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Jose Manuel Gonzalez Runs for Governor

There are a lot of people who are interested in getting started with the political process. However, few of these people have the experience of Jose Manuel Gonzalez. Since he was young, he has always wanted to make a positive impact on the world. He has done a great job of building his business from the ground up, and his experience is something that a lot of people should appreciate. Venezuela is going through a rough economic time right now, and it is important that the country has quality leaders who can pull the country out of trouble. With the price of oil so low, the economy has collapsed. There are a lot of citizens who lack basic access to food and water. This is one of the biggest reasons why Jose Manuel Gonzalez is wanting to run for office.


Jose Manuel Gonzalez is someone who has a large circle of influence. Over the past couple of years, he has spent a lot of time giving back to his community. This is something that sets him apart from other people in his area, and it should help him as he builds his political campaign. A lot of people in the country are tired of typical political leaders. Many of these people are just bought by corrupt officials. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is someone who is passionate about his country, and he really wants to impact positive change over the long term.

Final Thoughts

Running for political office is a goal that takes a lot of time and money. However, Jose Manuel Gonzalez owns a variety of companies that can help in this process. He wants to improve his country for his future family, and that is what is motivating him to take the next step in this process. There are a lot of people who love his work in the industry, and some people are joining his political campaign to help during this process. Jose Manuel Gonzalez knows what it takes to get ahead in life, and his work ethic would make him a great political leader in the country.

Finding a Good Defense Attorney

There are many cases when someone is going to need a defense attorney in Brazil. This is especially the case for people that are being unfairly prosecuted. Perhaps they are being accused of something that they haven’t done. In this case, it is important for people to find a lawyer to represent them in court. The lawyer in Brazil could sit down with them in order to let them know what they are going to need. He will also let his client know how he must present himself in the court and how to address the judge. One thing that lawyers look at is not only the facts, but the presentation of the facts.

One lawyer that knows how to present the case in a way that it turns the case in the favor of his client is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho . He is one of the most prominent and successful lawyers because he has taken on a wide variety of cases and has also won the cases for his clients. He takes the time to prepare the client for every aspect of the case. While he understands that each case is unpredictable, he does get them to look at the common questions that are asked in cases that are similar to the case that the client is dealing with.

Ricardo Tosto is also very persuasive. He is willing and able to present the judge with facts about his client that is relevant to his case. This includes a character reference as well as his habits and the way he handles things. For instance, if a violation that the client is accused of is outside of his character, Ricardo will present the judge with the facts about the client that will give them something to thing about when it comes to the case. Ricardo Tosto will make sure that every side of the story is presented to the court so that they could come to the right conclusion. He is also willing to get to the bottom of things.

Seattle Genetics’ Growth under Dr. Seagall’s Leadership

Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., is a scientist by training and also a co-founder of Seattle Genetics that was founded in 1998. He is the company’s president, CEO and also serves as the board’s chairman. He earned his Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University and a bachelor’s degree in Zoology for Maryland University. He has written more than 70 publications. Dr. Siegall also hold 15 patents as at present. He focuses on the cancer therapies and this has enabled Seattle Genetics to focus on drug development and intense scientific research. Between 1991 -1997, Dr. Siegall worked for Bristol –Meyers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research institute. He later moved to the National Cancer Institute and also worked at National Institute of Health for 17 years. He has served on the board of directors for two private biotechnology companies, Alder Pharmaceuticals and Mirna Therapeutics. Mirna therapeutics also focuses on the development and sale of microRNA.

The main aim of Seattle Genetics is to help patients during the treatment process through provision of effective and highly researched rugs. The company has also developed antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) that are used in the treatment of cancer. An example of ADC developed by Seattle Genetics is Brentuximab. It employs a linker system that is stable in the bloodstream but targets the tumor cells by releasing MMAE when it is linked to tumor’s CD30. It ensures that only target cells are affected and hence maintain the healthy cells thereby reducing the effects of the chemotherapy.

Dr. Siegall has provided advanced and skilled leadership that has propelled Seattle Genetics to enter several licensed agreements that allows the widespread use of its unique and advanced ADC technology. Genetech (Roche), GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie and Pfizer are some of the companies that Seattle Genetics have partnered with to ensure their products are sold globally. Through this strategic partnership, the company has been able to generate $300million. In 2011, Seattle Genetics received an accelerated approval from U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for one of their products known as ADCETRIS. Dr. Siegall’s leadership has enabled Seattle Genetics’ capital growth. Therefore, it secured funds both through public and private financing.

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The Modern Real Estate Market in New York City

If you love the hustle and bustle, diversity and excitement of a big city, then New York City is the place for you. You will find virtually everything you are looking for as NYC properties offer something for everyone. Many of the young new clients are tech-savvy and want the latest technology and upgrades they can find. With many townhouses now being redesigned as luxury single-family residences, they include the high-tech security requested by new clients. You may be able to use your Smartphone to monitor cameras and household safety features and many other options are available.

