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Fabletics sells discounted highly fashionable clothing

There is nothing as good as an outfit that you feel so good about, and it highly motivates you. Such an outfit will be good for your soul, mind, and body. Fabletics has made it possible for everyone to fashionable activewear clothing that satisfies their tastes. Kate Hudson, a celebrity, and entrepreneur takes a lot of credits for the company. The celebrity-to-businesswoman recently founded the company known as Fabletics. She has played a tremendous growth in the progressive development of the enterprise. Today, Fabletics products are sold at multiple online locations and brick and mortar stores.


The clothe line sold by the company are super cute, comfortable and of paramount quality. Whether you would lie to use for yoga, gym or wear them during different parts of the day, you will find the clothing highly presentable and comfortable. In a recent interview, Kate Hudson stated that her primary purpose behind starting the company was to get every woman afford quality and great fits. She added that for her, the most exciting thing about starting the business is to design clothing for every woman and every body type.


Shopping at Fabletics is a simple and straightforward process. When you sign to their products, you first take a short and fun quiz on your lifestyle. It helps the company propose clothing that you will be suitable for you. The examination will try to find the activities you engage in, the clothing you prefer and what parts of your body do you enjoy showing off. Activewear and fashion clothing are never easy to find. Fabletics has made it easy and practical to find a daily clothing for your workout routines; you will not have to compromise on either your style or comfort to get these clothing.


With the coming cold holiday season, Fabletics has prepared long leggings and long sleeve tops for its clients. Customers can expect to have the latest collections with prints and styles of high performance. Anyone that dresses in these clothing can participate in particular activity such as apparel, swim, and high-performance activity. The stores have provided a unique experience for shoppers. The VIP membership package that comes with product have enabled people to access massive discounts, free shipping and fashion clothing designed for their personal tastes. One can also purchase a clothing online and pick it up in a physical retail store. Fabletics has been developed for the smart shopper that would want to access trendy and fashionable clothing at highly discounted prices.

JustFab: The All Inclusive Unicorn

Starting a business and bringing it to success is one thing, but insuring that it is going to have a successful run for a long time is another feat all together. This is what Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler has done with JustFab. They have crafted the business and worked with the right team which made it into a unicorn. Their business models have not only gained them a ton of subscribers and loyal customers, but it has also gained them a lot of revenue which allowed them to expand their business into different brands and even physical markets. One must know what is behind all of the success.

One thing that makes JustFab successful is that it addresses a need and a desire. People have a need not just for any type of clothes, but the type of clothes that makes them look and feel valuable. There are a ton of people that would love to spend a day in the type of clothes that they see their favorite celebrities wear or someone that is considered very important and admired. However, a lot of these clothes that are seen cost a lot of money. Adam Goldenberg helps to provide people with the same type of stylish clothes for a fraction of the price they would’ve paid. They also work with an online business model that allows people to find the type of clothes that they want and even get a free outfit based on the type of clothes that they buy.

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JustFab offers accessories, outfits, and some of the most stylish shoes that people will get to enjoy. People who take the time to wear some of the best footwear will feel their self confidence shoot through the roof.

One big thing that Goldenberg have done was make JustFab an all inclusive brand when it comes to size. A lot of different clothing brands exclude a lot of people who are larger from the selections. This often leaves the bigger person out when it comes to some of the best styles that they will find. JustFab wants people of all sizes to enjoy some of the clothes that they love so that they will feel the same sense of worth that other people will feel. Adam Goldenberg himself loves that this company has made the expansion to all inclusive.

Follow Fabletics On: www.justfab.com

Ten Everyday Hacks From Wengie

Wengie, a YouTube sensation who is anxious to teach her followers life hacks, recently made a video about 10 Everyday Things You’re Doing Wrong. Here is a recap of her suggestions to make your life a little easier.




According to Wengie, In order to prevent your headphones from falling out of your ears due to the weight of the cord or a tug on your device, simply switch the left and right headphones and wrap them over the ear before inserting them. This secures them into place.


Cutting Tomatoes


To cut cherry tomatoes efficiently, place them between two plastic lids. Then, take a sharp knife and run it between the tomatoes so they are all cut at the same time and the same lengths.




To prevent juice from coming out of the container too quickly and causes splashes, simply turn the juice carton around so the juice is travelling a farther distance to the cup. This will prevent spills and create a smooth pour.




Rather than hanging sweaters directly on a hanger, which can create unwanted creases in the shoulders, fold sweaters around the hanger so there is equal pressure on all sides of the hanger. This will prevent the weight of the sweater from creating indentations.




