristics. For this reason, it becomes easier to emerge triumphant in a market if you concentrate on offering something that competitors do not offer. Choose features that will set your venture above the rest.

Talk to the experts
One of the ways to expand knowledge and to gather new ideas is to consult professionals who have managed to emerge successful in business. One such person is Brad Reifler, who has headed different companies and pioneered the inception of lucrative businesses that have stood firm to date. His independent career kicked off in 1982 when he established Reifler Trading Corporation, a company that specializes in the execution of global derivatives. In 2009, he founded the Forefront Management Group and its various subsidiaries, where he held a top position as the CEO. Forefront offers wealth management and investment advisory services that novice investors can rely on.

You are on the right path
Living on the assumption that there is a universal rule to success is what has crippled many good ideas. This is made worse by believing you can only succeed if you follow the procedure that another successful person used. It may not always work out because every person is good at their own idea. Therefore, you should concentrate on developing your idea as opposed to picking up what another person did. Remember every successful business is inspired by passion, so you should develop what you are passionate about.

Patience is a virtue
When you invest money in a business, you may not be able to reap benefits within the first few months. Often, this period is characterized with challenges as you try to understand what works and what to avoid. Therefore, giving up hope is something that should never occupy your mind if you plan to take your investment far. Most of these well established businesses did not gain momentum in the first one week. You have to endure hurdles before you can record sustainable profits. You need to maintain patience while executing various steps to help your business grow. Otherwise, you will end up losing motivation to invest more in the business.

Understanding and Curtailing Corporate Business Risk

In today’s financially challenging environment, it is much more essential for businesses to be proactive in how they handle their financial dealings and risk assessment. In the past, a business could survive without concerns about how long term business finances and strategies would be employed.

But now, the current business landscape demands more monetary introspection and analysis. Experts in corporate finance are needed more and more in order to circumnavigate the current financial landscape. Without a proper plan in place, or without utilizing people who specialize in corporate financial structures and business development, even a large business can be placed at great risk.

An individual with an extensive background in corporate business systems and business development is a must in this turbulent time. Experts such as former CEO Brian Bonar, who has worked with firms like IBM, STTN, Dalrada Financial Corporation, as well as a host of public and private companies in the United States and Europe, have extensive knowledge in business development and business finance. Bonar received an extensive education from Stafford University in England, where he studied International Business Development Studies. He has an intricate knowledge of corporate finance and planning.

This intricate knowledge allows Bonar and others like him to forecast and determine upcoming trends that may affect various business relationships and actions. By determining and exposing these factors, see is able to prognosticate a business venture’s success or failure.

Check out Brian Bonar’s About.Me

In the realm of business level strategic development, having assets that can help determine liability or loss in ventures beforehand is a much needed and sought after commodity. With the help of individuals such as Bonar, millions of dollars can be saved in needless risk and possibly unstable business ventures before any capital outlay is invested.

It is not enough to conduct business blindly in these challenging times. Many companies are utilizing diverse financial planning and employ financial risk assessment to reduce exposure and increase profitability. Denying risk and not doing so increases the odds of failure.
Many also rans are learning the consequences for not being proactive in their future economic plans in their enterprises. Utilizing properly experienced personnel with these much sought after credentials and skillsets can help businesses gain market share and lower the risk of doing business in general.

About Economists

Economists study and analyze our uses of money, specifically in relation to how we use it in labor, raw material, land, and machine usage. They do this by researching and carefully studying all the available data of the current financial climate. From their findings and study, they can make educated predictions about the future of the financial climate. To further hone what they are studying, most economists will specialize in a certain area of society. Because of their intense study, it is a good idea for investors and anyone else involved in the financial world to pay attention to what they say.

It is generally considered among economists to be a good professional idea to gain as much experience as possible in multiple areas. This experience will enable you to have a better and broader understanding of the complexities of economics. Christian Broda has based his career on this philosophy, having experience working in both academic and private fields. He currently serves in New York as a financial expert in the private sector. Before that he served in Chicago for a number of years as Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago.

This kind of specialization is what an organization should consider when determining to whom they should listen. For instance, a university concerned with economical practices should listen to an economist who has experience dealing with and studying the educational sector. Once this specialist economist is determined, he or she should be very capable of giving good advice for the specific project needed. He or she will study the hiring institution’s individual data and churn out a prediction report based upon that data and that data alone. Not everyone is learned in the jargon of the financial world. A good economist understands this and will put his or her report in words that anyone will understand.