The new buyers for NYC properties are younger and want more for their money and have the money to spend. They don’t want a nice little “starter home”. They want the luxury residence made for entertaining and relaxing at the end of the day and it has to provide all the technology they need in this new age.

One of the most prestigious and noteworthy companies in the city is Town Residential. They have listings in all the popular neighborhoods including Tribeca, Soho, the Upper East Side, Chelsea, Greenwich Village and the East Village, just to name a few. These NYC properties come in a variety of sizes and prices and locations that will appeal to a wide customer base. Explore their latest listings and the neighborhoods and see what fits with your style and needs.

Their motto, My Town, Our Neighborhood, Your Home resonates with young professionals whether they are native to the NYC area or newly arrived. In just five years, Town Residential has established itself as the most professional agency with top agents showing both rental and sales properties. There is something for everyone in the beautifully designed properties with stunning city views and the ultimate conveniences and amenities of New York City. Experience a new level of excellence with the team at Town Residential. Visit their website at www.townrealestate.com.

The fun and excitement of exploring a vast array of NYC properties awaits You, the young professional. Come and experience it. The city is at your feet. Come Home.

Clay Siegall – Devotion For The Cure

There are men among us who can devote themselves for the greater good. Their talent in combination with their hard work brings noticeable changes for the world and thus they gain title of the gifted. In reality they are only humans who know what they can do for the world to make it a better place, they know their role and they want to fulfill it.

Clay Siegall is a co-founder of the Seattle Genetics which was established in 1998. Currently he’s President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman for the board of Directors. The Seattle Genetics with him as the President was guided towards helping those who suffer from cancer. The Seattle Genetics has created antibody therapies for patients who needed some other forms of therapies. To show his enthusiastic side and his scientific spirit we’ll have to say that he has published over 70 works and even has 15 patents. With that he has an outstanding career.

Before Clay Siegall has started Seattle Genetics he attended the University of Maryland where he got his Bachelor in Science in Zoology which was the first step to achieving his goals. After that he attended George Washington University where he got his PhD in Genetics, this marked his step towards building his career. After his graduation he started to work. One after another he steadily gained reputation and experience, creating an astonishing career. He worked for National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and all of this led to creation of Seattle Genetics as a co-founder. That would be so called crown of his work. Seattle Genetics is a leading biotechnology company which works on developing clinical and preclinical products. It has developed antibody-conjugates (ADC) for cancer treatment.

Clay Siegall has devoted himself to relieving and helping those in need. Cancer is a tough illness, it eats the patient from the inside as well as his dearest as they are forced to watch someone they love witter away, doing anything that can relieve that is worth respect. This man has surely won my respect.

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Making Your Own Lip Balm

When you’re looking through the many varieties of lip balm that are sold on Walmart, you might start to think that you can make your own. There are a few simple recipes for making the product that protects the lips from getting chapped if applied regularly and that keeps the lips moisturized.

The basic recipe for lip balm is wax and the flavors that you want to include. Coconut and rose is a soothing combination that is fragrant while it’s on the lips. The small pieces of rose petals that you add to the balm deliver a beautiful appearance. You can add any kind of flower that you want if you don’t like roses.

When you think about winter, you might think about peppermint. This is an easy flavor to make as all you need to do is add a few drops of peppermint oil to the wax that is used for the balm. You can create a swirl with vanilla and peppermint in colors of red and white to look like a candy cane.

Evolution of Smooth is a company that delivers several lip balm flavors. They are made with shea butter and jojoba oil to help soothe the lips and keep them shiny. The balm is tested and safe to use by all ages. Check out their products on Walmart.

You’ll find that the EOS lip balm is easy to apply. The small ball of balm is in a round container and gently rolls onto the lips. The container easily fits in a pocket or purse. Visit their website: evolutionofsmooth.com.

Ulta link: http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos

Wirth Dedicated to Conservation While Expanding

The expansion of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort is a hot button issue around Lake Tahoe these. The company’s CEO recently met with the Placer County Planning Commission and those that oppose the expansion to discuss the matter. He has stated since the meeting that it went very well and everyone acted in a civil manner towards each other.

The county planning commission considered both sides of the argument and decided to give the resort the thumbs up to move on to the next phase of the approval process, a meeting with the county’s executive board of directors.

The next meeting should be the last approval that Andy Wirth and his company needs to move ahead with the proposed expansion. Detractors from the plan don’t like it for one main reason, they think it will cause an even bigger traffic problem than the county already has. Wirth does agree that the county does have issues when it comes to traffic in the area. He also believes that the traffic problem is something that exists outside of his company and that they are not the cause of it.

Wirth has said that the proposed expansion will not affect the traffic in the area. That is because like his opponents, The League to Save Lake Tahoe, he wants what is best for the region when it comes to the environment and traffic. The opposition has also stated that the expansion will bog down the area enough that no other businesses will be able to expand in the area either.

According to CrowdRise, Wirth says that part of his plan is to help alleviate the traffic issue in the area. The main focus of this plan is to work with the county directly to help them develop a better public mass transit system for residents to use. Representatives from the League to Save Lake Tahoe have said that they would like to see this plan in writing.

