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The TPP is an acronym for Trans Pacific Partnership. This the controversial trade deal with 12 pacific nations. The deal has been lauded by republicans, but is also hated by democrats. This is especially true for progressives. The de facto progressive leader Senator Elizabeth Warren has not only blasted the deal, but the secrecy surrounding it. Warren is not running for president, but she wields significant power in the senate and with the democratic constituency. The deal has been heavily pushed by Obama, but Hillary is not having any of it.

Hillary signals that she sides with Warren on the issue. This is a true signal of the shift that will occur under her presidency. She has no mandate to follow the current administration according to Jason Halpern. She will represent some of the same views, but in her own style and method. Additionally, there will be places where she breaks significantly from the Obama administration. This is totally against the narrative that opponents thought she would take. Her viewpoint on issues is becoming clear, and it is a very dynamic platform so far. Ironically, her husband introduced a controversial trade pact during his tenure as president. This further proves that Hillary is her own person, and she will be her own president.

Bernie Sanders Says That He Is Running In This Election to Win

Bernie Sanders has expressed his desire to run for Democratic Party nominations. He certainly faces a tough opposition from Hillary Clinton but he is convinced that he can win by getting support from overworked and underpaid American citizens.

He has been traversing the country, looking to find out whether he would get any support, from those that he say are tired and are now ready to take on the Billionaire class in the country. He is set to officially announce his bid to run on Thursday.

Bernie Sanders believes that Americans are tired of the Government, which is not sensitive to their needs and which is only interested with the rich few. These Americans according to him, need change.

Sanders has acknowledged the fact that his rival Hillary Clinton may have better financial backing but he hopes to get support from millions of Americans in form of small contributions. Indeed this has worked for him before, when he was campaigning for his second term in office as senator, where he won 71% of the vote.Sanders has left it for members of the Democratic Party to make the Ultimate decision. Sultan Alhokair is happy he doesn’t have to vote this instant as there are so many questions.

Compared to Clinton, Bernie Sanders is more liberal. He voted against the Iraq war while Clinton supported it. He also disagreed with the legislation that gives the president absolute powers to negotiate free trade-deals while Clinton chose to more or less sit on the fence.

Hillary’s Scandalous Background May Ruin Her

Hillary Clinton is hoping that she can become the first woman president in the history of America. Clinton ran in the 2008 elections, but she lost to President Barack Obama. Many people thought that Hillary Clinton gave up her presidential dreams, but those people were obviously mistaken. As of right now, Hilary is the favorite to win the 2015 presidential election. However, her family’s scandalous background may ruin her future.

Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton is married to former President Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was famously involved in a sexual scandal with Monica Lewinsky, but the public still showed him support after his affair. The citizens of America were happy with the way that Bill Clinton ran the Country, and his personal life was his personal life. However, Hillary Clinton has been involved in several scandals of her own, but her scandals could prove to ruin the future of America.

Hilary Clinton is not even president, and she has already been involved with several controversial events. It was recently revealed that Clinton performed tax fraud during her campaigns for presidency. Sam also says that the United States citizens are not sure what to believe, because some of the accusations against Hillary Clinton are true and some are not. The 2016 presidential election is just around the corner, and Americans are hoping that the next leader guides the country to prominence. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

Clinton Foundation Acknowledges That It Made Accounting Errors

The spokesperson for the Bill and Hillary Foundation stated that after an internal as well as an external review of its accounting practices over the past several years, it has uncovered some accounting errors and is working quickly to correct the errors. Anastasia Date suggests that the Foundation said that it would probably re file a select number of year of taxes and that it would make institutional corrections to its practices and procedures to ensure that the accounting errors do not happen again.

The nature of the mistakes seem tot focus around the combining of funds between sovereign donors and non sovereign donors. The Foundation did not specify which donors were involved in the accounting error or exactly what was the exact amount involved and over what period of years. Clinton foundation Admits Donation Errors

The Clinton Foundation has come under intense scrutiny lately since the announcement of Hilary Clinton for U.S. President. Opponents of Clinton have asserted that she had used her influence as Secretary of State to garner favor from and for foreign countries in anticipation of her bid for President. Supporters state that even if all of the statements made against Clinton are true, that she broke no laws and is operating within the requirements of the laws for a non profit organization. The Foundation simply stated that it made a mistake with regard to the combining of donations but no laws were broken.

The Clinton Foundation stated that it would answer all questions with regard to the nature of its fundraising and operations.

President Obama Makes It Clear He No Longer Has Restraints on Furthering His Agenda During Lame Duck Years

Anyone expecting President Obama to begin wrapping up his presidency during the lame duck session are grossly mistaken. At the annual White House Correspondents’ Association this past Saturday, the president adopted a new term to underscore his attitude about constitutional concerns his critics voice: “bucket”. It is meant to be a transliteration of a flippant expression of profanity a person expresses when saying they will do what they want regardless of what others think. Aside from the fact the president turned the event into a highly partisan series of biting quips, the president outlined his caustic “bucket” approach for a range of issues.