Rubbing your skin together after applying perfume actually shortens its duration of smell. Instead of spraying perfume on your wrists and then rubbing them together, spritz some on your collarbone, the backs of your knees, your belly button, and behind your ears.


Bowel Movements


To help make bowel movements easier, put a step stool in front of the toilet to position your bowels to be straight. This helps them release from the body easier.


Flushing the Toilet


Do not flush the toilet with the toilet seat up, because it will cause the water to spray up out of the toilet, contaminating the space around it. Rather, put the toilet seat down prior to flushing in order to contain the contents of the toilet inside.


Cleaning Agents


Instead of scrubbing the accessories in the shower, simply put them in a bag of vinegar over night and wipe them down in the morning. This will disinfect the shower without having to spend so much time scrubbing and you can even make it smell fresh by adding some lemon.


Tangled Ear Phone


If your ear phones tend to get tangled when you put them down, attach them to the top of your iPad instead to keep them nice and straight.


Duvet Covers


Instead of struggling putting your comforter inside your duvet cover, simply roll your comforter up and stick it inside of the duvet. After this, slowly unroll the comforter to find that the duvet has covered the comforter itself, without your having to struggle with it.


Turn To One Of The Best Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Jennifer Walden For Beauty

Most people don’t know that they are going to become so successful when they start out in life, but Dr. Jennifer Wald knew she would become somebody. Maybe Dr. Walden didn’t know she would be one of the best plastic surgeons who is renown all over the United States, but her hard work and dedication have definitely paid off. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in college, Dr. Walden went to New York to learn everything she could from the best plastic surgeons.


Everything that Dr. Jennifer Walden learned has only helped to propel her career, and she eventually opened up a surgery center in Manhattan with a business partner, who also is a well-known surgeon. The popularity that her business partner had would drawn in clients that came from different parts of the world, which only helped to make Dr. Walden a better surgeon. The love that Dr. Walden had for New York made her want to stay, but having two children who would end up growing up without the big family that she had, this propelled her to bring them back to Texas.


Even though Dr. Walden had to leave her first practice behind, she definitely didn’t leave the field because she opened up another practice in Texas. With her children secure and getting to know their family members, Dr. Walden was able to continue pursuing her career and to build up her second practice. Not only has her second practice become highly successful, she has become even more successful as well, becoming known as a top surgeon in Texas and in the United States.


Some of Dr. Walden’s expertise includes surgical procedures of many kinds that involve the breast area. One such procedure is a breast augmentation as well as breast reconstruction. Many women want to get breasts that are bigger in size, so Dr. Walden can give them the perfect looking breasts that they want. Women who have had surgical procedures to remove their breasts for any reason can also get reconstructive surgery from Dr. Walden. It’s obvious that Dr. Walden is an amazing doctor who cares about her profession and her patients.

Advocator of the Jewish Community-Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a man who has always been committed to his roots. Adam is originally from Israel, but he relocated to the United States of America. Mr. Adam is the founder and the President of Adam and Gila Family Foundation, an organization which is responsible for benevolent tasks as well as philanthropic activities that ensure to strengthen the Jews community in the United States as well as improve and bind the relationship between the Israel as a nation and the United States. Some of the philanthropic activities that Adam Milstein engages in include organizing fundraisers to support the Jewish Education, Consultation services, Jewish continuity as well as Pro-Jewish Advocacy.

Adam Milstein is very dedicated to seeing the Jewish especially those in the United States are comfortable, get an education and they are tough their culture and traditions. To ensure that his goals are met, Adam has built his philanthropic activities into three principle value which consist of:

  • Active Philanthropic: The family of Adam Milstein does not only support their foundation financially, but they also dedicate their time and effort to see that the organization reaches its goals and meets its mission.
  • Life path impact: Adam Milstein is committed to funding as well as develop the program used in the Milstein Foundation. Some of the programs that he designs include childhood, adolescent as well as adulthood programs which connect the targeted population.
  • Philanthropic Synergy: He does not only fund the program, but he also guides the organization to work with other institutions to achieve their goal.

Adam Milstein is a giver and has the passion for serving people. To be able to serve them better he co-founded Israel-American Council. Adam serves as the Chairman of the expansion committee. Mr. Milstein is the Chairman of several organizations including Israel Campus Coalition, StandWithUs, Jewish Founders Network, Hasbara Network, AISH Los Angeles, AIPAC National Council, and the Board of Birthright Israel.