There still remain a large number of very good economists who do not specialize (at least not all the time), but rather study the overall climate of their country. A large portion of what such economists study involves importing and exporting, urban economics, transportation, agriculture, and business relations. Their study and reports concerning these things not only helps the government to plan future business practices as far as commercial growth and employment and unemployment, it also helps prevent illegal practices.

This is what it means to be an economist. It means to know to forecast the money market by careful and educated study.

Dan Newlin Proves Why He is One of the Best

When it comes to personal injury lawyers, there are a lot of people in place that are bound to get your attention. These lawyers have the snappy commercials. They promote the business in a way that makes you believe in their skills. Dan Newlin, however, is able to do more than compile a lot of glossy commercials. Dan Newlin has made people believe in his skills as a personal injury lawyer because he has proven that he can do this job well.

When a person goes to the Dan Newlin website they are going to see one thing right away: millions recovered for clients. This is a line that stands out and makes people take interest. What this will essentially do is make people research the history of Newlin and his cases. People that do their research will see that Dan and his partners have recovered over $200 million in separate cases for their clients. This is impressive enough to make anyone that has been injured consider becoming one of his clients if they have personal injuries.

That may be the reason that a large number of people have decided to come to him in their time of need. Dan has a lot of experience, but he knows that the easiest way to expedite cases and service a multitude of clients is with an established team. That is how much of his success has been derived. He has become someone that is easy that is easily recognized in the Florida area because his team gets results.

Another thing that makes Newlin stand out is his involvement in the community. He has worked in neighborhoods and helped sick kids. He has become someone that has managed to become a good influence on many that plan to follow in the path that Newlin has gone in. His career has become a light to all of those that are looking for inspiration as a personal injury lawyer. He has become the type of super lawyer that manages to continue getting large sums for his clients.

Over time Dan Newlin has even become recognized by a lot of celebrities. Former boxer Evander Holyfield joined Newline recently to visit kids that have cancer. It is this type of community involvement that makes his name one to remember. He helps those that are injured win large sums of money, but he also manages to take time out for the sick. His caring spirit extends beyond his career. That is another reason that a lot of clients have faith in him. He has been able to build up his clientele because he conveys what a lot of other lawyers fail to exhibit: Newlin shows clients true compassionate.

Economist’s Profile- Christian Broda

Economics is the social science used to determine how the transferring, consumption, and production of wealth is allocated. Economists are the professionals of this social science. They are very valuable for the government and private sectors for forecasting, and other valuable statistics.

With economics, a group or region can maintain their material prosperity proficiently. Businesses can grow and maintain thereby. And furthermore, economics is very crucial when dreadful situations will most likely occur, such as inflation, recession, and changing trends. With the different statistics and data, economists are able to get feedback on consumer attitudes, economic levels, and economic activity. This, in turn, will alert the government or businesses into determining which course to use accordingly, for the improvement, sustainability, and profitability of the government and/or private sectors. Also, economists retrieve this information from advanced methods in computer programming, mathematics, and statistical analysis.

With all this said, it is easy to see why economists are very beneficial to any country, region, or business. A greatly reputable economist and financial professional who is well known for years in this field, for instance, is Christian Broda. Christian Broda has several years of experience underneath his belt of economic studies, work experience, publications, and other relevant work consisted with economics and finances. He is so well known for his research and publications, that various countries have consulted him. He presented his advanced findings at the Bank of Japan, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Central Bank (ECB), and the Federal Reserve. His well-known research and publications focused on macroeconomics, finance, and international trade. One very important publication, for instance, that was published with Ethan Harris in 2009, speculated how the market will maintain inflation for a long time after the housing market downfall of 2008. And so far, his prediction has pretty much been on point. Broda has been on other distinguished publications as well, such as the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the Journal of International Economics, and the American Economic Review. He was awarded two National Science Foundation (NSF) Grants for the publications, “Geography, Trade, and Prices” with D.E. Weinstein, and “The Impact of New and Better in Domestic and International Prices”.

Presently, Christian Broda is the managing director at Duquesne Capital Management, that is located in New York. He is on Crunchbase, as a member of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). He is a faculty researcher, a member of the editorial board of the IMF Economic Review, and an Associate Editor of the Journal of Development Economics.

His past accolades consist of the following:
-Graduated summa cum laude from the Universidad de San Andres in receiving his B.A.
-Earned a M.A. and Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
-He was the James S. Kemper Foundation Scholar from 2006-2008.

In his business career, he worked at the Federal Bank of New York for many years. Then he returned into academia by taking a tenure position at the University of Chico’s Booth School of Business. With his academia and business expertise combined, he eventually started working as a hedge fund manager for Duquesne Capital Management.