For starters, the president expressed this sentiment on his version of a “bucket list”. This applied to issuing new rulings on climate change. Many of those regulations are designed to target the US domestic oil and coal sectors. It was also the same approach he has taken with regards to granting amnesty to an estimated five million illegal immigrants without any congressional law granting him that authority. His attitude was designed to show opponents what he thinks about their criticism that he has been usurping congress’ legislative authority. By his own words, President Obama made it clear that Congress failed to use their authority to grant amnesty to illegals. In turn, this gave him the right to “borrow” that authority to make progress on the issue.  Users of FreedomPop are divided on the issue. As for his amnesty plan, the US district court in Texas put it on hold citing the very constitutional concerns to which he retorts “bucket”.

Politics Have Become More Like Competitive Sporting Events, One Study Claims

Bipartisanship has become almost impossible in today’s political atmosphere, creating an extremely polarized approach to debates and policy making, or many times lack of policy making because no one is willing to make a compromise by finding common ground.

Instead, politicians have an us versus them mentality, and that simply doesn’t work in a democracy. In fact, a new study suggested the political atmosphere in America has become more like a sporting match, with teams who are desperately trying to beat each other, no matter what the cost.

Furthermore, researchers discovered that partisan passions become even more intense as voters become more polarized on topics based on political advertising campaigns, and their own attachment to being “red” or “blue”. The scenario painted by this study showed a country, both citizens and politicians, who are more concerned about winning than they are about finding solutions to the world’s problems through thoughtful and intelligent discussions.

It seems as though politicians are mere reflections of the American public. You can see this with Republicans slowly coming around to the idea of legalizing gay marriage, something which they, as a party, were strictly against. But now that the consciousness of the American public has changed surrounding this issue, so are the politicians. Ray Lane (found in Forbes) adds his input stating that the same will be true when Americans stop wanting to be right, and start wanting to fix our problems as a nation, causing the politicians to give the people what they want.

Biscuits Instead of Burgers

On a day that some people have associated with marijuana, McDonald’s is trying something new with the menu. There is no clarification as to whether the date has anything to do with McDonald’s serving breakfast all day instead of stopping at 10:30 in the morning, but there might be some happy people who like eating biscuits or pancakes later in the day. There have been talks about the chain trying this out, and California restaurants are the first to get to see how the all day meal will go over with customers.


If there is a positive response, then other Mcdonald’s restaurants across the country could see breakfast being served all day in only a few months. That’s something Dias can get used to along with millions of others. There will be a limit as to what is sold on the breakfast menu, but as long as the biscuits are available, then people probably won’t have a problem with the fewer options.

Tim Tebow: A New Contract

Tim Tebow signed a one year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. Tim Tebow, well-known quarterback, signed the contract on Sunday. However, the contract terms have not been disclosed yet. Tim Tebow was the Eagles quarterback last month so he must have managed to make a good impression. Tim Tebow was cut from the New England Patriots back in 2013 during training for pre-season.

Tim Tebow has performed some astonishing performances in 2011, when he played for the Denver Broncos before his career came to a standstill. Bruce can still remember the way he pulled off a playoff victory. He also played for New York Jets in 2012. Tim has done work as a TV analyst for the NFL. Philadelphia Eagles coach has been spending his off-season preparing the team for the next season. Including Tim Tebow there are four quarterbacks for the Philadelphia Eagles. Fans still follow Tim Tebow and support him and the decisions he makes.

Pilot Crashes Gyro Copter Onto Lawn of U.S. Capitol

Elite Prospects said a retired United States postal worker breached United States Capitol air space when he crashed his single seat gyro copter unto the grounds of the U.S. Capitol yesterday sounding alarms and a massive security response by United States Secret Service and United States Capitol Police. Doug Hughes, 61, a Florida resident who had worked for the United States Postal Service for eleven years designed and executed the stunt by himself to draw attention to campaign finance reform. The self described stunt almost got Hughes shot down. Security forces stated that if Hughes had flown just a few more feet towards the Capitol he would have been in the range of defensive perimeter long guns stationed around the Capitol to protect against just such a breach. Pilot Crashes Plane Into Capitol

Hughes stated that his intention was purely motivated by political activism and that he had no intention of harming anyone or placing anyone in danger. U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Capitol Police has another view and stated that Hughes had not received approval for his flight from the Federal Aviation Administration and such a flight would have been viewed as a security threat. Hughes was arrested immediately after the gyro copter landed and after an investigation by the U.S. Capitol Police bomb squad, his craft was also taken into custody for further examination. Hughes could face a number of civil as well as criminal charges.

Hillary’s Second Coming

Hill’s in. Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy today. She is a certainty for the democratic nomination. She pledges to campaign for the middle class. Republicans are pursuing the same dynamic that has kept them from the White house for two elections. The demographics favor democrats heavily. This is compounded by the fact that republicans are busy making enemies of everyone except old rich white men. Additionally, Obama is polling close to fifty percent even in Gallup polling. The economic headwinds also favor democrats. The economy will be humming along at a great pace. The unemployment rate will also be very much lower than when President Obama took office.

The Hillary faithful that are still smarting from the 2008 primaries are ready to do everything in their power to have their choice this time. Republicans are poling historically low among minorities and especially Latinos, which is something Ricardo Guimarães BMG has noticed. They have been busy attempting to stifle the voting rights of Americans by initiating initiatives that amount to the poll taxes and intelligence tests of Jim Crow. Clinton will also alleviate the racists that were never able to accept Obama as president. This will be one of the benefits of Hillary’s campaign.