Adam was born in Haifa Israel, he started to active at an early age, and after completing his high school, Adam joined the Israel Defense Forces, and he was part of the team that fought the Yom Kippur war in 1973. At the end of his Service at the Defense force.

Adam joined the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology where he graduated with Bachelors of Science Degree in Business and Economics in 1978. Adam Milstein later married Gila and then moved to the United States of America with their children. In the United States of America and studied Masters of Business Administration Degree from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. In America, he started working as a real estate agent.


Focus on Laidlaw & Company and Remalda Lawsuit

Remalda Therapeutics, involved in the development of therapies for people who suffer from chronic pain, have announced their decision to sue Laidlaw & Company. Remalda also amended the charges to add several more in the suit filed before the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada. Remalda claims Laidlaw violated a number of fiduciary laws by disclosing Remalda’s confidential information when it worked as its investment banking, which could negatively impact their reputation negatively on investors. Remalda has sued for damages to cover the costs and fees the company incurred as a result of being misled by Laidlaw.

Board of Director’s Decision

Remalda’s board of directors concluded that Laidlaw ought to compensate them for damages caused and serve as a form of deterrence from repeating their actions in future. The board of directors had to react in order to protect the company and also safeguard the stakeholders’ interests as much as possible. Earlier on, the court issued a temporary restraining order against the Laidlaw principals, James Ahern and Mathew Eitner due to their proxy materials that were misleading. The suit was then amended early this year in January, with a view of seeking further restitution and protection.

About Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw is a company that has been around for about 170 years and deals with investment and independent banking needs for local and international corporations, companies, institutions and private investors. It is based in New York and is incorporated in England. Laidlaw is headed by James Ahern as managing partners and Capital Markets head and Matthew Eitner who is the CEO. The two principals are infamous for misinformation and attempting to dent the Remalda company’s reputation by releasing inaccurate information. The firm itself lacks compliance, and is in violation of a number of SEC laws. The firm also hired some rogue investors and brokers from firms that had already been shut down by regulator for fraud-related reasons.

The influence that Adam Milstein has had in the Jewish Circles

When people get into the job market, many hope to beat the odds and become their own bosses early in life. In addition to this, there is a group that really hopes that they will manage to get enough so that they can give back to the community. The ultimate goal for the many that make it to the top is to give a little back to the society. This is a dream that has become a reality for Adam Pulier. His star has been shining so bright that he shares podium with the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu as the most influential Israeli’s on the globe.

Adam studied and graduated from Techion College in 1978. After his graduation, he worked a few odd jobs before moving to the US. He took his MBA at the USC and settled in Southern California soon after that. This is where he got the idea to invest in the real estate business. The company that he created expanded and moved their services out of the East coast and to all the major cities in the country.

He then founded a non-profit, the Adam and Gila foundation that aim to bring up Jewish people and the state of Israel. The business also aims at the creation of a better partnership between the people of the state of Israel and the US. The money that is raised by the charity all goes towards ensuring the continuity and unity of the Jewish community.

There are three principles that govern the works of Adam. The first is that he believes in active philanthropy. This means that he operates his charities with maximum active involvement, and gets huge returns from them. The second principle that guides him is trying to change the life path of the people he meets and the third is the creation of synergies between the many charities and the communities that they work in.

His company Hagar Pacific has been expanding over the years and is now worth billions. He, his wife and their children live in Encino, California. For this exemplary business leader, the essence of success is being able to give back to the community.


Sulfate Free Shampoos: What You Need to Know

The best shampoos to put on your tresses will always be sulfate free shampooing products. It’s best to select products that are organic or contain mainly natural ingredients. Another part of shampooing your hair is to not over wash your hair. It is not a good idea to constantly shampoo and condition hair. Doing this can make your hair become dried out, full of static and form split ends in extreme cases.

When selecting a shampoo you should ensure that you consider what your hair type is too. If you have dried out shampoo, then you need to get a shampoo that contain oils and Vitamin E and use a good conditioner.

In the case of color treated shampoo, you need to have a shampoo that does not contain sulfates and will gently handle your hair so it won’t fade your hair color.

For curly hair that may get frizzy, you should find a shampoo rich with coconut oil, Vitamin E and Vitamin A.

Fine hair requires a volume boosting shampoo. Oil rich and silicone rich shampoo is perfect for hair that is prone to frizzing.

If you have normal hair in your opinion that doesn’t frizz or have drying problems, you can select any shampoo really. Ensure that it is a shampoo with good ingredients.