The CEO does have a track record of giving back to the communities where he has worked. He has worked with multiple organizations in the area that are dedicated to conservation. This is a theme throughout his entire career when it comes to philanthropy.  Read more: Andy Wirth | Powder Magazine

Andy Wirth has over 25 years in the resort and hotel business. He got his first job after college in Steamboat Springs, CO and worked there until his final position as Director of Marketing. He was hired by Squaw Valley holdings in 2010. He is the first CEO not be a member of the Cushing family since the 1940s.

I Am Buying A Winter Cabin With Help From Laidlaw & Company

I have had plans to buy a winter cabin for a while, but I never knew where the money would come from for the cabin. I started working with Laidlaw & Company on my retirement, and the broker I had said I should talk to Matthew Eitner and James Ahern about how I could use some money to raise the cash for the winter cabin. Raising the money for the cabin meant that I was going to pull money out of a retirement account and put it into something more aggressive.

The aggressive fund that I used at Laidlaw & Company was picked by my broker to help me, and then we got instant results because he showed me how fast I would have the money for the cabin pretty soon. I wanted to be able to buy the cabin and get started on it before I retired, and that is why they works for me. I have been able to make enough money to renovate the cabin I wanted, and now I have put the rest of the money back in my regular retirement account.

The retirement account I have now can actually be used for anything that I want. I just have to be sure that I have talked to the brokers at Laidlaw & Company about what I want to do next. I can do anything I want because they are giving me a chance to get it done without any problem. Their brokers are really good at what they do, and they got me into a winter cabin I thought I would never own. I bought it outright, and now I can move on to the next phase of my life. I have never done anything so simple, and I am so glad that I had a professional there to help me.

Types of Wen by Chaz Products you could Use Today!

When you hear WEN hair by Chaz, the first thing that comes to mind is a hair care line. What you may not know is that the company has been in the beauty industry for many years and that they have a wide array of products for people with diverse hair needs. Whether you want a hair conditioner that suits your hair texture or you simply want a hair treatment that can moisturize your hair and give it volume, Wen by Chaz Dean has all that you need. They have products such as hair shampoos, hair conditioning creams and various hair treatment options.

The best way of using the products is to buy at least three of them, that is, the conditioner, the shampoo and treatment. Use the shampoo on your hair and then rinse it well before using the conditioner and then the treatment. Use at least 24 to 32 pumps if you have considerably long hair and then massage the hair and scalp. If your hair is thicker and longer you may have to use more pumps. After massaging it into the hair, you can leave it on as you take your shower and then rinse it afterwards.

After rinsing your hair thoroughly, you want to style it so that it looks nice and bouncy. You can do this by applying the hair treatment and then brush it. You will notice that while washing, and even when you style the hair, it will not break. The reason is quite simple! The Wen hair by Chaz products ensure that your hair is protected when you wash it or brush it. It does not break and the strands are made stronger.

If you want to enjoy luxury hair products that actually work with your hair texture and type, try these Wen by Chaz products today! Wen hair products are Sephora available. It can also be ordered through the Amazon online store. Visit the website http://www.wenhaircare.com/.



Adam Goldenberg is One of the Best CEOs In LA For A Reason

Adam Goldenberg has built a reputation as one of the top CEOs in Los Angeles over the last 15 years or so. He started out as a wunderkind and now has developed into one of the most respected business leaders in the city. Goldenberg has had multiple successes over the last decade or so each leading into his most current successful venture, JustFab. How has he built this success and ability to run a business successfully? He says it’s through to main methods. Those two practices are paying using metrics that are given to him regarding his company. The second thing is having a great staff thanks to his great hiring practices.

His current company, JustFab, raised over $50 million in funding in 2014 alone. This is a great feat for a business that was just founded in 2010 on entrepreneur.wiki. The company is a VIP clothing and fashion retailer that is membership based. People can gain membership to the company and gain access to fashions and styles that they may not have had access to in the past at a better price.

This company is just Goldenberg’s latest success story. He first made waves in the LA business community through his gaming network, Gamer’s Alliance. Gamer’s Alliance was one of the first companies of its type. It was ahead of its time. Goldenberg ran the company until it was purchased in 1999. His next popular venture was an internet brand incubator called Intelligent Beauty. He founded that company in 2006 and ran it until he founded JustFab in 2010.

Goldenberg is not a prideful man. He will abandon a product or a marketing idea if the metrics imply that it is not effective. Goldenberg has proven that he will do this time and time again over the course of his career as a business executive.

If a product that he sells is not moving, he will take it off of the shelves. This may seem like an easy decision. It can be hard for many executives to admit they were wrong about something and move on from it, though. See: http://www.racked.com/2016/2/15/10995348/fabletics-stores-kate-hudson.

He is also great at hiring. He focuses on hiring people that are passionate about what they are doing. He is known to ignore someone’s resume and focus more on how energetic and excited they are about working for his company. He thinks that many of the things that can be taught through experience can be learned on the job while you can’t teach energy or attention to detail.