Here’s what one woman had to say after using Wen hair care products for a full year: http://jillcataldo.com/one_year_with_wen_haircare/

When you have any scalp ailments, make sure that you select a shampoo and conditioner that is a treatment product. It should gently treat your scalp as it cleanses, so ensure there are no harsh ingredients in the product.

One shampoo that is appropriate for multiple hair types is the completely sulfate-free Wen Cleansing Conditioner. This product is not only a shampoo however. It is additionally a conditioning product. It can be used to smooth hair, make hair look voluminous, control frizz and keep the scalp gently cleansed to avoid scalp conditions like dandruff.

You can get the Wen Cleansing Conditioner at QVC, the Wen website, Chaz Dean’s salon and from Sephora beauty stores.

Equities First Holdings: A Growing Trend in Stock-based Loan Borrowers

Since 2002, Equities First Holdings has been providing alternative financing solutions to businesses and individual investors. The company’s headquarter is in Indianapolis, Indiana but it has offices in nine countries which include Australia, Singapore, London, Hong Kong among others. EFH offers capital against the shares traded on public exchanges across the world. To-date, the company has so far completed over 650 transactions worth over $1.4 billion, providing customers with high loans to value at reduced fixed interest rates.

Equities First Holdings provides loans based on its analysis of risks and future performance related to bonds, Treasuries, and stocks.

A growing trend of borrowers who utilize stock as loan collateral

As financial institutions and banks tighten their lending criteria, investors are turning to Stock-Based Loans as a perfect alternative to raising capital quickly. This lending criterion is also attracting borrowers whose qualifications cannot get them more conventional credit-based loans.

As a leader and global lender of alternative shareholder financing solutions, Equities First Holdings is witnessing more traction in stock-based and margin loans in an economic atmosphere where banks and other financial institutions have heightened their lending criteria. As such, Equities lending is becoming an attractive alternative.

Ideally, stock-based loans have an increased loan-to-value ratio compared to margin loans and provide a fixed interest rate. This way, the lender will have conviction throughout the life of his/her transaction.

As Al Christy, Jr, President and founder of EFH notes, the market fluctuation is unavoidable during an average three-year loan term. However, stock-based loans offer a shield since the borrower will be lowering his/ her risk of investment in a downside market. Also, these loans have no restrictions so you can utilize the money for whatever purpose. Most of them are non-recourse, so the borrower can easily walk away with no obligation, even if the collateral stock has decreased in value.

Equities Holdings has been established on a code of transparency and integrity. They heavily rely on leading regulatory, legal as well as trading institutions for counsel. Their mission is to provide maximum benefit at minimum risk so that their clients can meet both their personal as well as professional financial goals.

For more information please visit https://www.easyequities.co.za/

Norka Luque: Returning Positivity to the Music Industry

The music industry is crawling with artists from different parts of the world. Some of the artists have inspiring stories and characters while others are full of controversies. One of the artists that have positively contributed to the music industry is Norka Luque. She creates a positive energy that is currently lacking in the music industry. She has a huge fan base in the Miami area and major Latino music communities.

Ms. Martinez discovered her love for music when she was still young (eight years old). While in school, she took part in different music competitions. She had listening and caring parents who supported her bid to become a professional singer. They paid extra for her instrument and dance classes.

The Latino sensation dreamt of becoming a successful businesswoman. Her parents sent her to France soon after she completed high school. While in France, she studied Business Administration, a course that took four years. She graduated successfully and started looking for a job.

Her search for a business related job landed her in Monaco. Here in Monaco, she got a job in the banking sector. Unfortunately, this career was short lived. Ms. Martinez realized that she was in the wrong profession. She decided to switch professions. She went back to school and took a course in culinary arts. She completed this course but realized that the course was limiting her creativity.

The young Norka Luque decided to try out another career, this time; she tried fashion. Soon after completing the course she again realized that this career had many restrictions that she couldn’t bear with. Before landing on the right career, Norka Luque also tried a career in Marketing.

She decided that music was the right career when she was invited to join a rock and funk band, Bad Moon Rising. She joined the band as a soloist. She learned a lot of things during her time with this band.

Ms. Martinez later relocated to the United States and settled in Miami, Fl. It was here in Miami that she met Emilio Estefan Jr., her manager. Throughout her career, she has faced several challenges including epilepsy. However, she has not let these challenges put her down. She is strong like never before, and she promises her fans great things. Follow her on Facebook to know more about her upcoming works.

For further information please visit http://www.norkamusic.com/